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Debonairs Pizza challenges you to call up your A-Team with the new Large Cram-Decker campaign

Debonairs Pizza, the leading quick-service restaurant in the pizza category, has recently launched its large Cram-Decker® TVC. The new commercial cleverly uses South Africa's humour to highlight how consumers will need their A-Team to finish the free 1.5L drink and abundantly flavourful large Cram-Decker® pizza.
Debonairs Pizza challenges you to call up your A-Team with the new Large Cram-Decker campaign

In partnership with FCB Joburg, its 10-year-long partner, the 30-second commercial showcases a team comprised of a soccer-loving little girl, a father and grandfather working together to order and enjoy the large Cram-Decker and a free 1.5L drink. Much to their surprise, the team is joined by a nosey neighbour who works her way into the house to help the family round off their team and finish off the delicious pizza.

The TVC includes Debza, Debonairs Pizza’s animated influencer character and logo, as the fifth member of the team. His narration breaks down the action and tells viewers how the team work together to tackle the delicious feast, with Debza adding witty banter to the household’s mealtime.

The concept was developed by art director Jacque Moodley, copywriter Thabang ‘Tipi’ Manyelo and creative director Galaletsang Kgoathe. The TVC was produced by directors Alexa Wilson and Ian Difford of Arcade Content and Hungry Films, respectively.

“We are excited to introduce the Large Cram-Decker and a free 1.5L drink promotion because as South Africans, we are happiest and most fulfilled when we come together as a community, family, and friends over a meal. This campaign brings this ethos to life and further reminds us that to accomplish anything in life, you need the support of others – your A-Team,” says Phumzile Siboza, Debonairs Pizza marketing executive.

‘’In a football game, different players bring different skill sets to the table to help the team achieve its goals. These are often the best players in their position. So, apart from speaking to the fact that people would need a team to finish the large Cram-Decker®, we also wanted to create a concept that would highlight how people would need their A-Team to tackle this massive pizza. We then brought the idea to life through a TVC where each family member plays an integral role in ordering and enjoying the pizza and drink, even the curious neighbour who happens to experience a power outage at the same time that the pizza and drink arrives. This makes for an entertaining commercial with a fun twist,’’ says Galaletsang Kgoathe, FCB Joburg creative director.

The large Cram-Decker® and free 1.5L drink is priced at R199.90, and can be enjoyed in two delicious flavours: Chicken and Meaty. The offer provides Debonairs Pizza customers with abundance and great value as it is a pizza with three layers, three cheeses and chicken cheese griller crammed crust, plus a free 1.5L drink, which is the perfect meal for sharing.


Brand: Debonairs Pizza
Marketing executive: Phumzile Siboza
Marketing manager: Rirhandzu Manganye
Brand manager: Kaylyn Naicker
Creative agency: FCB Joburg
Chief creative officer: Tseliso Rangaka
Creative director: Galaletsang Kgoathe
Copywriter: Thabang ‘Tipi’ Manyelo
Art director: Jacque Moodley
Strategist: Kefiloe Moroe & Modjadji Mashatola
TV production: Sindi Hirchowitz
Group account director: Kefilwe Khanda
Account director: Pabi Notoane
Traffic manager: Teboho Mashile
Media Planners: The Media Shop

Production House
Production Companies: Performance: Arcade Content Johannesburg | Food shoot: Hungry Films
Directors: Performance shoot: Alexa Wilson | Food shoot: Ian Difford
Editors: Performance: Nic Goodwin | Food: Jason Basson
Post-production: Performance: Nic Apostoli (Grade) and Bradley Glossop (Online)| Food: Kyle Stroebel
Audio post-production: We are Legends

6 Sep 2022 10:08