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Share in the sharing economy on Biz
The sharing economy is a term for new economic models whereby goods and services are shared in collaborative ways to enable more benefits and profit for individuals or groups. 28 Feb 2024 Read more

Experience the 6X’s of event sponsorship on Biz
Bizcommunity is proud to be a media partner to selected industry and association events with relationships nurtured over decades. As the annual events calendar for 2024 fills up, claim your presence with Biz Event Sponsorship packages. 26 Feb 2024 Read more

2023 it’s a wrap: Bizcommunity thanks you for being part of our community for another year
Thank you for being part of our community for another year, for giving your best to your industry and making your Bizcom proud! 18 Dec 2023 Read more

#BizTrends2024: Multi-platform, multi-industry, multimedia reports
This coming January 2024 will see Bizcommunity editors plugging into the collective intelligence of our business communities to share BizTrends Reports from 100s of industry thought leaders across 19 sectors via our platforms! 27 Nov 2023 Read more

#BizTrends2024: Best value content sponsorship in the multiverse
Whether your intelligence is biological, artificial or simulated, we invite you to fire up your neural pathways for the 2024 season of BizTrends! Networks will be abuzz as we once again invite industry thought leaders across 19 industries to look to the future. 2 Oct 2023 Read more

#BizTrends2024: Sponsorships officially open for business
BizTrends2024 is officially open for business, and we invite you to join your neural networks to ours, as we proudly announce the launch of #BizTrends2024! 31 Aug 2023 Read more

Marketers, #DoMore celebrating and collaborating on Biz
It's the third quarter of 2023 already, the time of year when the advertising, marketing and media communities of South Africa, Africa and the Middle East dust off their sequins to shine in the forthcoming season of creative and marketing industry awards and events. 19 Jul 2023 Read more

#DoMore and #GetMore: The full Biz Sponsorship menu
Make your selection from the full menu of Biz Sponsorships - where your sponsorship aligns with your brand purpose, among like-minded business audiences and issues in your sector. Biz Sponsorships ensure your brand a seat at the table, at the centre of companies and people, in the heart of your chosen industry, in the heart of your business community! 29 May 2023 Read more

Bizcommunity and #MEX to mine the SA creative economy
Readers and advertisers can expect big names, big deals and big opportunities as Bizcommunity and Music Exchange #MEX present exclusive features mining the creative economy. The regular weekly column puts the spotlight on the South African entertainment economy, with content that educates, enables and connects more players in the industry to value and leverage opportunities in the music and entertainment economy.
 11 May 2023 Read more

Marketers, we love what you're doing... now you can #DoMore with sponsorship
Bizcommunity Sponsorships allow a number of options for brands to associate and align their values with a positive snapshot of business confidence in our region.
 2 May 2023 Read more

What's PR got to do with it?
Public. Relations. To paraphrase the old Tina Turner song. What's PR got to do with it? 13 Mar 2023 Read more

Marketers, we love what you're doing... now you can #DoMore on Biz
Marketers - we have audiences, media channels, budgets, societal influence, what more could we ask for? 21 Feb 2023 Read more

2023 the year of BIG IMPACT now launching
Welcome to 2023, the year that rhymes with 20 Plenty Three! Here's hoping for a year of abundance for us all! 9 Jan 2023 Read more

Big impact for BizTrends2023!
We are thrilled to share that the campaign for BizTrends2023 has been announced with the theme BizTrends2023: BIG IMPACT! 1 Nov 2022 Read more

Be ahead of the game
The last trading quarter is an ideal time for business owners to look towards an end of year game. Here are eight things that business owners can do to carry them over the 2022 finish line into 2023. 15 Sep 2022 Read more

August 2022 marks 21 years of Bizcommunity!
This August we take a moment to thank each and every one of you - partners, publishers, advertisers, recruiters and readers, who have entrusted us with 21 years of your industry news. 29 Aug 2022 Read more

Biz Most Read Award winners July 2022
This month's coronations go to the following contributors whose proud announcements were among the most-read press releases published via Bizcommunity's Press Office newsrooms in July 2022. 1 Aug 2022 Read more

Biz Most Read Award winners June 2022
This month congratulations and coronations go to the following contributors whose fresh, relevant content was among the most-read press releases published via Bizcommunity's Press Office newsrooms in June 2022. 1 Jul 2022 Read more

Why July is Media Month on the media's media
Mid-year sees so many activations and accolades, that we've proclaimed July as Media Month on the 'media's media' on Biz. 29 Jun 2022 Read more

Biz Most Read Award winners May 2022
Following last month's inaugural Biz Most Read Awards, coronations to the following top three most read company press releases as published via Bizcommunity's Press Office newsrooms in May 2022. 1 Jun 2022 Read more

Game of thrones: Why content is king, but context is queen
If content is king, context, or the circumstance in which the audience will see your content, is definitely queen. 25 May 2022 Read more

Reach 280,000 business readers across Africa
As post pandemic travel markets open up, South Africa and Africa offer unlimited attractions and experiences for the global leisure and corporate travel market... 12 May 2022 Read more

Biz Most Read Award winners April 2022
Publishing in the business-to-business media often results in impressively amplified impressions for company news and views. 3 May 2022 Read more

Afrophiles make big impressions in #AfricaMonth, #YouthMonth
Afrophiles get ready this quarter for a celebration of the individuals, organisations and brands keeping panAfrican business excellence on the global radar. 13 Apr 2022 Read more

Bizcommunity main media partner of Prism Awards 2022
Following the announcement by the Prism Awards (the Prisms) coordinating committee that an in-person winners' event is scheduled to take place as an executive breakfast on 15 July, 2022, Bizcommunity is delighted to confirm it is the main media partnership to the Awards event. 13 Apr 2022 Read more

Reach 280,000 business readers across Africa
As post pandemic travel markets open up, South Africa and Africa offer unlimited attractions and experiences for the global leisure and corporate travel market. 12 Apr 2022 Read more

Put your best face forward in the media
The term 'persona' is attributed to Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, referring to an individual's 'social facade' or 'face presented to the world which reflects the role in life that the individual is playing and makes a definite impression upon others'. 30 Mar 2022 Read more

Biz 'ready-to-wear' Content Features
Want to take the pressure off your content creation, but still enjoy top-story exposure? 17 Mar 2022 Read more

Plan your new financial year resolutions
Wishing our biz communities a happy financial year end and a prosperous year ahead! 10 Mar 2022 Read more

4 kinds of sharing to increase market share
Share-of-mind-awareness, also known as top-of-mind awareness, is a traditional marketing measure of how memorable a company or brand name is in the minds of consumers, with the ultimate goal being the first brand that people think of in a category or niche. 17 Feb 2022 Read more

What to expect from BizTrends 02.02.2022
As the excitement builds up to the launch of BizTrends 2022, we get behind the speakers confirmed to share their vision of the future via specialised trend forecasting and analysis techniques at BizTrends 02.02.2022 event, an afternoon trend intensive scheduled to take place online Wednesday, 2 February 2022, from 1-5.30pm. 31 Jan 2022 Read more

#FestiveTogether: Joining in wishing you all a blessed festive season
This festive season we take a moment to reflect on how privileged we have been to represent and serve our dynamic, creative business communities for another year! 15 Dec 2021 Read more

