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Growsmart 2024 launches across the Western Cape and Eastern Cape

Growsmart, the nationally acclaimed educational initiative by Growthpoint Properties, has launched its 2024 programme in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces. This marks the fifteenth consecutive year of Growsmart's commitment to advancing quality education and enriching the lives of learners in Grades 4 to 6.
Growsmart 2024 launches across the Western Cape and Eastern Cape

Growsmart's mission is to empower young minds and provide opportunities for quality education, particularly in underperforming schools. With a focus on literacy, creative writing and mathematics, the programme aims to inspire a love for learning while nurturing essential skills among intermediate learners.

The 2024 launch commenced in February with a roadshow spanning the Western Cape and then extended to the Eastern Cape and Limpopo provinces. This year, the Eastern Cape welcomes the Amathole District as a new region, while Growsmart returns for its seventh year in the Eastern Cape and fourth year in Limpopo.

Growsmart 2024 launches across the Western Cape and Eastern Cape

At the launch events, educators received creative writing packs to support learners in schools participating in the story writing competition. Additionally, each learner in Grades 4 to 6 received a copy of the 2024 Growing Smarter book, with nearly 90,000 copies printed for distribution to schools.

Jewel Harris, founder of Growsmart and general manager of Growthpoint Properties Cape Town, expresses enthusiasm about the 2024 programme. “This year, our interactive programme is more focused, relevant, fun and innovative than ever before, taking the best of what online and in-person opportunities have to offer to impact young minds and bring about change.”

Growsmart 2024 launches across the Western Cape and Eastern Cape

Shawn Theunissen, head of corporate social responsibility at Growthpoint Properties, emphasises the long-term impact of Growsmart, saying, “Investing for positive social impact across the entire education value chain not only changes lives today but for generations to come. Growsmart remains one of the most successful ways that we help to improve educational outcomes at the primary school level and create a more inclusive society in the long term."

The Growsmart programme not only serves as a valuable resource for educators but also offers substantial prizes for winners, including learners, teachers and schools, with rewards totalling over R700,000.00 per region. Semi-finalists can also anticipate personal mentorship to assist with applying for high school and tertiary bursaries, supporting their educational journey beyond primary school.

28 Feb 2024 13:17