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"If we are to break the cycle of poverty, we need to educate the children of the poor." - President Cyril Ramaphosa, SoNA 2018

Following the president's State of the Nation address, two years of early childhood development has been compulsory in an effort to overcome poverty, unemployment and inequality...

Issued by Intec College 3 days ago

Initiative to teach SA children through play

At the first-ever Africa Play Conference, held in Pretoria recently, the Lego Foundation and Sesame Workshop announced a major five-year initiative to promote children's learning through play...

15 Mar 2019

Why biometric vetting should be standard practice in the education sector

The spate of incidents, in recent years, involving offenders posing risk to the safety of learners across various schools in South Africa calls for some serious action to be taken...

By Pine Pienaar 12 Mar 2019

Eliminate your fears and doubts about teaching English to children

Wits Language School offers a specialised course in Teaching English to Young Learners. The course is ideal for pre-school, primary and EFL teachers no matter where you teach...

Issued by Wits Language School 11 Mar 2019

Ad industry well-placed to boost SA education

Our current challenges that include perpetual spoiler Eskom throwing shade at our economy should not distract us from South Africa's impressive achievements...

By Devon Meerholz 7 Mar 2019

3 reasons why climbing a tree is better than watching a screen...

How much screen time is too much for young children? Are we bringing up a generation who are comfortable with technology, or are we choosing to ignore the negative effects that screen time is having on the development of our children?

By Cindy Glass 5 Mar 2019

SA making strides in Early Childhood Development

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga and Angolan Education Deputy Minister on Tuesday visited the Esikhisini Primary School in Atteridgeville, west of Pretoria, to observe the strides being made in South Africa to improve learning outcomes at the Early Childhood Development phase...

27 Feb 2019

How to cultivate a love of maths in children

Proficiency in mathematics is a requirement for the majority of demanding tertiary educational programmes including medicine, engineering, computer science and airline pilot training for instance...

22 Feb 2019

Free State prioritises education, youth

The Free State government has targeted education, skills development and youth opportunities as their focus areas this year...

19 Feb 2019

Government to phase in digitised textbooks from next year

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga says the department is ready to phase in digitised textbooks from next year...

15 Feb 2019

Africa Play brings fun back into learning

In the near future, classrooms will be vibrant spaces where fun and acquiring knowledge blend seamlessly as the Basic Education Department wants to make play a fundamental block of learning...

11 Feb 2019

South Africa's largest home and office supplier commits to bettering child learning

TOWER Kids, as part of the TOWER range, has undergone a brand refresher as of July 2018 which promises renewed commitment to the development and education of children.

Issued by TOWER 7 Feb 2019

Why vocabulary still matters and how to help children expand theirs...

If parents were to look for that one magical element, that one simple technique they could teach their children that would have the best chance to set them up for success - what would that be...?

By Dr Lieb Liebenberg 5 Feb 2019

Grade Rs have the same short-term memory skills, regardless of home language

Grade R learners whose mother tongue isn't English perform just as well as their English-speaking peers when it comes to storing and processing small amounts of information needed for, among others, learning, problem solving and performing calculations...

By Dr Alec Basson 4 Feb 2019

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