Reasons to be #FestiveTogether
As we head towards the festive season after yet another year of changes and challenges for SA business in the time of pandemic, we reflect that despite another tough year, there are always reasons to celebrate. Whether you're celebrating life, your achievements or those of others who've inspired and led, given, contributed or stood up to be counted in 2021. 7 Dec 2021 Read more

Is brand storytelling telling the whole story?
While the status and stats of content marketing continue to shift, an overview of the year in B2B publishing may help to further clarify its context and potential. 25 Nov 2021 Read more

Where your backstory is a front page story
We've seen your agency, your client brands, your production companies, on the awards tables, but we're curious to know more... 10 Nov 2021 Read more

Meet the speakers for BizTrends 02.02.2022 - Booking opens
BizTrends 02.02.2022 will be a showcase for some of South Africa's leading trend practitioners who will share their specialised trend forecasting and analysis techniques on a broad range of trends impacting business in our region. 2 Nov 2021 Read more

Align your brand with cutting edge trends
Now in its 17th year, Bizcommunity's BizTrends is a highlight of the business calendar, a go-to source for South African, panAfrican and global business trends. The month-long celebration of trend contributions from 100's of South Africa's most influential trend spotters, forecasters and analysts across 19 industry sectors, comprises some of Bizcommunity's annual most read content. Daily curated trends feeds throughout January each year culminate in the annual BizTrends thought-leader event. 20 Sep 2021 Read more

You plan your event, we'll promote it to the right business audience!
For event planners and business event organisers, the recent proliferation of online events and webinars has created access to potentially broader geographic and demographic audiences than ever before, while increasing the need for events to be top-of-mind to attract the right responses and registrations. 6 Sep 2021 Read more

#PRaisethePR: Conversations with leading PR voices
From September, we're inviting PR practitioners, marketers and advertisers to join us in praise of the PR, an exclusive exposé with leading voices in PR, by Biz Marketing & Media editors. 30 Aug 2021 Read more

Bizcommunity - connecting communities for 20 years
This August, Bizcommunity celebrates 20 years at the forefront of business-to-business publishing in South Africa. 19 Aug 2021 Read more

August #WomensMonth made possible by the Intercare Group
Inviting your nominations of inspiring women to be featured in our exclusive August Women's Month interview series. 20 Jul 2021 Read more

Cannes Trend Talks 2021 Official Programme released
In 'the year that changed everything', understanding creative trends is key to planning success. 13 Jul 2021 Read more

#MandelaDay2021: Call to action
This Mandela Month, you can align your company or brand with worthy causes that address social injustice. 12 Jul 2021 Read more

Official Cannes representative Ster-Kinekor, Creative Circle and Bizcommunity present Cannes Trend Talks 2021
Ster-Kinekor, the official Cannes Lions representative in South Africa, along with Bizcommunity, online media partner to Ster-Kinekor and Creative Circle, invite you to Cannes Trend Talks 2021 presented by Ann Nurock. 30 Jun 2021 Read more

SA creative students register for Portfolio Review at The One Club for Creativity 2021 for only R125
Advertising students in South Africa have a rare opportunity to gain valuable feedback from top creative professionals and learn about the global state of creativity, all for a very affordable price at The One Club for Creativity's upcoming Creative Week 2021, taking place online from 7 to 11 June. 28 May 2021 Read more

Digitorials: More than a press release
Introducing the Biz Digitorial: The new product that converts your press releases into dynamic interactive formats. 26 May 2021 Read more

#YouthMatters: Featuring the future!
We called and you responded, and there's still time to come on board to sponsor #YouthMatters - the exclusive editorial interview series, profiling promising young South Africans on Biz this June. 25 May 2021 Read more

The One Club offers special SA pricing for all-access to Creative Week 2021
Includes nearly 100 online sessions and events over five days featuring top creative leaders from around the world, plus South Africa panel cohosted by Bizcommunity and The Creative Circle. 21 May 2021 Read more

Book now: Newsroom Management for PR and Brands: Webinar | 20 May 2021
On Thursday, 20 May, at 3pm we invite you to spend an hour with our team and industry experts to discuss newsroom management trends for business communications. 12 May 2021 Read more

#AfricaMonth2021: May Africa prosper
Now more than ever, in a post-Covid world, the dreams and visions of the founding fathers of the Organisation of African Unity, matter more than ever. 7 May 2021 Read more

#YouthMatters: Calling rising stars under-35 for feature on Africa's leading business media
To coincide with National Youth Month, which celebrates South Africa's young people and commemorates the Soweto Youth Uprising of 16 June 1976, we're inviting South Africa and pan African businesses to nominate the rising under-35s making a difference in their organisations to be featured in our June 2021 #YouthMatters content exclusive. 22 Apr 2021 Read more

Biz Press Office Quarterly: 10 ways to successfully start and manage a newsroom on Biz
A warm welcome and congratulations to the many companies who have opened or published via their Press Office Newsrooms so far this year - among them such staunch brand communicators as LG South Africa, Uber, Duke Advertising, Ofyt Agency, Pep South Africa and many other diverse organisations - from advertising to agriculture. 29 Mar 2021 Read more

Take your brand and business marketing to the next level
Unlike other channels, Press Office newsrooms on Bizcommunity are an owned asset for brands, the place where PR or brand communications teams can communicate whatever, however and whenever they want. 16 Mar 2021 Read more

#BehindtheBrandManager launches on Bizcommunity
This month, we invite you to join us as we uncover the heroes behind the brands that millions of South Africans take into their homes and hearts every day. Being acknowledged and appreciated is everything and this April it's the turn of brand managers on Biz. 22 Feb 2021 Read more

Bizcommunity's festive thank you to the SA business community
Since March 2020 when Covid-19 first turned business on its head, Bizcommunity has been the place where virtual business gets done, fully set up to seamlessly steer your business communications through the challenges of lockdowns, meltdowns and new remote working norms. 18 Dec 2020 Read more

Futurist-in-chief Dion Chang to lead BizTrends2021 - Towards New North and New Narratives
Bizcommunity, in partnership with South Africa's leading business trend consultants, Flux Trends, invites you to join BizTrends2021 - Towards New North and New Narratives on Thursday, 28 January 2021. 30 Nov 2020 Read more

9 reputation accessories your PR content marketing needs now
Read why a Biz Press Office Newsroom is the must-have PR accessory for custodians of company publicity and reputation to be seen on the most credible and professional business communication site in Africa. 9 Nov 2020 Read more

The best-of-the-best in business-to-business
Make the best-of-the-best in business-to-business publishing possible when you associate your brand with Biz Content Features. 4 Nov 2020 Read more

Bizcommunity and NSP Consultants congratulate BizListing winners!
Congratulations to the SME companies who have won full-page BizListing entries in Bizcommunity's business directory. 26 Oct 2020 Read more

Your backstory is a front page story on Biz
A recent campaign, which sees rugby icon Tendai 'Beast' Mtawarira announced as brand ambassador for Husqvarna South Africa, received the full front page multimedia treatment on Bizcommunity. 14 Oct 2020 Read more

Getting real about virtual events
2020 sure has been event-ful. Online platforms have proven increasingly valuable, especially in the business-to-business space, enabling more knowledge sharing, wider audience reach and networking opportunities than ever before! 9 Oct 2020 Read more

