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Complainants get R386m back in insurance payouts
The Ombudsman for Long-term Insurance (OLTI) and the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance (OSTI) have published their last joint annual report for 2023, as they have now been incorporated into the National Financial Ombud Scheme South Africa (NFO). 1 Jul 2024 Read more

Education 30 years after 1994 requires a significant shakeup
On May 29, South Africa held one of the most pivotal elections in the country's democratic history. As politicians diligently work to find common ground and make the Government of National Unity function, there is a palpable concern about the future of some of the country's most crucial sectors. 26 Jun 2024 Read more

A bevy of South African artists will ascend on Clarens for the annual Clarens Arts Festival
What should we call a group of top visual artists? A "bevy", a block, a bond, or an ensemble? We believe the most fitting term is simply "the Clarens Arts Festival". Join us from 1 May to 5 May in Clarens, Free State, for this spectacular gathering. 2 May 2024 Read more

South Africa needs to accelerate its focus when it comes to addressing mental health issues
International World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April. This year’s celebration comes at a time when many health systems worldwide are looking for ways to address capacity issues and funding for essential services. Mental health is becoming a growing focal point, with many asking if enough is being done to address the issue appropriately. 3 Apr 2024 Read more

Defining future value will require higher education institutions to step out of their comfort zones
Higher education institutions worldwide are currently facing a critical period in their existence. They have to redefine their value proposition to a cohort of students who are not only digital natives but have grown up in an environment where the pace of technological change is quicker than ever before while trying to maintain the core values, principles, and practices that have served them well for centuries. 19 Mar 2024 Read more

Hope is on the horizon despite South Africa’s economic challenges
The nation's eyes and ears will be focused on Cape Town today as Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana presents the 2024 National Budget. 22 Feb 2024 Read more

We need to mirror the pace of technological change by sharpening our tech skills
With only a few weeks left in 2023, South Africans have endured another challenging year. It is anticipated that 2024 will be equally challenging; however, technological advances provide some hope for new opportunities. 8 Dec 2023 Read more

Animation School selects Honoris as its partner for expansion
The television entertainment sector in South Africa is undergoing a digital revolution, with streaming services such as Showmax, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ disrupting the traditional business model South Africans have used for many years. 24 Nov 2023 Read more

Stay ahead of the game using PPI to maximise savings this Black Friday
Even though there is a continuous narrative that South African consumers are facing a tough economic environment, and that discretionary spending is under pressure, annual Black Friday sales are steadily increasing. 22 Nov 2023 Read more

Cyber risks could derail the adoption of the Production Possibility Frontier
Plenty of literature has been written about the challenges facing the South African economy and the fact that there are no immediate solutions to fast-track economic growth. 9 Nov 2023 Read more

The superpower of teachers could change the South African education narrative
World Teachers Day is celebrated on 5 October and pays homage to the teachers who have made a difference and continue to make a difference in the lives of many learners and communities. 3 Oct 2023 Read more

MANCOSA looks to address the AI skills shortage as it offers a South African first
In line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the movement from localised job markets to a global job market, technology is having a significant influence on the future world of work, with artificial intelligence taking centre stage when it comes to automating business processes. 14 Sep 2023 Read more

Local knowledge is a value differentiator in the PR world
The recently held Brics Summit caused waves in the West when Chinese President Xi Jinping encouraged summit participants to increase trade in their own currencies and to move away from the US dollar. 13 Sep 2023 Read more

Mancosa shows its value as the South African tertiary education landscape navigates a value debate
The South African tertiary education system is currently the subject of significant scrutiny, with the future value proposition offered by its tertiary education providers taking centre stage in many household debates and family discussions. 30 Aug 2023 Read more

Threads will add significant value to PR
Four university students, one of whom was Mark Zuckerberg, changed the world of communication in 2004 when they launched Facebook. The platform quickly grew into the largest social media network in the world with close to three billion users as of 2021 - half of which access their account on a daily basis. 30 Aug 2023 Read more

