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#BizTrends 2019: Agriculture: The future's uncertain, but our vision doesn't have to be
#BizTrends 2019: Agriculture: The future's uncertain, but our vision doesn't have to be

Stats SA's announcement of 2.2% GDP growth for Q3 of 2018 made SA's exit from the recession official. This time it was thanks to the secondary and tertiary sectors, which grew by 4,5% and 2,6% respectively...

By Konanani Liphadzi 7 Jan 2019

Kate HoltAusAID via
#BizTrends2019: Food security and the planet are on a collision course

Food security and environmental sustainability are on a collision course and now, more than ever, we need to see a drastic change in the type of meat and dairy consumed by the majority of the world's population...

By Kevin Coetzee and Michelle Adelman 7 Jan 2019

Speed up seed policies harmonisation

Lack of harmonised seed transfer in Africa is hampering food security...

By Gilbert Nakweya 16 hours ago

African countries should turn to lower risk solutions to fight fall armyworm

The caterpillars of the fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda), an invasive moth, can potentially feed on over 350 different species of plants...

By Melanie Bateman 11 Jan 2019

Managed bees versus wild bees? It's not that simple in South Africa

There's widespread concern about the global decline of honey bees and the associated loss of pollination services...

By Tlou Masehela 10 Jan 2019

Startups turn waste into opportunity

Global food waste is a problem that weighs 1.3 billion tonnes a year. A third of all food produced never gets eaten; a fact that has launched a food rescue movement...

10 Jan 2019

How will climate change affect our eating habits in 30 years time?

Researchers and scientists say we'll need to intensify the use of drought-tolerant food sources such as seaweed and more...

By Taahirah Martin 3 Jan 2019

In 100 years' time, maybe our food won't be grown in soil

It takes a lot to make a room of soil scientists gasp...

By Alex McBratney 28 Dec 2018

The tech fix that won't secure food supplies

Scientific and technological advances from crop breeding to fertilisers to a range of irrigation techniques have powered agricultural production in a bid to keep up with the food demands of a rising population, but for some years now, that growth has faced natural resource limits...

By Anita Makri 24 Dec 2018

Smallholders' global food production underestimated

The proportion of smallholder farms globally may be much larger than previously thought, suggesting that their current contribution to global food production could be underestimated, a crowdsourcing study reveals.

By Munyaradzi Makoni 19 Dec 2018

WorldFish, COMESA facility in Zambia to help boost fish trade in Africa

WorldFish and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa have created the COMESA Fish Inspection and Certification Facility on the Zambia-Zimbabwe-Mozambique border...

10 Dec 2018

UFS graduate's crop research to diversify SA food security

Global food security is currently threatened both by climate change and the low diversity of crops relied on by humankind to feed a growing world population...

7 Dec 2018

Seeing food wasted makes us mad - but should it?

There is currently a grand consensus of academics, policymakers and food campaign groups that "something must be done" to reduce food wastage...

By Martin Cohen 6 Dec 2018

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