October - The official start of the 4th quarter
With 90 days to go to the end of 2020, speed and decisiveness are the advantage. 1 Oct 2020 Read more

Win 1 of 10 BizListings through NSP Consultants
A recent special offer on Bizcommunity's entry-level business directory listing, The BizListing, received an unexpectedly generous response. An industry leader, recognising the benefit of a presence for small businesses on Biz, contacted us with a heartwarming offer of the purchase of 10 BizListings, as a donation to deserving SMEs. 28 Sep 2020 Read more

#BizTrends2021 - write them, own them, make them possible
We may be living through uncertain times but one thing is certain, come 2021 BizTrends will be there to guide you through uncharted waters! 14 Sep 2020 Read more

BizFix: Kiss it Better Special
The past months have been painful for everyone with many small and medium business enterprises especially hard hit. 1 Sep 2020 Read more

Collaborating on purpose
Marketing is no longer only about talking to consumers, it is about being part of the conversation. Content partnerships allow organisations to be seen at the centre of new networks and narratives. 19 Aug 2020 Read more

Let's #DoBizZA this September
Recent months of lockdown have seen the importance of supporting locally-made products, services and neighbourhood enterprises in order for economies to survive and thrive. 18 Aug 2020 Read more

Bronwyn Williams stars in Pulp Non-Fiction on Bizcommunity
Bizcommunity is pleased to announce a regular column by trend consultant, analyst and strategist Bronwyn Williams, as an addition to our daily content mix. 30 Jul 2020 Read more

Be a hero for the 'sheroes' this #WomensMonth on Biz
#WomensMonth | Your invitation to be among the sheroes, SHE-E-Os, fempreneurs and fempire builders of South Africa and the rest of Africa, with the annual #WomensMonth Content Feature this August on Biz. 23 Jul 2020 Read more

Bizcommunity - community, immunity and unity are in our name
This July #BizUnity Month will replace the former Mandela Month but, still, retain the same objectives - focusing on companies standing together for good! This is a prime opportunity for a sponsor to be seen to be standing up and together for SA business. 29 Jun 2020 Read more

Locked down, not locked out: 10 benefits of a Biz Press Office now
While the term unprecedented times is becoming a bit oversubscribed, the media is experiencing its own unprecedented, via a global resurgence in media consumption. The fact that audiences, fragmented to marketers for so long, have once again been captive at home, is providing brands with both opportunities and responsibilities. 27 May 2020 Read more

#LockdownLessons: Companies putting the grit in integrity
As part of our #LockdownLessons series, Bizcommunity is reaching out to its Press Office clients and South Africa's top industry players to share their experience of the current Covid-19 crisis, how their organisations are navigating these unusual times, where the challenges and opportunities lie, and their industry outlook for the near future. 26 May 2020 Read more

Not taking lockdown lying down: A 360 industry overview
An overview of Bizcommunity's Press Offices, companies and organisations putting the grit in integrity, by continuing to communicate and innovate despite the many challenges of the Covid-19 lockdown. 21 Apr 2020 Read more

10 ways to stay connected on Biz during lockdown
Self-isolation, lockdowns, working remotely and physical distancing can get you down. Bizcommunity is the daily 'virtual commute' that brings you closer to 19 industry communities. 15 Apr 2020 Read more

The Bizcommunity: Not taking lockdown lying down
In true South African spirit, even in times of adversity, daily stories of generosity and ingenuity abound. Never have we been more proud of how business communities are using our publishing platforms than since the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus. 6 Apr 2020 Read more

#Covid-19: Bizcommunity takes business virtual, as usual
With regard to the impact of the Covid-19 virus on global business, it is fair to say that in the quest to find socio-economic solutions to pandemic threats, we are witnessing change-management on a globally unprecedented scale. Many organisations are needing to implement measures at many touchpoints at very short notice. It is scary, challenging and demanding. 25 Mar 2020 Read more

Top audio personalities in April Radio & Podcast report
This April, we invite you to make possible exclusive content by Bizcommunity editors Jessica Tennant and Juanita Pienaar as they delve into why 2020 is being dubbed 'Year of Sonic' in their Biz Radio & Podcast content feature report. 16 Mar 2020 Read more

Prism Awards to receive a face-lift
In 2019, Palesa Madumo CEO and shareholder at Vuma Reputation Management and Prism Awards convenor, popped into our offices for an informal chat about the PR industry's long-standing relationship with Bizcommunity and the annual Prism Awards Ceremony. 3 Mar 2020 Read more

Want instant branded content?
Want instant branded content? Biz Content Features are the easy way to align a company or brand with market reports or industry event coverage. 2 Mar 2020 Read more

Afro-disruption: 6 more reasons to attend BizTrendsLIVE!2020
Afro-disruption and Afro-centrism will be trending when Bizcommunity, in association with Ster-Kinekor and Kantar, brings you BizTrendsLIVE!2020, on Thursday, 30 January 2020. 22 Jan 2020 Read more

Afro-optimism in focus at BizTrendsLIVE!2020
Bizcommunity, the continent's largest multi-industry news website, in association with Ster-Kinekor and Kantar are honoured to announce the line-up of published and awarded trend analysts from London, Lagos, Senegal and SA, to share their vision of intra-African tech, trade and trends at BizTrendsLIVE!2020 on Thursday, 30 January 2020, at Mall of Africa, IMAX theatre, Midrand. 13 Jan 2020 Read more

Africa's leading B2B news TO GO>>
Monday, 6 January 2020, Bizcommunity, one of the leading business-to-business news platforms on the African continent, celebrates the official relaunch of their podcast offering - BizTakeouts. 7 Jan 2020 Read more

Wishing you all the Best of Biz
As the old odd year 2019 draws to a close and we look forward to a nice big round number in 2020, we at Biz take this opportunity to thank you for your support and to wish you all the Best of Biz this festive season, especially those companies, individuals and Press Office partners that have contributed to our great 2019 content! 17 Dec 2019 Read more

BizTrendsLIVE!2020 speakers announced and booking open
We are honoured to announce the following speakers who will share their vision of the trends shaping our region, from culture to connectivity and fintech to fashion at BizTrendsLIVE!2020, in association with Ster Kinekor, at the Mall of Africa IMAX theatre on Thursday, 30 January 2020. 4 Dec 2019 Read more

Black Friday, what's in the box?
What's in the box? 26 Nov 2019 Read more

3 ways a Biz Office can "hothouse" company culture
Legendary management consultant Peter Drucker coined the delicious expression "Culture eats strategy for breakfast", based on the premise that "anyone can copy your strategy, but no one can copy your culture." So how can companies and organisations incorporate the management philosophy of cultivating culture as a strategic advantage and key point of differentiation? 13 Nov 2019 Read more

Know your business inside out with a Biz Office
New expectations of transparency and authenticity in business means things like organisational purpose, brand stories, how your company does things, what it believes in and what it stands for, can all play a part in how your company sees itself and how it is seen by others. 2 Oct 2019 Read more

Top ratings for Biz Rate Card 2019
Bizcommunity is excited to announce the relaunch of our Biz Product and Rate Card, featuring all-new product infographics and descriptors, as well as a product portfolio that is easier than ever to access and engage with! Contact us to position your company or organisation at the centre of your industry now! 27 Sep 2019 Read more

BizTrends 2020: Make the vision Towards Africa 2020 possible
Your invitation to the first Trend Report of the new decade! 29 Aug 2019 Read more

