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Johannesburg youth take to the streets as part of 10 Days of Hope Outreach

Inner-city NPO Mould Empower Serve (MES) is excited to announce the return of 10 Days of Hope, The Jozi Challenge, for the first time in two years following the lift of Covid-19 restrictions. The annual campaign takes place from 24 June to 04 July and invites young people to participate and experience something out of the ordinary during their winter-term break!

This year’s Jozi Challenge aims to inspire, develop and nurture a lifestyle of making a difference in the inner city of Johannesburg. More importantly, the campaign hopes to engage and educate young people about some of the challenges inner-city communities face and how they can make a difference.

Johannesburg youth take to the streets as part of 10 Days of Hope Outreach

“We invite everyone to participate and experience something extraordinary - individuals, churches, schools, organisations and especially youth who want to participate in the inner city outreaches,” says Nicodemus Setshedi, MES Johannesburg Branch Manager. “This is an opportunity for the participants to live in the inner city for ten days in a safe and organised manner and, more significantly, to interact with the community daily during this time.”

10 Days of Hope, The Jozi Challenge, officially kicked off this past weekend, 24 June, and the MES Johannesburg team has been overwhelmed with the involvement of youth volunteers.

“We have about 80 young people between the ages of 15 and 25 from all walks of life taking part in the Jozi Challenge 2022! We pray by the grace of God. We will be able to touch many lives and change hearts in our inner-city, especially as we all woke up to the shocking news of the young people who passed away in the tavern in the Eastern Cape. Now more than ever before, we need to restore the moral fibre of our city and actively engage young people in activities that will positively impact their lives,” adds Setshedi.

Johannesburg youth take to the streets as part of 10 Days of Hope Outreach

During the ten days, volunteers can participate in various inner-city outreach activities alongside the MES Johannesburg team. Some highlights include night vigils, making connections, building bridges, prayer walking and taking part in God’s restoration of the beautiful City of Johannesburg and its dwellers. Volunteers also participate in Bible studies to spiritually enrich and restore the lives of the community.

“The past two years have been tough as MES could not host the 10 Days of Hope campaign due to Covid-19 restrictions. For us as an organisation, this meant that we could not empower and bring hope to our inner-city community. Whilst this also meant that we were not able to give donors and support community a chance to experience the inner city for themselves and make a personal difference in the lives of others,” states Setshedi.


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