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HEINEKEN Beverages was formed in 2023 following the merger of HEINEKEN South Africa, Distell and Namibia Breweries Limited.
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Big Concerts presents big comedy powered by Savanna: Jimmy Carr takes the stage in SA
Big Concerts, powered by Savanna, is thrilled to announce the uproarious return of one of the world's most renowned comedians, Jimmy Carr. Bringing his razor-sharp wit and irreverent humour, Carr is set to leave audiences in stitches on 2 March at the SunBet Arena, Time Square, Pretoria, and again on 3 March at the GrandWest, Cape Town. 29 Feb 2024 Read more

The Savanna & Showmax Laugh Africa Comedy Festival 2024: And Still We Laugh
Cracker Zac’s in Rosebank roared with laughter and excitement during the exclusive launch of the Savanna & Showmax Laugh Africa Comedy Festival on 15 February 2024. 27 Feb 2024 Read more

The OG premium cider ‘Hunter’s Gold’ invites you to #FostaTilYouTasteRealGold
Hunter’s Gold, the original premium cider in Africa since 1988 is fast gaining popularity amongst unisex South African consumers and is delighted to showcase its latest campaign: ‘Fosta Until You Taste Real Gold’. 15 Feb 2024 Read more

Tea for who? Why do Dry Jan when you can do Crisp and Dry Jan with Savanna 0.0% Alc Free?
Siyavanna South Ahh, we’ve got Dry Jan covered with our Crisp and Dry Savanna Cider 0.0% Alc Free. This year, sticking to your new year resolutions can be easier with your favourite Savivi. You can say goodbye to sipping tea, being a high tea roller, playing tea pong, and saluting the kettle flute while trying to cheers with a teacup and saucer. 15 Jan 2024 Read more

Savanna brings South Ahh the coolest Savivis in the coolest cooler box of the season
Summer is upon us, and with the long hot days, and busy social schedules, there is a need for us to get out the trusty, old cooler box. Or do we? Introducing the limited-edition Savanna Summer Chill Pack. You get twelve 500ml Savanna Dry in a waterproof box, that just needs ice, turning your newly acquired yellow box of crisp and dry beverages into a cooler box filled with ice-cold, deliciousness. 12 Dec 2023 Read more

Durbanville Hills awarded Best Restaurant in SA
In a showstopping moment, The Tangram Restaurant at Durbanville Hills Winery has been awarded South Africa’s Best Restaurant at the 2023 Restaurant Week. 22 Nov 2023 Read more

Have the last laugh and stand to live the boss life with Savanna this summer
After having dug deep and lagged at all your boss’s jokes throughout the year, you deserve the last laugh over bonus season. Forget the usual in-cider trading drama, there is an easier way to cash in for a bonus and live it up, boss style. Picture this: you and yours, living the boss life, sipping on some crisp and dry Savanna Premium Cider and chuckling at life – sounds epic, right? 21 Nov 2023 Read more

Just like the Springboks, Klipdrift wraps its #GoForGold campaign as champions
Klipdrift Brandy, a proud Springbok sponsor and an iconic South African brand, recently wrapped its successful #GoForGold campaign that brought friends and fans together to support the Boks in their quest for glory on the world stage. 17 Nov 2023 Read more

Dig deep and 'lag' your way up that corporate ladder with Savanna Premium Cider
The end of the year is fast approaching, and every South African knows that it means drinks ne bozza yakho, and Siyavanna South Ahh mos. This also means that 13th cheque can come in handy and it is time to lag like your bonus depends on it. So it is time to 'lag' as hard as you can at all those boss jokes, all the way to that 13th cheque, and that corner office. Savanna Premium Cider has been serving up crisp, dry punchlines since forever, and this new Siyavanna Boss Jokes campaign is no different as it offers a witty perspective on bonus season in South Ahh! 27 Oct 2023 Read more

Hunter's is refreshing summer and that spirit of Uk'Fosta like never before
Hunter's premium cider, the first cider in Africa, is celebrating its 35th birthday by adding the ultimate refreshment to summer. As part of its Refresh Summer campaign, Hunter's is launching a limited-edition, thermochromic Refresh Can this October. The limited-edition Hunter's Dry and Gold cans were developed in collaboration with Ch'cco and Boohle, two SA musicians well known for their contribution to the Amapiano genre. When cold, the cans reveal two tracks from the last 35 years, that have been refreshed by Ch'cco and Boohle. 24 Oct 2023 Read more

Esprit and the Fezile Fashion Skills Academy are back for another year to serve Umswenko
Esprit, the drink best known for the freshest flavour combos, is excited to continue working with Fezile Fashion Skills Academy and share their latest fashion pieces with you. 20 Oct 2023 Read more

Bernini encourages women to have the Audacity To Be
In a world where women are constantly told how to behave, how to sit and stand, and even how to post on Instagram, we want to remind them that they have isibindi (courage). They have it within them to be the most authentic version of themselves, no matter what anyone may tell them. 18 Oct 2023 Read more