The NHI could make South Africa a leader in digitised healthcare
Government passed the National Health Insurance (NHI) Act on 13 June 2023 and has since received plenty of opinions from various sources on how the ambitious public healthcare system should be run once it is fully implemented. 10 Aug 2023 Read more

PR still remains relevant in a digital world
Since the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution in 2015, digitalisation has grown to be one of the most powerful platforms for companies to do business. You are effectively losing business if you do not have an attractive and informative website. 25 Jul 2023 Read more

Whistleblowing in South Africa: Protecting a vulnerable watchdog
Every society is built around the rule of law and adherence to that law. However, the custodians of the law (police and lawmakers) can't be present in every instance where there is a breach of legal and ethical behaviour. Citizens must be equally invested in being law-abiding citizens and exposing instances where questionable behaviour occurs. 17 Jul 2023 Read more

From the sage on the stage to the guide on the side
Generative AI, and technology's increased role in our daily lives, have been important narratives influencing societal development for the past ten years. However, it has been the events of the past three years, which have been shaped by a global health pandemic, that has increased the importance of this narrative. The education sector was hit hard by Covid and is now feeling the impact of accelerated digitalisation. 14 Jun 2023 Read more

Mancosa believes that a skills-first approach can significantly increase relevance and profitability
Many companies around the world are facing an operating environment where profits are under pressure, and the need to focus on an increased return on investment become vital to the company's future survival. To address this effectively, many companies are looking to improve their focus on skills development which will address these challenges rapidly and appropriately. 8 Jun 2023 Read more

Battered and bruised, the management of global healthcare systems is reeling
The Covid-19 pandemic exposed the fragility of the South African healthcare system at a time when global health crises exert a greater level of influence on the pressures felt by these systems. 7 Jun 2023 Read more

Honoris Career Centre hopes to address the growing unemployment crisis
South Africa's unemployment rate in the first quarter of 2023 was 32,9%. This places South Africa among the highest in the world and puts the gravity of the unemployment crisis into sharp perspective. 2 Jun 2023 Read more

Mancosa teams up with East Coast Radio to build the legacy of future business leaders
The South African business environment is currently facing significant disruption. Not only is inflation a significant problem, companies also need to contend with load shedding and the impact that it is having on their business. 25 May 2023 Read more

Mancosa aims to enhance entrepreneurship through its Ignite Programme
Throughout history, South Africa has been home to some of the African continent's most prominent and innovative entrepreneurs. 24 May 2023 Read more

Insurance ombuds are future fit to tackle post-Covid era
With the lifting of the dark clouds of the Covid-19 pandemic, the ombudsman for long-term insurance (OLTI) and the ombudsman for short-term insurance (OSTI) are looking ahead and planning with optimism. 24 May 2023 Read more

Fraud remains a big problem for banking customers
Although banks appear to be making greater efforts to resolve some types of consumer disputes internally, banking fraud related to current accounts and internet banking remains high on the list of complaints to the Ombud for Banking Services South Africa (OBS). Two other categories of complaints, while still relatively low but on the Ombud's radar, are delays in finalising deceased estates and the collection of debt that has prescribed, or expired. Meanwhile, the OBS managed to recover more than R30m for consumers last year, about R10m more than in 2021. 17 May 2023 Read more

Excitement builds ahead of the Mancosa mid-year graduation ceremonies
As we approach the second half of the year, the excitement starts to build up at tertiary institutions as they prepare for their mid-year graduation ceremonies. 12 May 2023 Read more

SAFPS to launch a groundbreaking platform to combat fraud
Traditionally, South Africa has been a popular country among fraudsters looking for every opportunity to try and find their next victim. Statistics from the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) point out that there was a 600% increase in incidents reported by their members in 2022 when compared to 2018. 10 May 2023 Read more

Mancosa leading the quality agenda in tertiary education
Tertiary education providers throughout the world are faced with the challenge of assessing the quality of the education solutions that they provide in a post-Covid environment. 20 Feb 2023 Read more

