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Make your Easter sparkle with Lindt South Africa

Lindt South Africa, renowned for its exceptional chocolate craftsmanship, is delighted to announce the launch of an exquisite array of Easter treats, combining beloved classics with innovative delights to make this holiday season truly special.

As Easter approaches, Lindt invites chocolate enthusiasts to indulge in the timeless joy of the Gold Bunny. Available in 10g, 50g, 100g and 200gsizes, the iconic Gold Bunny remains a cherished symbol of the holiday, crafted with the finest Swiss chocolate and adorned with a touch of golden splendour. What makes this beloved treat even more special is the ability to personalise it at Lindt Boutiques. With the option to add a custom ribbon bearing the name of the recipient, each Gold Bunny becomes a heartfelt gift, ensuring that every bite of Lindt's Gold Bunny is not just delicious, but also filled with love and thoughtfulness.

Building upon this foundation of tradition, Lindt introduces an exciting range of new products to tantalise the taste buds and delight the senses. At the heart of this innovation is the expanded larger egg range, featuring luxurious options such as Lindor Milk and Lindor Assorted Eggs 180g, and the irresistible Lindt Hazelnut Milk & Dark Eggs 95g. Each egg promises a velvety smooth texture and a symphony of flavours, ensuring moments of pure indulgence for every chocolate lover.

In addition to these delectable offerings, Lindt presents the new sharing Gold Bunny Crunchy Hazelnut & Double Milk 120g bags, perfect for spreading joy among family and friends. For those who prefer a more substantial treat, the Gold Bunny Slab 120g offers a generous portion of premium chocolate goodness.

And there’s more! Lindt also introduces the captivating Gold Bunny Safari Edition in both 100g and 200g sizes, featuring whimsical designs inspired by the wonders of the animal kingdom. And for those with a taste for something delightfully different, the Gold Bunny White 100g promises a creamy, indulgent experience like no other.
Lindt’s Easter collection embodies the perfect balance of tradition and innovation, offering something for everyone to enjoy. From the iconic Gold Bunny to exciting new creations, Lindt is committed to delivering moments of pure bliss and delight on every occasion.

To explore Lindt’s delightful range of Easter treats, visit the Lindt online store.

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Gold Bunny Safari Edition is available in 100g and 200g.
Gold Bunny Safari Edition is available in 100g and 200g.

About Lindt:

Lindt is a globally renowned Swiss Chocolatier, celebrated for its commitment to crafting the finest chocolate creations. With a rich history spanning decades, Lindt has consistently delighted chocolate lovers with its exquisite flavours and craftsmanship, thanks to the unique blend of passion, creativity and know-how of the Lindt Swiss Master Chocolatiers, crafted into every single piece since 1845.

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