Hunter's keeps the ones Abafostayo refreshed
World-famous often starts with Kasi-famous, and superstars don't always start super. While the road to being great hardly ever starts great, Hunter's encourages you to keep pushing. Today, you're just you but who knows where you can end up if you keep persevering and honing your skills. 16 Oct 2023 Read more

It's dry, but you can't drink it

Savanna x Wanda Lephoto 'Dry Goods' waterproof apparel raises R200,000 for GreenUp

 10 Oct 2023 Read more

Extreme is here to Move Mzansi with a new campaign and Bula Sekele Season 3
Extreme is here to Move Mzansi. The popular alcoholic drink with a distinctive apple taste has launched a dynamic new campaign that expresses the unstoppable, positive power of movement and dance. 12 Sep 2023 Read more

Bernini celebrates Women's Month with a Glowcation in your city
This women's month, Bernini, the only real sparkling spritzer made from wine, is celebrating women having the audacity to live a little, by unlocking Glowcations in your city. Instead of waiting for months to save up for an extravagant international trip, Bernini is urging women to prioritise everyday celebrations and fun in today's fast-paced world. Without going far or straining finances, why not indulge your senses or unwind by uncovering hidden local gems in your city while discovering yourself? 23 Aug 2023 Read more

A dozen reasons to enjoy Savanna Cider with the launch of the 330ml 12 pack
South Ahh, do you remember the Savanna 330ml 12 pack? The people spoke, and, again, Savanna listened in true Siyavanna fashion. Your favourite value pack is officially back on shelves. We know some days are best spent outside, but on other days, the perfect setting is in the comfort of home with your people. And it's for those days that 12 crisp, dry Savanna Premium Ciders are best suited to qualify you as the host with the most when the squad links up at the home base. 11 Aug 2023 Read more

Savanna Premium Cider and Dillan Olliphant propose the Skhaftin Courier Service for Trevor Noah's jet
From the Mzansiverse to the world! In true South Ahh fashion, Dillan Olliphant and Savanna Premium Cider have a favour to ask of Trevor Noah when he stops over at home for his Comedy Tour between 30 August and 16 September 2023... 10 Aug 2023 Read more

How a golden friendship led to a nationwide movement
There are friends and then there are 'Friends with Purpose'. Every year for the past four years, Klipdrift has dedicated International Friendship Day to celebrating the amazing things that happen when good friends come together to share some Klipdrift and #GoldBetweenFriends. 5 Jul 2023 Read more

An "Out of This World" Augmented Reality maze for Savanna Premium Cider this Durban July
Hola Daar South Ahh! It's time again for the Durban July, and this year the nation's favourite crisp and dry premium cider maker, Savanna, presents the Siyavanna Durban July Playbook. Beyond the dazzling glitz and glamour lies the secret Durban July Savivi code. Only the seasoned veterans, izinja ze good times, know the rules of this Saahh-real extravaganza. 30 Jun 2023 Read more

Pongrácz the only SA sparkling wine awarded Grand Gold in Belgium
Pongrácz is the only South African sparkling wine to be awarded a Grand Gold for its Pongrácz Brut at the 2023 Concours Mondial de Bruxelles held in Belgium. The vintage Desiderius Pongrácz 2015 was awarded Gold. 20 Jun 2023 Read more

Bernini renews partnership with One Voice South Africa to uplift and empower SA women
In 2022, Bernini joined forces with One Voice South Africa (OVSA) to empower women and equip them with the tools they need for workplace preparedness to ultimately enable financial freedom. Bernini believes in the real, natural, and unbound potential of women in South Africa. This purpose drives the brand to support and unite women and provide tangible skills training for their future. 12 Jun 2023 Read more

J.C. Le Roux spreads optimism with their new Celebration Inside series hosted by Mpoomy Ledwaba
J.C. Le Roux, SA's most loved sparkling wine, is excited to present Celebration Inside, a 4-part digital series featuring some of SA's most admired and respected women who share their own personal stories and tools that spark optimism and encourages women to find more reasons to celebrate in their everyday lives. 9 Jun 2023 Read more

Savanna presents 'Trevor Noah Live in South Africa' and some last-minute tickets up for grabs
Dear Trevor,
We are counting down the days until you arrive for the "Trevor Noah Live in South Africa" tour from 31 August to 15 September 2023, presented by Savanna Premium Cider. We hope you are too. You will be pleased to hear that almost every show is sold out. Yes, you are reading correctly; almost every show in South Ahhh is sold out! And, as you know Trevor, just like a crisp and dry Savanna, the tickets are only for people 18 years and older.
 8 Jun 2023 Read more

Go on, live a little royale with new Klipdrift Copper Royale
The House of Klipdrift is proud to announce a brand-new member to the Klipdrift family. It's Klipdrift, but with something a little extra to elevate the ordinary and add more excitement to #GoldBetweenFriends. 5 May 2023 Read more

