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South Africa's #1 online review platform, Hellopeter enables customers to write and read reviews, whereas businesses can use our easy-to-use review platform as their most effective growth strategy.
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Hellopeter: It's not the complaints platform you think it is
If you're South African, chances are you're familiar with Hellopeter. However, when asked what it is, you might refer to it as a complaints platform. This sentiment did not come out of nowhere. It's true that when Hellopeter was started in 2000, it was labelled a complaints platform - a place for consumers to bring their service-related issues to light. However, although it remains a powerful platform for resolving issues, it has come a long way since then and is widely known as South Africa's number online review platform. 5 May 2023 Read more

How to take control of your business's online reputation in 2023
Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth marketing. Although it's not exactly new, it has become even more valuable as more consumers started writing and reading reviews in the past couple of years. As a result, what customers are saying about your business online has a far greater ripple effect than you might realise. 25 Jan 2023 Read more

Is your business prepared for the Black Friday splurge season?
Black Friday might have its origins in the United States, but it has become a massive calendar event in South Africa, showing no signs of slowing down in 2022. It also helps that this day of savings falls right after payday, which means shoppers are more likely to splurge than at any other time of the month. Furthermore, with the festive season around the corner, many are looking for bargain buys to put under the tree this year to make more room in their budget for entertainment this holiday season. 15 Nov 2022 Read more

Are Hellopeter reviews relevant and trustworthy?
How the South African online review platform is remaining impartial... 26 Oct 2022 Read more

How Hellopeter is helping South African businesses grow
Chances are, the name Hellopeter is familiar to you. However, not for what it is but for what it used to be. Here's what the brand means to customers and businesses alike in 2022. 18 Aug 2022 Read more

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