Honoris receives key award as future technologies take centre stage
Global education has faced significant disruption over the past three years with a majority of students and learners forced to transition from in class to distance learning. In this paradigm, many learners were expected to manage their workload for the first time while coming to terms with challenges such as time management, self-guidance and the lack of a teacher or guidance councillor to help them manage their emotional wellbeing which is a challenge that is often overlooked in distance learning. 8 Feb 2023 Read more

The future of work is greatly influencing the future of tertiary education
The way in which we work, and the future of work, is facing significant disruption that is being shaped by technology and the innovative growth of artificial intelligence. 19 Jan 2023 Read more

How do we take ownership of the national education agenda?
Since the democratisation of South Africa in 1994, significant strides have been made to address the South African education system so that it addressed the legacy challenges that it faced from Apartheid. 18 Jan 2023 Read more

Ignore the Consumer Protection Act at your peril
The Consumer Protection Act (68 of 2008) was launched in 2008 and provides South Africans with key protections against the ambiguous wording and vague language traditionally associated with some contracts and professional literature. With many of these documents leaving South Africans in a vulnerable position where they were forced to stay ignorant in spite of their real commitments. 18 Jan 2023 Read more

Universities can play a major role in addressing SMME longevity
When asked about recognisable companies, many of us would naturally gravitate to massive global brands such as Apple and Microsoft or brands that have become popular through movies and television such as Walmart, Tiffany's and Harrods. Locally, brands such as Anglo American and African Rainbow Minerals come to mind. Not only are these brands significant in that they receive a lot of media attention, but they are also significant because they are major economic drivers of the countries that they are located in. Mining has been the cornerstone of the South African economy since 1800s and the tech boom in the US saw the significant rise of Apple and Microsoft who are now major employers. 19 Dec 2022 Read more

Increased connectivity will help diversify the South African economy
Over the past 10 years, South Africa has been dealing with an economic and growing unemployment crisis that has placed the country in a dire situation. 19 Dec 2022 Read more

Social engineering and social media scams highlighted as major risks this Fraud Awareness Week
Over the years, social media has become such a significant part of our lives that 56% of the world's population has a social media presence of some description. 16 Nov 2022 Read more

Make sure you are really saving this Black Friday
Like many countries around the world, South Africa has adopted the concept of Black Friday, with the annual sale being one of the highlights of the year from a retail perspective. 16 Nov 2022 Read more

Disrupted students make ideal 21st century teachers
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela 8 Nov 2022 Read more

Trends in global healthcare shifts the focus to innovative skills development
Over the past two years, global healthcare systems have faced significant disruption and strain due to the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, the skills and dedication of nurses and doctors - as frontline workers - have been highlighted. 3 Nov 2022 Read more

Fraudsters threaten to turn festive season cheer to festive season frustration
With the festive season fast approaching, South Africa has been slowly aligning itself with the rest of the world in heralding the start of the festive season shopping spree with its Black Friday shopping event. 26 Oct 2022 Read more

Chef Mbombi adopts Maps Maponyane!
South Africans are known for our love of food. We are a nation of eaters, often using mouth-watering dishes as a love language that we share with those closest to our hearts. 21 Jan 2022 Read more

Another data breach rocks South Africa as details of 1.4 million South Africans gets leaked
We are currently living in a world that is being driven by technology. It is very rare to find any aspect of our daily lives that is not impacted by technology. 7 Oct 2021 Read more

Ceres invests in a sustainable future by contributing to plastic waste reduction efforts
Today, Ceres Fruit Juices announced the introduction of an initiative aimed at reducing plastic waste and has invited Craig Foster, award winning producer of the documentary: My Octopus Teacher, to participate in a roundtable highlighting the impact of plastic waste on the marine environment. 22 Sep 2021 Read more

A challenging, risk-driven environment awaits us
As many parts of the world deal with the third wave of Covid-19 infections, there are growing concerns that South Africa may face harsher lockdown measures in the future as the country ramps up its vaccine roll-out programme. 19 May 2021 Read more

Work of Insurance Ombud's offices continued despite Covid-19 disruption: Complainants compensated R300m
While the Covid-19 pandemic caused disruption in the handling of insurance complaints, the offices of the Short-term and Long-term Insurance Ombudsman managed to perform in accordance with their mandates. 18 May 2021 Read more

2020 annual report press release: Successfully navigating a challenging year
It is no longer strange to hear from business that 2020 was an exceptional year. For some, it was exceptionally bad and led to unbelievable hardships. For others, it turned into an exceptionally busy year. The Ombudsman for Banking Services (OBS), Reana Steyn, points out that the OBS had a busy year. 14 May 2021 Read more

Prevention is better than a cure!
The world is currently experiencing one of the worst health pandemics since the Spanish Flu in 1918. Not only has this had an impact on the health infrastructure of many countries, but it has resulted in economic turbulence in many markets with the looming potential of a global economic downturn if recovery efforts are not speedily implemented. 25 Nov 2020 Read more

The OBS celebrates excellence at its 2020 Awards
The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. - Ernest Hemingway

We are living in a world that is in a constant state of disruption. In this world, trust becomes a vital component of any relationship. 24 Nov 2020 Read more

Driving change and encouraging unity
As South Africa looks forward to returning to a sense of normality after spending months trying to come to terms with Covid-19 and our new normal, we all feel a desperate need for healing and human connection. It is a time where we need leaders to take a stand and bring the country together focusing us on a common purpose. 12 Nov 2020 Read more

Celebrating 50 years of guaranteed freshness!
For 50 years, Albany Bakeries has been a staple in South African homes bringing smiles to lunch boxes, comfort to pregnancy cravings, sustenance to those late-night snacks, peace-of-mind to wives, mothers and grandmothers, and joy to the heart of every South African. 20 Aug 2020 Read more

Covid-19 is the push we need to embrace the Gig Economy
Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the world. 25 Jun 2020 Read more

Mobax secures partnership with Jarana
As South Africa moves ahead to becoming a major player in the gig economy, a lot of challenges need to be addressed when it comes to the telecommunications industry that will enable this vision and put the country on the global map 14 Apr 2020 Read more

Mobax signs key agreement with Radwin as South Africa looks towards the gig economy
Mobax has recently signed a key partnership agreement with Radwin to roll out Radwin's comprehensive portfolio of Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point wireless broadband solutions to its extensive base of telecommunication network operators and corporate clients. 30 Mar 2020 Read more

Ceres to launch new 200ml packaging for modern lifestyle convenience
Ceres, the innovative fruit-juice brand will launch new packaging in March 2020 to meet the changing demands of the South African consumer lifestyle. 9 Mar 2020 Read more

Albany launches innovative tamperproof packaging for consumer peace of mind
Albany has launched tamperproof packaging to ensure consumers get peace of mind when making their bread purchase. 21 Nov 2019 Read more

Albany Bakery prints student's winning bread packaging design to celebrate Heritage Month
To celebrate South Africa's rich history of art and food this Heritage Month, Albany Bakeries will print a young South African artist's winning design on the packaging of millions of loaves of its Albany Superior White and Albany Superior Brown bread during September. 6 Sep 2019 Read more

Tinkies, much loved by tweens, launches Half&Half with an exciting campaign
Tweens. "They're a generation of digital natives who have never known a world without the internet or social media." This is how Aaron Paquette writing in the The Marketing Insider October 2018, describes them. 21 May 2019 Read more

Tastic Rice to partner with global organisation Rise Against Hunger to pack 5 million meals in 2019
World Food Day commemorates the launch of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The day aims to raise awareness about food scarcity and hunger with events that are held in over 150 countries around the world. 17 Oct 2018 Read more

Tiger Brands and world-famous artist come together for Heritage Day celebrations
Three of South Africa's most-loved icons and brands will come together for Heritage Day celebrations in a unique and inspiring concept that links art and food in South African heritage. 19 Sep 2018 Read more