Isn't it time you try light living?
If you haven't heard of hard seltzers yet, it's time to catch up. Hard seltzers have been a trend on the drinks scene for some time now, and they're here to stay. Made with sparkling water, vodka and natural fruit flavours, hard seltzers are a refreshing and guilt-free alternative to beer and other sugary alcoholic beverages. 4 May 2023 Read more

Esprit joins forces with the Fezile Fashion Skills Academy to Serve Umswenko
Esprit, the drink best known for its fresh flavour combos has partnered with a local fashion college as part of a commitment to grow the future of South African fashion. 3 May 2023 Read more

New partnership takes 'Bula Sekele' to the next level
Extreme - the invigorating alcoholic drink with a distinctive apple taste and a natural kick - is known for spreading positive energy and positive change through the power of dance. 24 Apr 2023 Read more

Drostdy Hof and Vino Noir explore the beauty of blends in their new video series - Blends & Friends
Drostdy Hof proudly presents - Blends & Friends, a six-part video series that explores the beauty of blends in the company of new friends. 20 Apr 2023 Read more

Meet your five Savanna Comics' Choice Comedy Awards Newcomer Showcase nominees
Savanna Premium Cider, known for its crisp and dry taste and equally crisp, dry sense of humour, has supported the comedy industry for over 20 years. A brand that uplifts with humour and considers laughter a fundamental human right. 13 Apr 2023 Read more

Savanna x Wanda Lephoto presents 'Dry Goods' waterproof apparel for a world underwater
It's dry, but you can't drink it.
Savanna x Wanda Lephoto presents 'Dry Goods' waterproof apparel for a world underwater
 4 Apr 2023 Read more

Three Ships Bourbon Cask Whisky: Matured by the South African sun
South Africans are drawn to the sun. After all, it lights up our days, fires up our dreams, and imparts its warmth and energy to our world. It's no wonder our whisky makers wanted to capture it. 30 Mar 2023 Read more

2 Golds for Durbanville Hills at international competition
Durbanville Hills has been awarded two Gold medals at the prestigious Concours Mondial du Sauvignon competition for its Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2022 and Tangram White 2020. 24 Mar 2023 Read more

Hunter's refreshes the rules of iGrind
With the introduction of so many technical devices, a global world that is always connected, and a workforce that never sleeps, it is no wonder we have a generation that suffers from grind fatigue. Surrounded by narratives such as 'We all have the same 24hrs, money never sleeps, and the quest to attain that illusive bag', over-grinding has become a part of daily life. The goalpost is ever-moving, and the game that is life feels like an endless maze with no escape and little room for joy and freedom. 22 Mar 2023 Read more

Savanna Comics' Choice Comedy Awards presents The Savanna Newcomer Showcase
Savanna Premium Cider has always been a brand that isn't afraid to offer a cider with a crisp and dry taste profile but also with a crisp and dry approach to humour. Entertaining the people of South Ahh, and working with the funniest people around has become synonymous with Savanna. But why stop there? Friday, 17 February 2023, The Savanna Newcomer Showcase will be rolling out the red carpet for everyone who is anyone, or just a fan of comedy. 15 Feb 2023 Read more

Savanna Premium Cider launches a new 0.0% alcohol-free variant to stay Drier than Dry this Summer
South Ahh's most loved premium cider is back as the official-drink-of-officially-not-drinking, with the new Savanna Alc Free 0.0%. Launched with the same crisp, dry taste but less than 0.05% ABV, it is officially the driest alcohol-free drink around. 8 Feb 2023 Read more

Bernini launches a new glow in town
Bernini expands its Sparkling Spritzer range made from wine into sophisticated 500ml cans. 3 Feb 2023 Read more

Same-same but different - New 0.0% Alc Free
Savanna Premium Cider launches a new 0.0% alcohol-free variant to stay Drier than Dry this summer 1 Feb 2023 Read more

Blxckie the new Hunter's brand ambassador #BlxckiexHunter's
Hunter's Premium Cider, best known for refreshing youth culture, announces Blxckie, aka Somnyama, as the new ambassador for the brand. The Durban-born and raised rapper has been dominating the music scene since 2020 and was recently named the hottest MC of the year in 2022. He is currently one of the most awarded artists in South Africa, making him one of the most sought-after artists in the entertainment industry. 17 Jan 2023 Read more

Extreme wraps Season 2 of Bula Sekele with 2 SA dancers claiming top honours
Extreme, the invigorating alcoholic drink that delivers a distinctive apple ale taste and natural kick, recently wrapped its national dance experiential campaign on a high note by crowning two winners as the Extreme Moovahs of Bula Sekele Season 2, who can now jiva to their futures with R150,000 each. 19 Dec 2022 Read more

Extreme x Thobile kaNjinji Ntuli Bula Sekele sneaker collaboration to inspire the nation
Extreme, the invigorating alcoholic drink that delivers a distinctive apple ale taste and natural kick from guarana, is levelling up the positive energy with the Extreme Bula Sekele's collab partnership with creative entrepreneur, Thobile kaNjinji Ntuli, to produce customised Extreme sneakers, to be featured at the second season of the national dance competition as it now moves to the final stages, where Mzansi's hottest undiscovered dance talent will battle for two top spots to jiva to their future. 22 Nov 2022 Read more

