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Adcheck adds Mix Telematics to its growing client base

Mix Telematics is the latest company to sign up for competitive advertising tracking from Adcheck, one of South Africa's premier advertising monitoring service providers, a partner of BMi Research, market research specialist. The agency will handle all competitor advertising tracking for the company - including its brands Matrix and Beam-e - for the next year.
Angela Adamson
Angela Adamson

As part of the contract, Adcheck will provide insight into competitors' advertising strategies from the perspectives of creative execution, communication messaging and media spend. Competitor advertising will be tracked across TV, radio, outdoor and print with a full overview of all activity during the year being provided.

Hernus Vermeulen, Mix Telematics senior marketing manager (consumer), says it was this, combined with Adcheck's customised approach to deliver a format that perfectly suited the business and its specific needs, that lead to Adcheck securing the contract.

"Information and having the correct data is crucial for strategy development in the current business environment. When we were looking for a company that could assist us with gathering a specific set of data, Adcheck came out tops in terms of understanding what we needed. They carefully listened to what we required, developed a strategy of how we could achieve that and is now delivering on the spot! Having a trusted partner that listens and makes an effort to understand what you require makes it an absolute pleasure to work with Adcheck," says Vermeulen.

With only a handful of players in the South African market, the local vehicle tracking sector is very competitive. "As we've just started monitoring the industry, no real trends have emerged yet, but I think the outcomes will be very interesting given the highly competitive nature of this market," says Angela Adamson, director of Adcheck.

Adcheck monitors all advertising for the entire given period and not just the newcomers that appear within that period, which enables it to successfully link creative executions to media spend. The company also believes that competitor tracking is not just about advertising, but about pricing as well, and as such also includes a comprehensive pricing survey in its monitoring service.

10 Jul 2013 11:33