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New digital solution helps embattled HR professionals stave off burn-out

Future-facing, bespoke HR toolkit manages employees in post-pandemic workplace
New digital solution helps embattled HR professionals stave off burn-out

Human resources has always been tough. In our post-pandemic workplace, it’s even tougher, heightened by the blurred lines between work and home. People management has never been more complex or risky, and human resource professionals never more overwhelmed.

It’s no surprise then that a recent survey of US and UK HR professionals revealed that almost all of them are experiencing burn out, dread going to work and are keen to leave their jobs. The situation is likely no different in South Africa.

As a legal-tech company focused on governance, risk and compliance, LexisNexis South Africa understands the risks embattled local HR professionals face. As an innovative, digital-first organisation, it also understands the game-changing impact of smarter technologies, new tools and cutting-edge software solutions for practitioners struggling to cope in today’s rapidly evolving HR environment.

It's this thinking that’s behind the company’s new and bespoke HR/HC solution, Lexis Smart Human Capital, an all-in-one software solution for busy HR professionals who want to ensure they operate within the SA legal framework. Designed from the ground up, this future-facing toolkit offers the latest compliance and regulatory content, together with workflow and intuitive online document filing, easing the workload of overburdened HR professionals.

It has been especially created as a go-to solution for all things HR, covering:

  • Recruitment processes
  • POPIA guidance
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • CCMA outcomes
  • Disciplinary and dispute resolution

Through access to curated, easy-to-digest, relevant content, customised HR documents powered by Lexis Smart Documents, user-friendly guidance tools, and exclusive access to a bank of CCMA cases, HR practitioners – along with labour relations professionals and all those in employee-related leadership roles - are able to make faster decisions and resolve disputes speedily, making modern-day HR challenges far more manageable.

“HR professionals have carried an incredible burden due to Covid and other disruptions in workplaces, and we salute them for adapting as well as they have under very trying circumstances,” says LexisNexis SA CEO, Videsha Proothveerajh. “There’s no doubt they have borne the brunt of having to manage employees during unprecedented times.”

It is critical, says Proothveerajh, that HR practitioners are supported by technology and new tools enabling them to work smartly and more efficiently, as they tackle the new way of work and the complex challenges brought with it.

“The already high demands on practitioners will only grow; these difficulties require a new mindset, supported by new digital solutions and online platforms, to increase productivity, reduce risk and ensure HR professionals stay on top of their game.”

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3 Aug 2022 16:18