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Why video is essential to your marketing plan

Telling a story with visual elements will always attract the reader or viewer to a story and social media posts that include pictures or video are viewed more times by users.

Africa is a mobile-first continent used to viewing multi-media content on mobile phones. This includes streaming videos, favourite television shows and sporting events. In fact, a recent IPSOS Affluent consumer survey found that affluent consumers in Africa have adopted new digital technologies at a faster rate than their counterparts in Europe.

Social media is in fact the first port of call for news for the affluent in Africa and many read their newspapers online. Four out of five African ‘Affluents' use social media several times a day.

Short form video

Short form video is an excellent application for social media in order to get a brief message across as it is very impactful: telling a story in short bursts, one message or through a web series.

Smartphones can also be used to film, which brings the cost down for clients.

Long form video

Long form video draws you in, gives you more info, and layers to your story, variety and depth. This is suitable for a longer brand story, training videos, educational videos, in-depth promotional videos, or video series.

Whatever you need, we can do it all, working collaboratively to assist clients and positioning ourselves affordably in the marketplace as a full-service visual content consulting firm: from stills photography to short form and long form video with the storytelling wrapped around it.

1 Feb 2019 12:01