3 steps towards 'glass boxing' your company with a Biz Press Office
"In an age of radical transparency, your internal culture is your brand. Time to take action!" proclaims the headline from 23 Jul 2019 Read more

Register for the CMO Summit, free tickets available to Biz readers
Get free tickets to Africa's largest gathering of CMOs, senior marketing managers and CX professionals, using our promo code. 19 Jul 2019 Read more

Bizcommunity's Danette Breitenbach to chair Apex Next Level Masterclass
Hosted by the ACA, the Apex Next Level of Thinking Masterclass will take place at a brand new venue, The Houghton in Johannesburg on 11 July 2019. 21 Jun 2019 Read more

#YouthMonth: Are you a Youthpreneur?
Are you a youthpreneur who would like to be featured on Bizcommunity as an opinion leader in your sector? Dynamic, optimistic and entrepreneurial, youth are playing a vital role in global and African sustainable futures. This Youth Month, Bizcommunity invites you to nominate your favourite youth influencers in any industry making a difference in our region. 18 Jun 2019 Read more

Interviews and overviews from Cannes Lions 2019
As one of the leading African media partners in Cannes for the fifth year in succession, Bizcommunity in association with Creative Circle SA and Ster-Kinekor Sales, will have the privilege of bringing you content from "The Most Creative Week of the Year", taking place 17-21 June 2019 in Cannes, France. 14 Jun 2019 Read more

Bizcommunity sends a clear message that Africa is open for business
The adoption continues for the .africa (dotAfrica) geographic Top Level Domain (gLTD) as Africa's biggest multi-industry website, Bizcommunity, announced the launch of its dotAfrica website. 9 Apr 2019 Read more

Bizcommunity launches BIZ | Daily top story headlines
Bizcommunity is proud to announce the launch of BIZ | Daily - a daily top story round-up, curated from across 18 industry sectors by most impressions and social media shares. The seven-headline format and new clean newsletter masthead have been designed to provide streamlined access to the most relevant top business stories of the day. 8 Apr 2019 Read more

Africa rising as Bizcommunity launches .Africa domain
Bizcommunity, the wholly independently owned media brand made in Africa for Africa, is proud to announce the launch of the domain. 2 Apr 2019 Read more

#BizTrends2019: Bizcommunity hosts #BizTrendsLIVE!, an overview
Bizcommunity invited contributors to join its vision for Africa (with over 230 industry trend contributions making up the 2019 report) at BizTrendsLIVE!, which took place at Ster-Kinekor Sandton City in Johannesburg on Thursday, 31 January. 1 Feb 2019 Read more

BizTrendsLIVE! Avoid the FOMO!
If you haven't got around to booking for the BizTrendsLIVE! yet, here's some info so you avoid FOMO. The face-to-face version of BizTrends, Bizcommunity's annual first-to-market trend report, is not to be missed! 15 Jan 2019 Read more

Unbox the festive season
Festive goodwill is part and parcel of the holiday season! Here at Biz we're wrapping up our year with promotional goodies as a small way of thanking you for your amazing presence on the site in 2018. The last newsletter this year will be sent on 18 December 2018 and will resume again on 7 January 2019, but the website will be updated with daily news, job ads and events throughout the festive season. 7 Dec 2018 Read more

BizTrendsLIVE! January 2019 speaker line up
Bizcommunity invites you to join us as four 'Afro-futurists', all published authors, all experienced global keynote speakers and trend consultants, impart their knowledge in one intensive morning session that will set the course into 2020 and beyond. 6 Dec 2018 Read more

Corporate content should be part of your DNA
Business decisions are often made on the basis of brand image or brand story. In the B2B space, corporate content is a means of reinforcing company culture, ensuring that intrinsic brand values reflect extrinsic perceptions. Stories about company mission, vision and values, authenticity, heritage and diversity can make companies more approachable and relevant to prospects, stakeholders and talent. 24 Oct 2018 Read more

Bizcommunity Recruitment in Africa Focus
Job creation, empowerment, enablement are at the core of Bizcommunity's business model. Every month Bizcommunity, South Africa and Africa's biggest online B2B publishers, post up to 4,000 job vacancies on behalf of corporate and recruiter clients. The most abundant jobs usually appear in the Marketing & Media, ICT, Retail, Finance and Tourism sectors as well as across an additional 18 industries in Africa. 23 Oct 2018 Read more

The best Biz summer holiday (content) package ever!
Feeling a bit state-capsized, swept along by more waves than a cryptocurrency chart? Here are some life-saving festive content ideas: 15 Oct 2018 Read more

BizTrends 2019 is here!
2019 is almost here and with it your annual invitation to join BizTrends. 27 Sep 2018 Read more

Give your brand the space to grow on Bizcommunity
Give your brand the space to blossom on the biggest B2B website, catering to 18 professional industry sectors and niche audiences across Africa. 14 Sep 2018 Read more

Cannes Lions case studies or how not to make rubbish advertising
Cinemark, the official South African Cannes Lions representatives, in partnership with Bizcommunity, hosted the annual Insights and Trends from Cannes Lions sessions, which took place in Johannesburg on Wednesday, 29 August, and in Cape Town on Friday, 31 August 2018. 4 Sep 2018 Read more

Unboxing the Loeries 2018
In praise, honour and celebration of all African and Middle Eastern creative superheroes, we're delighted to deliver your Loeries 2018 content highlights package - direct to your inbox and including at least 10 exclusive exposés and insider interviews. 20 Aug 2018 Read more

Cinemark, Ann Nurock and Bizcommunity present Insights from Cannes
Bizcommunity, online media partner to Cinemark, the official South African Cannes Lions representatives, and Ann Nurock, invite you to their popular creative case studies from Cannes presentation. 26 Jul 2018 Read more

Edufundi celebrates reading on Mandela Day
NGO Edufundi and sponsors Tsogo Sun and Corevest celebrate Mandela Day at Ikhwezilesizwe Primary, in Khayelitsha, Cape Town to hand out books as part of their Reading Corners Project. 24 Jul 2018 Read more

Of sightings and flightings at Loeries 2018
Having just landed from bringing our readers the finest edit of South African-specific and breaking news, exclusive interviews and overviews from the recent Cannes Lions Festival, we're prepped and ready to do it all over again. 11 Jul 2018 Read more

Bizcommunity leading with the news from Cannes
As one of the leading South African media in Cannes for the fourth year in succession, Bizcommunity in association with Cinemark, will be bringing you the leading news from the world's biggest festival for the creative, marketing communications, entertainment, design and tech industries, which will take place 18-22 June 2018. 8 Jun 2018 Read more

Creating business communities for African unity
The run-up to the 55th Africa Day, celebrated annually on 25 May in parts of Africa and around the world in commemoration of the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) (now the African Union), is an ideal time to reflect on the opportunities presented by a new collective zeitgeist happening in Africa. 21 May 2018 Read more

BizFin Focus 2018 - Attract more interest
Find out how to invest in your company's presence on the biggest multi-industry B2B news website in Africa and attract more interest from 328,000 decision-maker audiences across 18 industry sectors. 25 Jan 2018 Read more

Own space on the biggest multi-industry B2B news site in Africa?
Location, location, location - a real estate term used to describe the benefits of a property investment is as relevant in the online media space. 13 Dec 2017 Read more

