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BET Software guides students to success at Rosebank College Career Fair

BET Software served as a valuable bridge between education and employment at the Rosebank College Career Fair this week, helping students navigate their career journeys. Career exploration, networking, information-gathering, exposure to trends and innovations were some of the takeaway lessons that students benefitted from.
BET Software inspired future tech leaders at the Rosebank College Career Fair.
BET Software inspired future tech leaders at the Rosebank College Career Fair.

The company’s stand enabled students to learn about the skills and competencies that BET Software values such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and adaptability. The BET Software team spoke to students about how integral developing these skills is for career success.

Michael Collins, general manager at BET Software, said that career days at tertiary institutions serve as a valuable resource for students, helping them explore, plan and prepare for their future careers while connecting them with professionals and opportunities in the tech space.

“Partaking in career days shows that we are committed to preparing students for successful careers and fostering strong connections in the job market. We want our company’s cutting-edge technologies and innovations to spark and inspire creativity,” he explained.

Nkanyezi Qwabe, a final year business and IT systems student at Rosebank College, who attended the fair, said: “The importance of career days like this is that we get to see companies that operate within the industrial world, so that we can see the opportunities that are available and the spaces that we can grow in as well.”

Applications for BET Software’s “Dare To Dream” bursary programme close on 31 October 2023. Interested students can apply here.

6 Oct 2023 14:07