Savanna Premium Cider's new campaign says #SiyavannaSA to all the herds of South Ahh
In 2022, we are all finally returning to life as we know it, as we find ourselves back in familiar places with familiar faces. Yes South Ahh, we can herd together again at our favourite watering holes while enjoying our favourite crisp and dry cider, because, after all, #SiyavannaSA. 7 Nov 2022 Read more

Savanna Cider's 500ml cans are welcome anywhere this summer with #NcaTimesCalling
Summertime is finally here, and as we know, South Ahh offers one of the best, if not the best summers. The sun is out, the fun is out, and everyone is itching to make the best of the longer, hotter and sunny days. After two years spent circling the house, the entertainment sector is back in full swing. 2 Nov 2022 Read more

Summer is served with Three Ships Mash Tun and cola
Everyone can use a fresh mix for summer. South Africans have quickly made the boldly inventive, smooth-tasting Three Ships Mash Tun a favourite. Now, as the weather heats up, they're mixing it their way, with a bold new summer go-to: Mash Tun and cola. 21 Oct 2022 Read more

Savanna Premium Cider is crisp and dry with a golden winning streak
Savanna's ongoing winning streak cements its position as South Ahhhh's most popular cider. The brand has had momentous growth in volume, market share and brand equity over the last few years and part of this performance is linked to creative excellence through relevant campaigns that deliver a crisp, witty perspective on life in South Africa. 20 Oct 2022 Read more

Savanna introduces Trevor Noah to the Mzansiverse, straight outta Mzansi
The proverbial comedian is out of the bag - Savanna Premium Cider is bringing Trevor Noah to the homeland from 31 August-15 September 2023. But it has been a minute since this Hollywood superstar spent time in South Ahh, and we know that life here is a movie itself. Similar to the multiverse, but here in South Ahh, it's the Mzansiverse. 11 Oct 2022 Read more

Extreme launches 2nd season of Bula Sekele to get SA talent dancing to their future
Extreme, the invigorating alcoholic drink that delivers a unique, crisp apple ale taste, is back with a new season of their Bula Sekele national dance experiential campaign, aimed at finding the hottest undiscovered dance talent Mzansi has to offer and thereby openingup the circle of opportunity for SA dancers. 7 Oct 2022 Read more

Savanna presents global comedy heavyweight 'Trevor Noah Live in South Africa 2023'
Fellow South Ahh! It's official: the son of Patricia is coming home! Savanna Premium Cider presents global comedy heavyweight, the one and only Trevor Noah, for a long overdue South African tour in Spring 2023. 27 Sep 2022 Read more

Unpacking identity on the Viceroy Vul'Umlomo: Conversations on Culture
Understanding our identity through modern society's cultural lens is critical in our journey to figuring out who we are and what our more significant role is. Viceroy, a brand deeply rooted in local cultural heritage, has set a tone and platform to allow for conversation that reinforces the importance of our roots and allows South Africans to air their views and share their experiences. 21 Sep 2022 Read more

Bernini: Real sparkling spritzer made from wine, showcases the real, natural potential of SA women
Bernini, South Africa's only real sparkling spritzer that is made from wine, is introducing a new campaign in September 2022. The campaign, aimed at sophisticated South African women, will set the brand apart from its competitors as the only popular RTD on the market that is truly made from wine and to show consumers that the Bernini range of 'sparkling spritzers' with the easy ring pull closure is the preferred premium choice for any occasion. 20 Sep 2022 Read more

The House of J.C. Le Roux celebrates new elegant look and raises a glass to SA for recent award wins
J.C. Le Roux, SA's most loved sparkling wine, reveals a premium, elegant new look. At The House of J.C. Le Roux, South Africa's first dedicated sparkling wine cellar, celebrating in style is always just a pop away. J.C. Le Roux believes that it is not only the big occasions that are worthy of celebrating, but also those smaller everyday wins that are just as important to pop a bottle of your favourite bubbly and raise a glass to. Every bottle of J.C. Le Roux, from grape to bubble, is perfectly crafted with a special celebration in mind. 19 Sep 2022 Read more

Nico Efstratiou hailed third-round winner of the Hunter's X Jacquel Culture House
Producer, songwriter and DJ Nico Efstratiou has been announced as the third-round winner of the Hunter's X Jacquel Culture House (JCH) talent incubator on the third episode aired on MTV Base, Tuesday (30 August 2022) evening. 6 Sep 2022 Read more

Positive upliftment of communities with SboNdaba Dance, powered by Extreme
South Africa is a country that loves dancing. We're a nation that believes in expressing ourselves through dance and harnessing the art of dance to triumph over the many challenges we face daily. This is the ethos SboNdaba Dance is based on. 5 Sep 2022 Read more

Show up, glow up, and step up your career with Bernini
Bernini presents the Glow Up Bootcamp 23 Aug 2022 Read more