Bizcommunity's Leigh Andrews, only South African shortlisted for WIM awards
Now in its seventh year, the UK-based Women in Marketing Awards has this year expanded its scope to new categories and international entries. The awards are intended to advance and represent the influence, interests and impact particularly of women in marketing and related fields. 24 Oct 2017 Read more

#EntrepreneurMonth: Here's to the African entrepreneurs
Join us in celebrating the courageous innovators, in small businesses and large, in South Africa and the rest of Africa, who take the risks that create new revenues, models and livelihoods, as we designate October and November as Entrepreneur Month across 18 industries on Biz. 2 Oct 2017 Read more

#Blisters4Bread: Heroes against hunger
The Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA)'s 49th Blisters for Bread Charity Family Fun Walk in association with Lucky Star will take place on Sunday, 27 August 2017. 6 Jul 2017 Read more

All the best of the best from Cannes
While all things Cannes are still fresh on our minds, Bizcommunity and Cinemark look forward to welcoming you to our post-Cannes sessions for the third year in a row. The breakfast sessions will be held in Joburg and Cape Town and will include the major trends together with some of the award-winning ads and activations from Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2017. 4 Jul 2017 Read more

BizTakeouts Marketing & Media Show turns six, moves to MIX 93.8 FM
BizTakeouts Marketing & Media News to go>>, Bizcommunity's popular audio and podcast offering since 2011, has a new home on the airwaves. 3 Jul 2017 Read more

Bizcommunity in Cannes with Ann Nurock
It is our pleasure to bid à bientôt to Ann Nurock as she heads off to cover the 64th International Festival of Creativity in Cannes next week on behalf of Bizcommunity in association with Cinemark. 14 Jun 2017 Read more

Put you in Youth Month
One of the most impressive aspects of South Africa's corporate environment must surely be its dynamic Corporate Social Investment (CSI) landscape. 1 Jun 2017 Read more

Your exclusive invitation to Cannes Lions 2017
The 64th International Festival of Creativity may only last a week, from 17-24 June 2017 in Cannes, France, but the inspiration and value provided by the event and exclusive Biz coverage lasts a whole year. 29 May 2017 Read more

#WomensMonth is not important
“Women's Month is not important if it means we only pay attention to women's issues for 31 days of the year." - Moyin Oloruntoba 24 May 2017 Read more

Biz to cover One Club Creative Week, One Show and ADC Awards is delighted to announce that Ann Nurock (@annnurock), has once again been invited to cover the One Club Creative Week and Summit in NYC, the banquet of prestigious events which annually sees the world's top advertising agencies compete for the ultimate symbol of creative excellence, a One Show Gold Pencil! 8 May 2017 Read more

What's trending in BizTrends2017?
Not only are Bizcommunity's BizTrends reports a respected resource for local and global audiences on par with leading research organisations, but they also enjoy above-average engagement. 1 Dec 2016 Read more

Bizcommunity to amplify Financial Mail AdFocus Awards
Attention ad lovers - diarise Wednesday, 23 November, at around 6pm to follow Bizcommunity's tweets, to reveal which ad agencies will have walked away from this week's Financial Mail AdFocus Awards with the coveted Agency of the Year titles. 21 Nov 2016 Read more

#BizTrends2017 future insights launches has assembled thought leaders and futurists to provide insight into 2017 trends... 18 Nov 2016 Read more

Logistics the lifeblood of trade in Africa
As the biggest multi-industry site catering to a professional audience in Africa and South Africa, Bizcommunity is delighted to be media partner to the biggest port event in Africa. 14 Oct 2016 Read more

Navigate Bizcommunity to where the business is
An increasing number of our core advertising, marketing and media audience and other professional subscribers are discovering that navigating editorial offerings across Bizcommunity's 18 multi-industry portals makes good sense. 7 Oct 2016 Read more

Bizters are doing it for bread
Brothers and Bizters, this year sees Bizcommunity launch the inaugural Bizters for Bread Corporate Challenge, whereby we are inviting our fellow Cape Town-based biz communities to rise to our challenge to walk against hunger. For only R100 per person (an amount that will feed 50 children for a day), we invite corporate teams to take part in either the 10km walk or 5km PSFA Blisters for Bread Charity family fun walk, which has taken place annually along Cape Town's beachfront promenade for the past 48 years. 12 Jul 2016 Read more

Who's making a big impression on Biz?
As Bizcommunity's reputation as a premier global resource for industry news from the African continent increases, so our 600+ Press Office holders and company listings are reaping the benefits, often seeing more dramatically increased engagement for their corporate content than they might be be able to generate from their own networks. 1 Jul 2016 Read more

Bizcommunity and Cinemark present Cannes Lions Case Studies 2016
Following last year's sold out sessions, Bizcommunity, in partnership with Cinemark, is delighted to announce that industry correspondent Ann Nurock will once again host Cannes Lions Case Studies feedback events. Diarise this year's event which will take place at the Sandton Cine 2 on Thursday, 21 July 2016, and Cape Town's V&A Waterfront Cinema Nouveau on Thursday, 28 July 2016. 14 Jun 2016 Read more

Celebrating African business communities in May
Bizcommunity is celebrating Africa Day, 25 May, with a special Africa focus all month and the appointment of a senior editor to produce daily Africa media and marketing news. 11 May 2016 Read more

Bizcommunity and Ann Nurock to cover the One Show Awards
You may have read the Bizcommunity article yesterday listing opinion from the four top SA creatives Alistair King, Xolisa Dyeshana, Jenny Glover and Nathan Reddy recently tasked with judging One Show entries in Mexico. 6 May 2016 Read more

Forthcoming content highlights on Bizcommunity
The following content highlights packages on Bizcommunity will allow companies the opportunity to tie-in their relevant content and own awareness in their chosen sectors for the second and third quarters. 22 Mar 2016 Read more

March of the brand managers
This month on Bizcommunity we're very excited to be revealing to you the people behind some of your favourite and award-winning brands. Those unsung heroes responsible for the custodianship of brands - the brands you do business with, work for and love. Expect daily updates from the likes of Fleishman Hillard SA, Good Hope FM, Uber, Ackerman's, Brand SA and lots more surprises. 1 Mar 2016 Read more

It's officially Design Month on Biz
Traditionally February is dedicated to all things design on Biz, thanks to the wealth of inspiration we derive from our longstanding partnership with Design Indaba festival. 1 Feb 2016 Read more

Senior editorial appointments at has made some senior editorial appointments and promotions to ensure that it continues to dominate the media industry as the leading source of business-to-business news across industry sectors. 19 Oct 2015 Read more

Bizcommunity takes strategy to the street
From this month commuters can start looking out for Bizcommunity's pop-up "whiteboard" billboards on Jozi highways. 14 Oct 2015 Read more

Five steps to turn brand culture into brand content
Companies in pursuit of brand content, should not overlook internal ethos and culture as a potential content stream. 8 Oct 2015 Read more

Spring Equinox heralds Bizcommunity's new interface
Celebrated in many cultures as the Spring Equinox, 21 September marks the turning of the seasons in the southern hemisphere. Today it also marks new beginnings for Bizcommunity's navigation interface. 21 Sep 2015 Read more

What is the future of insights and analytics?
Bizcommunity has partnered with Millward Brown in South Africa to conduct 'Insights2020 - Driving Customer-Centric Growth' - a global marketing leadership initiative aimed at helping business leaders decode how insights and analytics can help drive business growth. 27 Aug 2015 Read more

Bizcommunity chooses #Loeries2015 Instagram Competition winners
Be careful what you wish for when pitching an Instagram competition to a bunch of the most talented people, coming together in one of South Africa's most balmy and picturesque cities. Wish for beautiful people in impressive settings, unbeatable African hospitality and style and the upshot is, choosing a winner won't be easy. 17 Aug 2015 Read more

Bizcommunity presents Case Studies from Cannes
Bizcommunity in partnership with UCT Graduate School of Business, Cape Town and UP's Gordon Institute of Business Science, Johannesburg, invite you to two "mini-Cannes" sessions at which Cannes Lions 2015 correspondent Ann Nurock will showcase the most thought-provoking campaigns, ideas, trends and thought leadership case studies from what has been billed as "the world's biggest get-together of people interested in creativity". 12 Aug 2015 Read more

Enter Bizcommunity's #Loeries2015 Instagram competition and win
A 'likefest' of note will be happening at Loeries Creative Week, which kicked off yesterday in South Africa's new favourite harbour city of Durban. 12 Aug 2015 Read more

Bizcommunity - celebrating our sisters
Many people may be unaware of the origins of celebrating Women during the month of August in South Africa. This Women's Day, 9 August 2015, will mark 59 years since an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 mass gathering of women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to hand over their thousands of signed petitions, protesting the laws requiring the carrying of passes by women, organised by The South African Federation of Women, FSAW. By all accounts women from all parts of the country arrived in Pretoria, from as far afield as Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, to foregather in the amphitheatre of the Union Buildings in a moving demonstration of sisterhood, solidarity and plain old girl power. 3 Aug 2015 Read more

Save the date: BizTrends 2015 Imbizo Johannesburg
A stellar line-up of industry leaders will discuss current trends in the marketing communications industry, as well as do some crystal ball gazing for 2016 at's special trend event on 17 September 2015 at the Sandton Convention Centre. 29 Jul 2015 Read more

You can't get any closer to Cannes!
You can't find a more A-list advertising crowd gathered in a more desirable location than at the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Neither can you find a wider variety of cutting-edge events, speakers or topics on offer... 1 Jun 2015 Read more

We are because of PR
A paraphrase of the definition of Ubuntu - we are because you are - goes some way to explain that apart from our pride in being Africa's premier B2B news distribution channel, Bizcommunity is also proud to be home to a great many of the continent's foremost PR, marketing and digital communications professionals. 21 May 2015 Read more

Let the credits roll!
As the first phase of #BizTrends2015 comes to close, we'd like to take the opportunity to formally offer our thanks to all sponsors, contributors, partners, associates, suppliers and friends near and far for getting behind the BizTrends initiative. 17 Feb 2015 Read more launches Biz Trends 2015 has teamed up with specialist industry editor and columnist, Louise Marsland, to bring you a comprehensive, curated, thought-leadership perspective on trends and consumer insights for 2015 for the media, marketing and advertising communications industries in South Africa and the continent. 17 Nov 2014 Read more

Winner of Bizcommunity #myofficeinafrica competition announced
As building, showcasing and promoting vibrant African business communities is at the core of what Bizcommunity does, from 1 September 2014, under the title #myofficeinafrica, we asked Africa's Instagram community to participate in a competition to give us peek into offices in Africa. 10 Nov 2014 Read more

Just add Instagram: Bizcommunity + coffee = community
On behalf of, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the friendly and talented South African photographers who contributed over 500 entries in our recent Biz Breakfast and Breaking news competition. 26 Aug 2014 Read more

Bizcommunity announces new masthead interface
Following on the positively received 2013 site design changes, today sees the launch of an improved masthead interface for Bizcommunity, designed to offer easier access to content across its 20 industry news portals. 18 Jun 2014 Read more

Biz's got talent!
"It is this full spectrum of representation of the workforce in our region that makes up the dynamic Bizcommunity 'ecosystem', where every single entity counts in making up the whole." 12 Jun 2014 Read more

Give your piece a chance with a Biz Press Office
According to ongoing research by UK-based CMO institute, confidence in the effectiveness of content marketing is spurring 60% of marketers to devote increased budgets to this form of promotion year-on-year. Here's why content marketing should be an integral part of a communications campaign strategy. 16 Apr 2014 Read more

What's new about Biz Ratecard 2014?
The Bizcommunity Ratecard has been redesigned to anticipate the specific needs of digital media planners, creatives and their agencies. 25 Feb 2014 Read more

Just because you're on holiday doesn't mean your target market is
The digital media never sleep. Content on's industry web and mobisites is archived and accessible by our community and your prospective audiences 24/7, 365. 29 Nov 2013 Read more

Bizcommunity's new look lays foundation for future growth
Having leveraged its reputation as the business hub of choice for over a decade, attaining the status of South Africa's and Africa's largest online multi-industry news site, today goes public with an upgraded interface. 16 Oct 2013 Read more

Get a mobile presence
Bizcommunity itself predates the mobile internet, but the Press Office product has been compatible with mobile since day one. Press releases appear in our industry portals in a mobile-friendly format, press office interfaces look great on mobile and we are in the process of upgrading our mobile interface for even greater engagement and accessibility. 2 Oct 2013 Read more

Get a Masters in Publicity
Originally the main function of the Press Office was as a simple conduit for company news and to distribute press releases, but since it has evolved and expanded into a hub where clients can monitor performance of their publicity and manage their recruitment advertising. It serves as an online facility for the managed distribution of news to other companies within a particular industry, a focus solely on business-to-business communications and lead generation. 27 Sep 2013 Read more

[BizRecruit] Active vs passive candidates recently held its first BizRecruit event for HR specialists, hosting Matthew Gray, client service director at Graylink, as guest speaker. Gray covered trends in corporate recruiting, the current recruitment landscape, and active vs passive candidates. 23 Sep 2013 Read more

Open 24/7, open to opportunity
A Bizcommunity Press office is the office that's open 24/7 - it speaks for you beyond office hours. Offering unlimited design options, a Biz Press Office is no longer just a conduit for company news releases, but can act and look like your real office, with gorgeous corporate visuals of interiors, your building, team and products, so prospects know who they are dealing with at a glance. Stills or animated mastheads can depict recent work, events or activations. 18 Sep 2013 Read more

Open for business
Having a Bizcommunity Press Office clearly communicates that your company means business. 11 Sep 2013 Read more

Calling all HR specialists, launches recruitment event! is thrilled to invite you to attend its first recruitment event specifically intended for HR specialists, to be held in Cape Town this Thursday, 12 September. Guest speaker Matthew Gray will share insight on the recruitment industry in both the local and international capacity. 10 Sep 2013 Read more

Bizcommunity, Recruitgroup launch BizCareers Column
This week, is proud to announce the expansion of the value and scope of our HR & Recruitment portal offering: in collaboration with Juliette Attwell of the Recruitgroup, we're launching a regular BizCareers Column that will offer sound recruitment advice for both job- and candidate-seekers. 17 Jul 2013 Read more

Bizcommunity's Robin Parker takes his leave
Bizcommunity's managing director, Robin Parker, has resigned his position after seven years at the helm. 4 Jun 2013 Read more

Getting to know Marco Broccardo, CEO of Eurocom
Eurocom, a mobile marketing company and specialist prize sourcing and fulfilment company, was founded by Marco Broccardo together with two business partners in 2005. According to Marco, the industry has evolved since his inception almost several years ago. He says it has become more competitive, which means the ability to adapt, be nimble and still remain focussed on your core strengths is vital. 25 Apr 2013 Read more

Introducing a must for any industry event - Biz Featured Events
In a virtual world, industry events, trade fairs and launches have become some of the most exciting ways of interfacing directly with customers, prospects and colleagues. There's nothing worse than planning an event, only to find it clashes with another in your industry! Now Bizcommunity allows you to plan, list and brand your promotional event - all in one go. 18 Apr 2013 Read more

If you're content, we're content
Content strategists, bloggers, vloggers, citizen journalists, opinionistas - every day, advertorial and promotional initiatives are launched into a wider pool of competing content providers. Content is currently the word on everybody's lips, with everyone from the existing media to brand owners and individuals being encouraged to become content providers. 18 Mar 2013 Read more

Now on YouTube: Media Career Guide episode with Bizcommunity
Now available for viewing on small screens everywhere, via Bizcommunity's YouTube channel, is the Media Career Guide TV interview with our editor-at-large, Simone Puterman, which flighted on SABC1 on 7 February 2013. [video] 8 Mar 2013 Read more

[2013 trends] Pdf of 2013 Biz Trends Report now available
Finally, what you've all been waiting for!'s 2013 Biz Trends Report is now available for downloading in pdf format - and this year we've improved the quality for a better tablet experience! 13 Feb 2013 Read more

2012 Most Popular lists for Bizcommunity Retail
Here they are, Retail's 2012 lists of most popular articles and those that drew the most comment. 7 Jan 2013 Read more

2012 Most Popular lists for Bizcommunity Marketing & Media Africa
Here they are, Marketing & Media Africa's 2012 lists of most popular articles and those that drew the most comment as well as our most read contributors. 7 Jan 2013 Read more

2012 Most Popular lists for Bizcommunity Lifestyle
Here they are, Lifestyle's 2012 lists of most popular articles and contributors. 7 Jan 2013 Read more

Most Popular lists for 2012 for Bizcommunity Marketing & Media SA
Here they are, Marketing & Media South Africa's 2012 lists of most popular articles, those that drew the most comment, our most-read contributors, our most-visited galleries - and the ads from the Ornico Ad Showcase that got you voting. 4 Jan 2013 Read more partners up with Placement Partner recruitment software system is delighted to announce that we now offer integration with Placement Partner, a software system designed for recruitment companies to manage and store data relevant to every step of the recruitment process. Placement Partner is used by many of the most respected recruitment providers in South Africa every day to make successful placements, and is now integrated with Bizcommunity to allow recruiters easy management of the recruitment process. 23 Oct 2012 Read more

Our jobs portal - value for your money
Since the very beginning, back in 2001, we at have put you, our customers, clients and readers, first. And that is nowhere less true than in having industry jobs available on the site. 21 Sep 2012 Read more revamps recruitment business
Since its launch in 2001, Bizcommunity has always seen the benefit for our readers of having industry jobs available on the site, as well as the benefit to companies looking for applicants and recruiters and recruitment agencies having a targeted audience pool to search for good quality applicants and CVs. 6 Aug 2012 Read more

What is the essence of Bizcommunity? #happybiz11
What has meant to you over the years? For some, it has inspired new thinking in how to approach business; for others, it's been a priceless source of industry information; and for many, it has been a click away from a new career. 1 Aug 2012 Read more 11 years of going for Gold... and winning it!
August 2012 marks 11 years of Since its inception in 2001, Bizcommunity has expanded from a single marketing and media portal with a South Africa focus to a total of 35 industry-specific portals, each with various categories of defined interest. 1 Aug 2012 Read more

Bizcommunity has shown some signal improvement and expansions in the last year widening and growing audience on the back of numerous developments in new industries and social media opportunities. 2 Apr 2012 Read more wants to get in your head
Starting today, Monday, 19 March 2012, we invite all our readers to complete our reader survey so that we may understand your needs and continue to be your no. 1 source of daily B2B news and information. 19 Mar 2012 Read more

Bizcommunity, partner for new jobs portal
Online portals and have joined forces to provide web users with a comprehensive offering of job opportunities. The Jobs Channel - - will offer users the opportunity to search for jobs across a range of industries in South Africa. 6 Mar 2012 Read more

2011 Most Popular lists for Bizcommunity Marketing & Media Africa
Here they are, Marketing & Media Africa's 2011 lists of most popular articles and those that drew the most comment. So, do you agree with the numbers - or do you have your favourites (and not-so-favourites)? 12 Dec 2011 Read more

2011 Most Popular lists for Bizcommunity Medical
Here they are, Medical's 2011 lists of most popular articles. So, do you agree with the numbers - or do you have your favourites (and not-so-favourites)? 12 Dec 2011 Read more

2011 Most Popular lists for Bizcommunity Retail
Here they are, Retail's 2011 lists of most popular articles and those that drew the most comment. So, do you agree with the numbers - or do you have your favourites (and not-so-favourites)? 12 Dec 2011 Read more

2011 Most Popular lists for Bizcommunity Marketing & Media South Africa
Here they are, Marketing & Media South Africa's 2011 lists of most popular articles, those that drew the most comment, our most-read contributors, our most-visited galleries - and the ads from the Ornico Ad Showcase that got you voting. So? Do you agree with the numbers - or do you have your favourites (and not-so-favourites)? 12 Dec 2011 Read more

How to contribute to Bizcommunity, from op-ed pieces to news has now expanded its operations into 16 new sectors and will soon venture into another 17, providing a whole new range of target audiences for advertisers. The most critical aspect of this is the quality of content and this is a formal invitation to you to become a recognised contributor on Bizcommunity. 3 Oct 2011 Read more

The true story of Bizcommunity lies in the numbers
Since its inception a decade ago,'s subscriber base to its popular newsletters has grown to 241 000 subscriptions across Marketing & Media South Africa and Africa, Retail and Medical. Subscriptions to the new portals before the launch last week were already in the tens of thousands without any active marketing - the power of content. 26 Sep 2011 Read more

Bizcommunity launches new dedicated sectors, newsletters - South Africa's largest online B2B publisher - is set to grow even more with the introduction of 16 new content channels, with weekly newsletters, as from yesterday Tuesday, 20 September 2011. 20 Sep 2011 Read more makes three senior appointments has made three senior appointments as it begins to roll out its 2011 expansion strategy. 26 Apr 2011 Read more

Top 10 reads on Bizcommunity Africa for 2010
Here are the top ten most read articles on Bizcommunity Africa for 2010. The MTN Group had the South African public excited when they announced the Zakhele shares on offer and it seems Google are in for some stiff competition next year from social media giant, Facebook. The Loerie Awards made its annual splash this year while McDonald's looks to open restaurants in the economically recovering Zimbabwe. 13 Dec 2010 Read more

Strategic appointments at
In order to maximise skills and talent in preparation for new developments at, the management and staff complement in editorial, support and sales has been restructured. 18 Mar 2010 Read more

Friday the 13th was a lucky day, thanks to Bizcommunity
The Readers Choice competition ended on 12 November, which meant that on the 13th we had to inform our voting winner. 16 Nov 2009 Read more

Spotlight on the youth market
In this month's edition of Street Grass, IG turns its attention towards three new developments "hot off the street" in the youth market. 2 Sep 2009 Read more

Instant Grass brings you another installment of Street Grass wherein we highlight what is happening within the youth market and why. 10 Jul 2009 Read more

Instant Grass is launching Street Grass, an ongoing micro-trend report based on Instant Grass' proprietary research methodology. 18 Jun 2009 Read more

Cape Town, South Africa - The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, an influential global peer-network of senior marketing executives, has announced the launch of an Africa chapter to be based in Cape Town, South Africa and led by, which has more than 260 000 content subscribers in the region in the marketing industry. 16 Apr 2008 Read more

Early next month, legendary media commentator John Farquhar celebrates his 80th birthday and over 60 intensive years in advertising. Owlhurst Communications is once again coordinating an opportunity to honour and recognise this milestone in an iconic career and invites contributions from the industry. 20 Mar 2008 Read more

TABPI launches B2B editors' chapter for SA
CLEVELAND, US: International business-to-business media organisation TABPI is funding the creation of a new B2B media professionals group in South Africa, which will serve as the organisation's first chapter outside of the US. TABPI South Africa will operate independently out of a base in Johannesburg and is being set up by joint co-ordinators, our very own Louise Marsland of and Natalia Thomson of Now Media. 31 Jan 2008 Read more

As far back as 1996 at a Highway Africa conference at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, I outlined the journalist of the future. One working across multimedia platforms, easily able to circumvent government restrictions in times of turmoil or simply to prevent a curious world sneaking a peak at a dubious human rights record. Those days have arrived and are currently most clearly evident in the post-presidential election violence sweeping Kenya. 4 Jan 2008 Read more

The best and worst of 2007
Hasn't this been a year? Of highs and lows, nation-pride and change. It went so fast and was so incredibly busy, it's hard to remember everything that happened. So here is's informal (and entirely subjective) list of the good, the bad and the ugly that was 2007. 14 Dec 2007 Read more

Top press offices for 2007
A press office on is one of the best ways to showcase your brand activity, case studies and corporate news. And there're no surprises in our most read press office stories for 2007: money, sex and sport sells, even in business-to-business writing and reporting! 14 Dec 2007 Read more to launch radio directory is launching the first in its range of comprehensive directories aimed at improving online visibility for media and marketing companies. It will go live 1 February 2008. 26 Nov 2007 Read more

Mobiles will trigger digital economy boom on continent
Web access through mobiles will close the digital divide, says Robin Parker, MD of Speaking at the PublishOnline conference held in Cape Town yesterday, Wednesday, 21 November 2007, Parker said lives will change drastically with the advent of smartphones. Phones of the future, he said, would be as fast and as capable as any laptop. 22 Nov 2007 Read more

Biz goes green for the Bokke!
Readers may have noticed that dropped our trademark red for Springbok green today to show our support for the Bokke on Saturday. We weren't the only ones, as South Africans around the country heeded the patriotic call and went green for the day. We have visuals… and sound! 19 Oct 2007 Read more

Bizcommunity adds 'afropolitan' insight to its content
Shiru Githiomi, MD of Human Element Inc, and one of the three originators of 'The Lifestyle SA Festival - Celebrating Black' will be writing a regular column for on the so-called 'Black Diamond' market to aid marketers in engaging with the savvy, market-aware 'afropolitan consumer'. 16 Oct 2007 Read more

Loeries 'slick and professional'
The organisation of the 29th annual Loeries on the ground this year was the most "slick and professional" operation in many years as Margate rolled out the red carpet and the weather played along, providing an oasis of warmth and sunlight from the weather-battered centres of Cape Town and Johannesburg. From a circus carnival atmosphere on the beachfront Sunday night courtesy of the SABC after party, to the Vodacom VIP lounge, the media centre at the Margate Hotel, to the Media24 Heat afterglow party Saturday night and the various private parties around town and brand activations, the organisation of the whole weekend was a significant success. 30 Jul 2007 Read more

Loeries blows into Margate
Gale force winds and storms in Jozi and Cape Town couldn't keep them away, as the annual Loerie circus flew into Margate Friday night/Saturday morning. By 10am, Saturday, 28 July 2007, the Margate beachfront was pumping with branded and blinged-out advertising folk, another species compared to the local population who have rolled out the welcome mats – more slick year on year. And this is despite having had to contend with a beached whale earlier this week, a swim ban due to the hundreds of sharks feeding on said whale, high winds which resulted in the awards tent being evacuated Friday night during rehearsals, and an awards results leak scandal which could cause Loerie MD Andrew Human to go grey prematurely. 28 Jul 2007 Read more

Louise Burgers
India and Egypt led the international challenge at the Africa Big 7 retail trade expo which opened at Gallagher Estate, Midrand yesterday, Sunday, 15 July 2007, with large pavilions showcasing all number of products to African buyers and retailers. also used the opportunity presented by the show to launch daily news into Africa with our new retail portal, 16 Jul 2007 Read more

Retail therapy from will be launching daily news for the African retailing community in respect of the consumer packaged goods industry this month. The official launch of the new portal for the retailing industry will take place at the Africa Big 7 retail trade expo at Gallagher Estate, Midrand, 15 – 17 July 2007. 9 Jul 2007 Read more

Design a Bizcomm Loerie tattoo! as usual will be at The Loerie Awards, 28 – 29 July 2007 in full force and styling this year with our mojo bloggers and regular vlogs. But we also need to look stylish and encourage the industry to participate in our mobile social media networking initiative: sending all your comments and pix via mobile phone to be loaded into our special Loerie blogs. So we're looking to all young designers out there to design a tattoo for us to distribute at Loeries in this fun interactive initiative. There's even a prize! 9 Jul 2007 Read more

Bizcommunity Africa now live
Launching into the English-speaking territories in Africa to start with, today, Thursday, 15 March 2007, has gone live with in a total of 15 countries (including adjacent islands) that are deemed to be the prime movers in Africa north of South Africa. 15 Mar 2007 Read more launches into Africa
After leading the South African business-to-business and online media in publishing daily news to the media, marketing and advertising community in South Africa, is launching into Africa to provide our readers on the continent and advertisers with comprehensive and durable content country by country - adding to the 800 000 newsletters it already distributes monthly with SA-specific content in this industry. 12 Mar 2007 Read more

Bizcommunity creates hype partnered with mobile media specialists, Media Hype, in an innovative brand activation. Promoters, wearing Bizcommunity T-shirts, paraded around Margate beachfront with the Media Hype TV screens worn as backpacks, showing the latest photographs from around and about Loeries, set to music and interspersed with Bizcommunity branding. 17 Sep 2006 Read more

New GM to spearhead growth
To meet growth objectives and brand consolidation, South Africa's leading online business-to-business media in the media, marketing, advertising and broader communications industries has appointed Robin Parker as general manager. 5 Jun 2006 Read more sets B2B publishing benchmarks at Loeries teamed up with Platypus Productions to bring news, views and images from Loeries 2005 in Margate, in unprecedented video format as well, in addition to reporting and photography. 16 Oct 2005 Read more