2022 Cable Copper Anti-Theft Technologies and Security Summit

Focus: Technologies to combat cable theft and infrastructure vandalism and Illegal Miners


In January last year, the power utility said copper theft cost the economy R5-7 billion a year and Eskom spent about R2bn a year replacing stolen cables.

The power utility has had to spend millions in security at hot spots in an effort to curb cable theft, which ultimately led to power outages and compromised the supply of electricity. