New technology treats brain tumour.. remotely

An oncologist based in Port Elizabeth has successfully treated a patient's brain tumour 1,000km away, using new remote technologies and surgery-free gamma radiation equipment...

8 Nov 2018

Surgical students battle with dexterity, thanks to screens

A surgery professor is worried that students are losing their ability to perform the simple manual tasks needed to stitch and sew up patients, thanks to the proliferation of digital devices.

5 Nov 2018

Bizcommunity Recruitment in Africa Focus

A comprehensive B2B Recruitment Focus from December 2018 to February 2019 will ensure that Bizcommunity is the go-to destination for all the B2B news you'll need to plan your HR and recruitment strategies in 2019...

Issued by 23 Oct 2018

The best Biz summer holiday (content) package ever!

Feeling a bit state-capsized, swept along by more waves than a cryptocurrency chart? Here are some life-saving festive content ideas...

Issued by 15 Oct 2018

Pioneering HIV+ transplant opens up a pool of new donors

In 2017, doctors at the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre transplant unit faced the tough ethical question of whether saving the life of a child in end-stage liver disease overrode the risk of infection from an HIV-positive donor...

5 Oct 2018

New cardiac simulation lab to revolutionise medical training

The UFS School of Biomedical Sciences' has introduced a state-of-the-art Cardiac Simulation laboratory to its clinical simulation and skills unit...

26 Sep 2018

Micorocoil localisation in treating early-stage lung cancer

A breakthrough minimally invasive surgery technique, microcoil localisation, allows doctors to pinpoint and remove tiny nodules in early-stage lung cancer without damaging additional healthy tissue...

20 Sep 2018

Sasa, Discovery Health roll out event-based contract model

An alternative reimbursement model has been launched that will benefit patients and encourage best practice among clinicians in the private healthcare sector...

5 Sep 2018

3D surgery improves results, stress - studies

Latest studies show that minimally invasive, three-dimensional laparoscopic surgery has resulted in vastly improved surgical performances and less stress for surgeons...

Issued by Leap Communications 25 Jul 2018

Consider this advice before travelling abroad for health care

Clinics, hospitals and entire countries are actively trying to attract medical tourists through costly advertisement campaigns and other promotional efforts. But what about the friends and family who accompany them?

By Valorie A. Crooks 4 Jun 2018

Kickballs, chicken and 3-D models help Johns Hopkins surgeons prepare for complex foetal surgeries

By combining high-tech 3-D printing technology with everyday items such as a kickball and pieces of chicken breast, surgeons at Johns Hopkins report they have devised an innovative way to "rehearse" a complex minimally invasive surgical repair of open lesions on foetal spinal cords inside the womb...

18 Apr 2018

New clinical skills training centre aims to improve quality and safety

The quality and outcomes of the health service often boils down to getting the basics right, such as employing best practices in clinical procedures...

By Nicci Botha 27 Mar 2018

Tapping into medical tourism

Foreign spending on medical care in South Africa has increased from R582m to approximately R916m in 2015...

15 Jan 2018

New lymphoedema surgery provides relief to cancer patients

A vascularised lymph node transfer, a microvascular procedure created to treat lymphoedema, has been performed at Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Cape Town...

23 Oct 2017

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