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FCB Joburg announces influencer marketing partnership with R-Squared Agency

FCB Joburg has exclusively partnered with the leading influencer marketing specialist, R-Squared Agency, in an effort to evolve the agency's offering and to ensure it delivers strategic and creative solutions that provide the best results for clients.
Joey Khuvutlu, Group MD of Hellocomputer and FCB Joburg
Joey Khuvutlu, Group MD of Hellocomputer and FCB Joburg

The partnership will see the agency unlock integrated influencer solutions, increase return on investment for clients, and improve efficiency. Led through the integration of the speciality offerings by the two agencies, this integrated approach will enhance performance by working as an additional touch point. Influencer marketing will form part of the integrated marketing mix consideration rather than an isolated campaign.

“We are truly excited about this new partnership which will illustrate the combined capabilities in driving business and creative edge for our clients. This will pave a way for the creation of strategies and execution that result in authentic content creation that both extends the reach for client campaigns and ROI. We are thrilled to be partnering with R-Squared, as we look to the next frontier of our business,” mentioned Joey Khuvutlu, Group MD of Hellocomputer and FCB Joburg.

Just in 2016, the influencer marketing spend was at an estimated US$1.7bn (R28.6bn) and grew by a staggering 812% in 2021, with an estimated US$13.8bn (R232.47bn). This single-handedly makes influencer marketing the fastest growing market segment in the industry, across the globe. This shift and market growth has prompted marketers to allocate between 10% and 30% of their marketing budgets to influencer marketing within this year alone. This means that influencer partnership must form part of the initial strategy, instead of being later considerations, which is why this partnership comes at a crucial time to take advantage of this.

Stéphane Rogovsky, CEO and founder of R-Squared
Stéphane Rogovsky, CEO and founder of R-Squared

“We have always strived to deliver great results for our clients, and this partnership will bring about the best of creative advertising and influencer marketing to form a sharp collaboration of integrated influencer marketing that benefits strategy, creativity, analytics and most importantly, our brand partners. We are enthused to not only announce this collaboration but to soon be launching some of the best integrated influencer campaigns,” exclaimed Stéphane Rogovsky, CEO and founder of R-Squared.

The rapidly evolving influencer marketing landscape has become a powerful tool for marketers. And when executed well, this becomes a formidable vehicle in helping brands communicate effectively. This flagship partnership will demonstrate cross-sector capabilities which will immensely benefit campaign execution and brands. These will lead to streamlining of operations, benchmarking influencer marketing accurately by building relevant metrics, and curbing of multi-agency fees, therefore, increasing ROI.

31 Aug 2022 11:24