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Spur's latest commercial light-heartedly nudges us to take being active more seriously

Spur Steak Ranches, Ninety9cents (99c) and Hungry Films, have come together to produce a story that reminds us that even as we age, participating in sports and being active is still important. This sentiment is brought to life using children in various grown up settings (such as behind a car steering wheel), reiterating the myriad excuses adults use to avoid getting active.

“The benefits of leading an active lifestyle are self-evident but we sometimes don’t give it the priority it deserves. This is a light-hearted story about taking the lead from kids; sometimes we just need to play!” says Sacha du Plessis, Group Head of Marketing at Spur Corporation.

Spur is committed to keeping the whole family happy, healthy and active, they tasked 99c with creating a commercial that encouraged adults to make time for sports. This was achieved by using children to light-heartedly poke fun at the various excuses adults use to avoid being active.

Dane Alexander, Creative Director at 99c, says that children are a large part of Spur’s ethos, hence its commitment to being a truly friendly family restaurant. Hence using kids as the heroes of the commercial felt like a natural fit for the brand.

“Because the commercial flights during the Rugby World Cup games, this allowed it to stand out from the regular ‘big sporting event’ adverts that are commonly aired during this time,” adds du Plessis.

In keeping with Spur’s brand values, the commercial was shot in a natural way, with a light-hearted, fun and relatable spin to it. The focus was on the performance of the children; the subtle moments captured made the biggest difference.

With over 500 children’s events hosted a year – from Spur Soccer Masidlale to the Spur Flag Bearer in partnership with the Springbok Supporters’ Club, Spur is truly invested in the future of South Africa’s youth.

21 Jan 2020 13:35