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Rand Show 2018 to provide definitive consumer experience

The largest consumer exhibition in South Africa, the Rand Show, will return to the Johannesburg Expo Centre (JEC) at Nasrec in 2018 from Friday, 30 March, to Sunday, 8 April.
Rand Show 2018 to provide definitive consumer experience

With a legacy dating back over 123 years, the Rand Show remains South Africa’s largest, most iconic consumer event, and is a highlight on the annual events calendar that has entertained multiple generations of South African families.

According to the show organisers, Rand Show 2018 will include a series of exciting new features and initiatives that will significantly boost its position in the marketplace, and provide the definitive consumer experience.

The South African consumer landscape is evolving, with tough economic and political conditions having a direct impact on consumer aspirations. “However, the Rand Show continues to provide families with a value-packed outing with over 200,000 visitors in attendance annually,” says Craig Newman, CEO of the JEC. “With that in mind, we need to raise the bar even further and provide the ultimate consumer experience with a multi-faceted event that meets the needs of every member of the family,” he says.

Craig Newman, CEO of the JEC
Craig Newman, CEO of the JEC

Rand Show 2018 will continue its strategic partnership with Dave Nemeth of Trend Forward, who is considered one of the leading trend analysts and creative influencers in South Africa today.

The organisers of Rand Show in collaboration with Trend Forward have invested a great deal in consumer research over the past year and identified a number of key trends that are vital to the future success of consumer events in South Africa going forward.

“Our research shows that consumers are looking for a unique experience, one where they can find the same variety and bespoke offerings that they would at smaller niche events, at a larger consumer show that caters for the needs of every member of the family,” says Nemeth. “Our exhibitors are looking to gain maximum return on their investment and with immediate access to an audience of 200,000 people across the upper LSMs there is no better platform than the Rand Show, from which to promote your brand,” he says.

Dave Nemeth, Trend Forward
Dave Nemeth, Trend Forward

Nemeth goes on to say that there has been a noticeable turnaround in the marketplace since 2016, and that these changes have necessitated the need for variations to the Rand Show’s overall offering to meet the demands of a very diverse market.

The Rand Show is a large consumer show that revolves around families, their lifestyles and living spaces. Part of the overall experience is taking these families on a journey where they will experience a wide range of individually themed expos that cater to all of their requirements at the cost of just one ticket, which is exceptionally good value for money.

For exhibiting brands, the Rand Show provides a valuable platform from which to build on visibility and credibility. With the right strategy in place, it provides a powerful opportunity to dramatically improve any brand’s customer base with consumers who specifically visit the show to explore new products and services and are ready to commit to purchases.

The Rand Show organisers will be announcing regular updates on the new initiatives being launched for Rand Show 2018. “There is no other consumer event like the Rand Show in South Africa today, and we look forward to taking what is already an impressive event and turning it into the ultimate experience for exhibiting brands and visitors,” concluded Newman.

14 Jul 2017 11:18