Savanna Premium Cider shows the value of a laugh #StandUpForYourComedy
In a country where it's cheaper to take a flight to Cape Town than to fill up your petrol tank, Savanna Premium Cider, the most loved cider in the land and the biggest supporter of the local comedy scene, has decided to take comedy to the people instead. So, Savanna's going on tour, a Savanna Comedy Bar Tour, and instead of a barrel full of laughs, it's a bus, full of SA's best comedians, dropping into cities, towns and some really unexpected places all over the country to bring some much deserved laughs because we can all really do with some right now. After all, comedy is a basic human right. It's time to #StandUpForYourComedy. 15 Aug 2022 Read more

Savanna Premium Cider and Comedy Central Africa hit the road to bring comedy to SA #StandUpForYourComedy
South Ahh, we gotta get up, stand up, for our right to laughter because Comedy is a basic human right. That's why the Savanna Comedy Bar is back and not just virtual - live, and coming soon to a town near you. Even you, Ms Kaap-Sche-Hoop. Come on, give us a L.O.L. and you could win an N.F.T. powered by 'lags'. Or have a crisp dry Savanna cider and check us out LIVE, on social media or on Comedy Central and still stand a chance to win. #StandUpForYourComedy 5 Aug 2022 Read more

Celebrate golden friendships with Klipdrift this International Friendship Day
"You can't put it in simple words. You tend to become a little bit more poetic when you speak about the friendship, the camaraderie, and brotherly love - that nothing can come between us." These are the opening words spoken by Biking Bandit, Titi Mashele in Klipdrift's latest Friends with Purpose doccie series. The newest Friends with Purpose installment tells the story of a powerful friendship between three friends that has grown from a shared love of cycling into a movement, as the Biking Bandits take the joy of bike riding to the streets of Soweto. 25 Jul 2022 Read more

Nederburg Baronne on SA's list of top 10 red blends
Baronne's been flexing its well-toned muscles in some of the best red wine company. The 2020 vintage of this Mzanzi favourite has made it onto the just-released top ten list of Winemag's Prescient Signature Red Blend Report for 2022. 19 Jul 2022 Read more

Savanna Premium Cider wins at MAA with Savanna Virtual Comedy
At the Marketing Achievement Awards (MAA), Distell and their agency partner, Grey Advertising Africa, were awarded the Absa Excellence in Marketing Innovation Award and a Nando's Excellence in South African Resonance Award special adjudicator's commendation for the Savanna Virtual Comedy Bar campaigns. 18 Jul 2022 Read more

Durbanville Hills announced as Top 2 Winery in South Africa
At the prestigious 2022 Trophy Wine Show, Durbanville Hills has been named 2nd in the Top 10 list of wine producers. 11 Jul 2022 Read more

Viceroy Vul'Umlomo: Conversations on Culture | Through art
South Africa is predominantly known as a rainbow nation because it is made up of so many diverse cultures and religions. 6 Jul 2022 Read more

Right under your nose - some of the world's best whiskies are made in SA
Whether it's music, art, or food, it's often the case that a South African creation is appreciated beyond our shores before we South Africans sit up, take notice and believe it ourselves. Whisky is no different - after a flood of accolades, South Africans are finally beginning to believe we're home to world-class whiskies. 30 Jun 2022 Read more

Bernini's popular Squadcast series returns with a panel of real, natural, sparkling SA women
Catch the #BerniniSquadcast with Sne Mbatha, Dr Thsidi Gule and Lalla Hirayama. 14 Jun 2022 Read more

Polished Heritage Heroes show Nederburg's new momentum
Nederburg's prestige Heritage Heroes collection has become more focused, says Nederburg cellarmaster, Samuel Viljoen. "In every way, from the liquid to the livery, you'll find a polished precision. The wines are fresher, livelier, and more poised. 8 Jun 2022 Read more

Louder for the people at the back
The People vs Savanna Premium Cider in #CancelCourt #TheAppeal 31 May 2022 Read more

Savanna Cider introduces Gugu - Mzansi's spiciest voice assistant designed to bring Chilled Chilli to the people
Savanna Premium Cider has always prided itself on being one of the most innovative brands in SA. Its latest product innovation, the deliciously crisp and dry Savanna Chilled Chilli with hints of chilli and ginger, is currently taking South African taste buds and timelines by storm. But the innovation doesn't stop there, as Savanna now takes a bold step into the tech and digital AI space and unleashes Gugu, a spicy new voice assistant, on the Savanna cider lovers of South Ahh. 11 May 2022 Read more

Klipdrift Unklipped returns for Season 3
Klipdrift - South Africa's iconic brandy, has announced that its content series, Unklipped, is back for a third season, following successful runs in 2019 and 2020. 28 Apr 2022 Read more

The dawning of a new era for Three Ships Whisky
After a journey of over 19 billion kilometres, 21 revolutions around the sun, and 21 years, the whisky of the millennium, Three Ships Whisky Millennium 21-Year-Old Single Malt, is finally here. 25 Apr 2022 Read more

