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Takealot reaps the rewards of AI-powered chat commerce on Whatsapp, South Africa's largest online retailer, launched a breakthrough campaign called Retail Therapy - powered by Techsys Labs.
Takealot reaps the rewards of AI-powered chat commerce on Whatsapp

The campaign's unique selling point was its use of artificial intelligence, to power its chat commerce platform, which helped to create an engaging and interactive shopping experience for customers.

By offering witty and humorous advice, the AI acted as a virtual shopping assistant that consumers could engage with.

The campaign's AI technology also provided personalised product recommendations based on customers' interests, previous engagements, and shopper insights, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

"By incorporating AI technology into our online shopping experience, we have been able to create a unique and engaging campaign that has been extremely well-received by our audience," said Motshidisi Khoza, social media manager at

The campaign's success has highlighted how artificial intelligence can be used to increase engagement and sales for an e-commerce retailer. According to a study by Gartner, AI is expected to help increase e-commerce revenue by 30% by next year.'s Retail Therapy campaign was a true testament to the power of AI in retail, providing a fun and innovative shopping experience for customers, while also increasing sales for the company. plans to continue utilizing AI technology in its future campaigns, further enhancing the online shopping experience for its customers.

For more information on the Retail Therapy campaign:

Contact: Techsys Digital
Phone: +27 21 788 6896

5 May 2023 09:55