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Omnichannel. One audience, one message, any relevant screen

Vicinity Media's growth from 'the geo-fencing guys' into a big data player happened over a number of years. The transformation was complete when the company launched Vicinity 4D as a data source and targeting solution in 2020. This gold standard data product is derived from direct publisher integrations, near me searches, campaign engagements, store visits, and your website audience, and in layman terms means we know where and how to target your audience most effectively, eliminating risk and ramping up performance.
Omnichannel. One audience, one message, any relevant screen

Vicinity’s vision is to harness this data to manage the delivery and targeting of all media formats as digital convergence in our industry continues. With that in mind, Vicinity have integrated with South Africa’s leading DOOH and mobile media owners to reach your audience on any relevant screen.

Vicinity’s award winning mobile innovations such as integrated distance to store messaging and post campaign exposure VisitAbility reporting are now included in all our omnichannel campaigns on a digital billboard, in mall or on a mobile screen.

Our award winning technology will optimise against the best performing placements throughout your campaign across channels ensuring lower wastage and vastly improved campaign performance. This guides real-time, cross-channel optimisation decisions during campaigns, targeting the right audiences, at all times. Our data and tech allow for an all-inclusive targeting and advertising approach.

And the results back up the approach - we recently ran our first omnichannel campaign, leveraging 1st party in market and intent data, delivering dynamic geo-contextual creative for each store.

Omnichannel. One audience, one message, any relevant screen

We targeted an audience while in close proximity to store but that were in market for specific products based on their:

  • Near Me search activity
  • Sector Store visits
  • Website engagements

In terms of results, we saw an increase of 1,4K physical store visits during the campaign period.

Omnichannel. One audience, one message, any relevant screen

Click here to download an abridged Vicinity Omnichannel presentation.

Vicinity: Omnichannel Presentation

3 Jun 2022 10:28