Extreme Energy launches Bula Sekele - an exciting initiative aimed at uplifting South Africans through the positive power of dance
Extreme Energy, the invigorating alcoholic energy drink with a distinctive apple taste and energy kick, has launched an exciting new initiative called Bula Sekele that aims to uplift aspiring street dancers to become professionals, thereby changing their futures, transforming their lives, and making a positive impact in their communities. 22 Mar 2022 Read more

Savanna Premium Cider is bringing the spice with the new 'Chilled Chilli'
We all know that Savivi is not only the people's most loved cider it's also the most innovative. So the world's spiciest nation is now home to the world's first spicy cider because #SiyavannaSouthAfrica. Don't worry, this easy drinking cider is not too hot or spicy, it's crisp and dry with hints of chilli and ginger. And it's utterly refreshing, in more ways than one. 17 Mar 2022 Read more

Viceroy Vul'Umlomo: Conversations on Culture takes a deep dive into the relationship between money and culture
As South Africans, we regard culture as an essential part of our lives. As we exist in modern society, it's equally important to continuously have conversations on culture to understand the real significance behind our cultural traditions and perceived misconceptions that may arise from certain practices. 11 Mar 2022 Read more

Pongrácz and Amanda du-Pont shake things up
Move over Frank Sinatra - Amanda du-Pont and Pongrácz are here to add some new life to an old favourite. 24 Feb 2022 Read more

Bernini launches #WeAreWomen campaign with brand ambassador Linda Mtoba
The team behind Bernini - SA's much loved and only Natural Sparkling Grape Frìzzante - has recently launched their new #WeAreWomen campaign aimed at driving female empowerment, in partnership with their new brand ambassador, Linda Mtoba, and a squad of South African Glow Getters. 15 Feb 2022 Read more

The people vs Savanna Premium Cider in #CancelCourt - you won't believe what happens next...
Savanna fans have recently found it harder to get their hands on their favourite, premium, crisp and dry cider brand due to a global supply chain crisis compounded by shipping delays. The enormous love and support from South Africans resulted in a situation where the brand doubled in size in the last twelve months, creating significant pressure on demand and supply. Savanna continued to work around the clock to produce and supply millions of litres of the iconic cider to customers and consumers each week, but some fans still noticed their brand selling out fast and missing from fridges and shelves. 8 Feb 2022 Read more

World top 12 Sauvignon Blanc accolade for Durbanville Hills
Durbanville Hills' The Tangram White Blend 2018 has been awarded as one of the world's 12 top-scoring wines at the 2021's Global Sauvignon Blanc Masters hosted by The Drinks Business. 4 Feb 2022 Read more

The squad is glowing up! Bernini welcomes Linda Mtoba as 2022 brand ambassador
The team behind Bernini - SA's much loved and only Natural Sparkling Grape Frìzzante - has recently announced their brand ambassador - leading actress, social media personality and style icon, Linda Mtoba. 17 Dec 2021 Read more

SA first: Whisky made to music
In a first for South Africa two creatives have collaborated in creating a one-of-a-kind sonically matured whisky, pushing the boundaries of whisky innovation and #WhiskyRemastered. 10 Dec 2021 Read more

New wine range encapsulates the vibrancy of Cape Town
Inspired by the city of Cape Town's vibrancy, the new Cape Portrait range from Durbanville Hills captures the sensorial melting pot of the city and its people. 8 Dec 2021 Read more

Savanna Premium Cider harnesses SA's most abundant natural resource to provide real shade for summer! #TwirraShadeProject
Savanna Premium Crisp and Dry Cider is at it again, tapping into South African culture because, Siyavanna SA! It's no secret that South Africans have zero chill - no chill on the streets and especially on Twitter. Twitter shade is so abundant in our land, that Savanna has used it as a natural resource and turned that shade into something useful and positive in an unexpected way - real shade to provide relief from the hot African sun this Summer. Which coincidentally also has zero chill bathong! 7 Dec 2021 Read more

New Klipdrift doccie series launches 'Friends with Purpose'
When it comes to friendship, Klipdrift has struck gold. They've searched the land to bring us stories of friendships that lift the heart and uplift communities. Klipdrift Friends with Purpose will highlight real South African friendships that go beyond the ordinary - they'll show friends whose bonds have deepened as they've found a common purpose. 6 Dec 2021 Read more

Esprit leads in consumer product innovation for 2021
The South African consumer landscape is demanding and forever changing. Esprit, the brand behind the delicious range of fruity ready-to-drink flavoured alcoholic beverages, is one of NielsenIQ BASES Top Breakthrough Innovation 2021 award winners. 3 Dec 2021 Read more

Three Ships Whisky launches 6th annual limited-edition Master's Collection ahead of the festive season
The 12YO Double Wood Blend - A thing of rare beauty, uncovered 2 Dec 2021 Read more

