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Women Leading the Way in the New World of Work

Women Leading the Way in the New World of Work

Introducing the ground-breaking Women Leading the Way in the New World of Work programme from Richfield, specifically designed for any woman and any company that is looking to thrive beyond Covid-19 into the next industrial revolution in which we will see soft and hard skills as complementary to female leadership of great conviction, relevant for the New World of Work. The course aims to draw on the sharp lessons and voices of women leaders from across the world - while being designed and delivered by a lead facilitator who is an expert in the field of women leadership, gender studies and building inclusive organisations. The course is also complemented by the voices of men and women in various sectors who are championing true diversity and transformation.

Women Leading the Way in the New World of Work

Who is the course suitable for?

We aim to attract entry level women managers, senior women managers or women aspiring to be managers in all sectors. This inclusive approach means that we learn first-hand about the intersectionality of race, gender, class, age, sexual identities, religion, culture and ethnicity in relation to women in the workplace. Furthermore, to the power of truths on inclusion, while the target market is on individuals and corporate sectors that are on a deliberate path of transformation – this programme is not exclusive to women in these sectors only. Aspiring and current female managers from all sectors will add a rich perspective to the entire learning journey, both within and outside the classroom.

Broad themes and topics covered:

  1. Understanding the historical context of women’s and minority groups struggles through movies, stories and out of classroom simulated journeys.
  2. The fourth and fifth industrial revolutions: lessons for diversity and inclusion, digital capabilities and soft skills.
  3. Leadership evolutions and relevance. Is this your time?
  4. Lessons from Covid-19 and how to make the good learnings stick!
  5. Knowing and interrogating the numbers: unplugging the statistics on gender equality.
  6. Knowing yourself better: the journey of going within and doing the inner work to emerge stronger, better, ready to embrace opportunities, having the requisite tools, techniques and apps to respond appropriately to systemic biases and working on the nudges for self and others. You will rediscover you and curate your personal journey of becoming you!
  7. Collaboration and partnering for sustainability and progress. When men and women work together towards a common purpose, change will happen.


August open programme:

  • Online delivery via workshops curated in micro-learning bursts.
  • Eight days over four weeks (two sessions per week. Two hours a session). From 4-26 August 2021 (Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am-11am).
  • This creates the opportunity for participants to reflect between sessions, practise activities at home and at work. It also gives women the opportunity to participate in microbursts to avoid adding to your stress of being away from the office for two full days.
  • Full access to an intuitive learner platform.
  • Price: R12,000 inclusive of learning material and campus face to face sessions. Early bird and group booking discounts available.

Register today at:

We look forward to empowering Women Leading the Way in the New World of Work, and helping female leaders reach their full potential in leadership positions within their respective companies.

1 Jul 2021 14:07