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Free textbooks and cost-effective learning to help South Africa recover from crippling Covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes to the way things run both in South Africa and at a global scale. Richfield has been able to keep our communities safe without risking the education of our students through our seamless and accessible switch to distance learning.

For 30 years, Richfield has made tertiary education more accessible. This quest of ours has stood us in good stead for confronting the coronavirus pandemic and adjusting our learning practices accordingly. All Richfield students receive a pre-configured tablet or laptop upon registration, complete with a Vodacom SIM card. This arrangement means that all Richfield students have access to our engaging online learning resources, with zero data costs, making a quality online education through the lockdown possible for thousands of South Africans.

Free textbooks and cost-effective learning to help South Africa recover from crippling Covid-19 pandemic

The introduction of Richfield R199 short courses has furthered this mission. As the pandemic and necessary lockdown further poverty, worsen the South African economy, and flood the job market, South Africans face a daunting future. Richfield has introduced 70 curated and skills-focussed online short courses, which are available for only R199 each. Making upskilling in this time of hardship even easier allows South Africans the chance for a better future, without unattainable costs.

Over and above our measures to make a life-changing education more accessible in this time of lockdown, Richfield strives to give our students the best education experience. In this light and in the light of the impending examination season, we have made 250 digital textbooks available for our students until the end of August.

Richfield has, by design, been able to work around this pandemic. Few changes had to be made in regards to the way Richfield runs as all of our students are equipped with the means for effective and affordable online learning. The new additions of our R199 courses and 250 online textbooks are simply new ways for Richfield students, and South Africans, to take charge of their own futures, even under the trying circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions.

6 Jan 2021 14:41