J.C. Le Roux reveals sophisticated new look for the Nectar range and celebrates with Dineo Langa as face of the campaign
The House of J.C. Le Roux, South Africa's first dedicated sparkling wine cellar, is excited to reveal an elegantly beautiful new look for their premium Nectar range and equally thrilled to be celebrating Nectar's new look with the fabulous Dineo Langa, J.C. Le Roux's newly appointed ambassador, as the face of the campaign. 1 Dec 2021 Read more

Enjoy a dreamy, carefree summer with Amarula
Finally, the days are getting longer, warmer and cicadas are filling the early evening air with their song. Time to start winding down and looking forward to a long-awaited summer spent with friends and family. Weekends are rich with opportunity and a long break over the festive season is within reach, during which Amarula is the perfect companion for a little carefree indulgence to brighten every day. 29 Nov 2021 Read more

Viceroy promotes cultural learning with Conversations on Culture sessions
As people, we've always been guided by our culture. It has been our compass for where we need to go and shone a light on where we're from. South Africa is well-known for its diversity, and we are considered a melting pot of ethnic and cultural diversity. 25 Nov 2021 Read more

Nederburg brings you local cuisine like you've never seen
Take a pinch of Chef's Table, add a dash of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown, then a large helping of Mzansi magic, and you have the quintessential ingredients for a show like no other. 25 Nov 2021 Read more

Hunter's set to refresh SA's music industry with #MusicNeedsYou concert
It's been almost two years since the global Covid-19 pandemic started in South Africa and like many other countries, South Africa also had to implement strategies to curb the spread of the disease. Lockdown has meant many things such as mask-wearing, social distancing and no more live events. In the beginning, it was novel and quite enjoyable to watch concerts, shows and performances from the comfort of your home but digital fatigue is hitting hard. 4 Nov 2021 Read more

Nederburg's Double Barrel Reserve reflects detail and imagination
"Never underestimate the power of a simple detail. It can transform even the excellent into the exceptional," says Niël Groenewald, MD of Nederburg. "Ask anyone who treasures their craft, who works fully with their hands, heart and mind, and they will tell you the same." 27 Oct 2021 Read more

Inventive new campaign launches a bold new drink
Everything about the new Three Ships Mash Tun is inventive - even the marketing campaign that promotes it. "For a drink that's set to shake up the traditional whisky category, only an ad campaign that's bold and inventive itself will do," says brand manager Nicole Hewitt. 26 Oct 2021 Read more

Siyavanna SA - thank you for the love! Ska wara, we're working hard not to let you go dry!
South Africa's most popular premium cider, Savanna is currently in a situation every brand would love and hate to be in simultaneously. The enormous love and support from South Africans has resulted in a situation where the brand has doubled in size in the last twelve months, creating significant pressure on demand and supply. Some fans have been noticing their brand selling out fast and missing from fridges and shelves in their search for their favourite cider. 24 Oct 2021 Read more

4th Street Wines launches Sweet Late Harvest for the ultimate chill
New 4th Street Sweet Late Harvest bag-in-box is best served chilled and bursts with sweet natural flavours that are versatile enough for fun wine cocktails at any chilled occasion with your closest crew. 22 Oct 2021 Read more

Bernini dials up the glow with a stylish new look and easy opening cap
Bernini - SA's much loved real natural sparkling grape frìzzante - reveals a premium, sophisticated new look and easy-open cap, offering glow getters the chance to step up and enjoy the frìzzante they've always loved, with even more convenience and style. 19 Oct 2021 Read more

Live on the light side with Vawter Hard Seltzer and embrace all sides of yourself
Vawter Hard Seltzer is the exciting new product launched earlier this year by Distell, the market leading innovators in the ready-to-drink category in South Africa. Vawter Hard Seltzer is a unique range of spirit coolers: vodka and sparkling water with natural fruit flavours that is lower in sugar and alcohol content, allowing consumers to fully embrace the many different sides of themselves - the side that wants to flow on the dance floor, the side that wants to flow on the yoga mat, the side that wants to work like a boss, the side that wants to workout like a boss. With Vawter Hard Seltzer, you can live life light and do it all. 13 Oct 2021 Read more

Savanna helps SA with their umjolo woes
With social distancing, lockdown, and mask-wearing times approaching the two-year mark, it came to Savanna Premium Cider's attention that while people have been growing their sweatpants and slipper collection, they have also let their umjolo 'dating' game slide. Umjolo is facing a serious pandemic with no way to 'jola' (get to know each other) properly. We have to wear our masks to stay safe and respect the curfew which could limit those kissing moments and the sharing of love - face-to-face. 6 Oct 2021 Read more

Bernini partners with OneVoice South Africa to empower over 1000 women in SA to succeed in the workplace
South Africa has recorded the highest levels of unemployment to date - and the female unemployment rate remains far higher than that of men. During Q1 2020 and Q1 2021, Statistics South Africa found that more than four in every ten young South African women were not only unemployed, but lacked education or training. A closer look reveals how a lack of soft skills needed to get and keep a job, are among the major obstacles to employment and entrepreneurship. 22 Sep 2021 Read more

Major League DJz action-filled lives fuelled by Extreme Energy's new Non-Alcoholic variant
Major League DJz are heavyweights on the SA music scene, and Junior King is one of the hottest next gen dancers in the industry. They recently partnered with Extreme Energy's new Non-Alcoholic variant to bring fans a behind-the-scenes look at their fast-paced lives. 21 Sep 2021 Read more

Extreme Energy's new House and Soul sensory music variants are a world first innovation
Extreme Energy has firmly established itself as a brand at the forefront of the latest global drinks' innovation. With the launch of the groundbreaking Extreme House and Extreme Soul sensory music variants - a world-first-of-its-kind innovation - this unstoppable brand connects with Mzansi's popular urban music culture. 17 Sep 2021 Read more

Savanna Light - It's not that heavy
Savanna Cider is known for its crisp, witty perspective on daily life in sunny South Africa, and offers a range of premium dry ciders designed to quench any thirst at any occasion. Savanna was the first cider to launch a Light variant as the ultimate choice for a refreshing alcoholic beverage on the lighter side. Light in alcohol, at a 3% alcohol level, Savanna Light has been enjoyed by men and women across South Africa since 2000 - #SiyavannaSouthAfrica. 10 Sep 2021 Read more

Nederburg offers helping hand to restaurants and wait staff
Nederburg Wines is spending close to R1m to encourage diners to return to their favourite licenced eateries in a campaign primarily designed to boost the beleaguered restaurant sector. 9 Sep 2021 Read more

Moonchild serves a dash of madness with creatives
There is method to the madness, so goes the adage. A new TV show hosted by the colourful and irreverent Moonchild Sanelly zooms in on the lives of South Africa's most prolific artists and entertainers with the premise of peeling off the layers to get to the madness that drives creatives who see the world differently. 9 Sep 2021 Read more

Three Ships Mash Tun - a smooth-tasting, bold new invention
From a South African distillery famous for innovation, and globally awarded for its top quality whiskies, comes a bold new invention. Three Ships Mash Tun is a smooth new taste, born in the heart of the James Sedgwick Distillery. 3 Sep 2021 Read more

Klipdrift leads the way with zero sugar spirit cooler - Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar
South Africa's favourite brandy has its finger on the pulse of consumer lifestyle trends - that's the motivation behind the new Klipdrift & Cola Zero Sugar 23 Aug 2021 Read more

Durbanville Hills launches lower alcohol wine range
Keeping in trend with the global shift towards a more mindful lifestyle, Durbanville Hills has launched a new light range that is lower in alcohol and calories. 11 Aug 2021 Read more

Bernini steps up female empowerment with a new platform and host for The Squadcast
The team behind Bernini - SA's only real Natural Sparkling Grape Frizzantè - is back with The Squadcast - a platform for open, honest conversation with confident, empowered women who live life with style, strength, flair and purpose. These phenomenal women will share their experiences along with valuable advice for women. 6 Aug 2021 Read more

Bain's re-greens Jozi City Centre!
Despite Johannesburg being known as the concrete jungle of Africa, the city is encouraging greener living for its citizens with a number of initiatives and environmental projects. The proudly South African Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky, and twice awarded as the World's Best Grain Whisky, has joined the movement by creating the Bain's Urban Forest in the heart of Johannesburg at the Modderfontein Nature Reserve. 28 Jun 2021 Read more

Savanna Premium Cider flexes its muscles by bringing home 2 International Cannes Lions Awards
The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity awards marketing and creative teams from around the world for work that creates meaningful connections with consumers in a radically disrupted world. Distell's premium cider brand Savanna has won two coveted Bronze Cannes Lions awards amongst a handful of other South African winners. 28 Jun 2021 Read more

SA market welcomes the arrival of Vawter Hard Seltzer
Distell launches first low calorie, ABV scale hard seltzer in Africa in line with global drinks trends. 4 Jun 2021 Read more

Hunter's continues to refresh SA this World Cider Day
Worldwide, 3 June is known as World Cider Day. A day for all cider fans to declare their love for this popular drink available in a wide variety of apple cider. 3 Jun 2021 Read more

Extreme Energy launches premium non-alcoholic variant to help you keep the pace - no matter what
Extreme Energy is in tune with the lifestyle of its active unisex consumers. This is the impetus behind the launch of the exciting new Extreme Energy non-alcoholic variant. 2 Jun 2021 Read more

Savanna and Comedy Central Africa continue to show their unwavering support for SA's comedic talent
Safta-nominated Comedy Central Live at the Savanna Virtual Comedy Bar renewed for another season starring Tumi Morake, Nina Hastie, Trevor Gumbi, Tyson Ngubeni and many more... 10 May 2021 Read more

Savanna Cider resolute in promotion of responsible consumption
As we navigate the new world we find ourselves in, Savanna remains focused on supporting and uplifting South Africans through numerous campaigns and lively social media activity. During this challenging time, we understand the need to savour every moment and live jubilantly and as such we have intentionally endeavoured to create content that entertains and proactively drives responsible messaging to you, our much loved consumers. 10 May 2021 Read more