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Global ad check portal launches for SA market

South African firm Adcheck and Canadian firm adfinitum have launched a new global advertising monitoring portal for the SA market. Global Ads - which allows for the monitoring of over 480 000 brands through over 11 million radio, Internet, outdoor print and film ads from over 50 countries - is currently free to search during an introductory period.

Says Angela Adamson, sales director of Johannesburg-based Adcheck, "We are delighted to introduce Global Ads to the SA marketplace. With over 11 million advertisements from 50-plus countries, our new portal is an exciting addition to the SA advertising landscape"

"Global Ads will be a wonderful source of advertising intelligence, competitive monitoring, and creative inspiration for South Africa's leading advertisers and agencies."

"Increasingly globalised world"

Explains Ed Clarke, president of adfinitum which operates Global Ad Source, "In an increasingly globalised world, the ability of advertisers and agencies to stay on top of their competition and keep up to speed within their industry category is becoming increasingly important.

"With a few simple searches on the Global Ads portal, SA companies can easily and efficiently search crucial, global information to help them plan their next marketing campaign, react to competitive moves, or simply stay on top of latest developments in their industry."

Launched in Johannesburg under the name Adcheck, Advertising Checking Services has been providing its advertising clipping service to all media and advertising agencies, as well as brand owners, since 1971.

Based in St. John's, Canada, adfinitum and Global Ad Source are reportedly the world's largest sources of advertising intelligence. adfinitum has partnered with several industry leaders for distribution of advertising content and has localised the Global Ad Source platform for the English, Chinese, South American, Spanish, South African and Japanese markets.

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22 Sep 2011 10:54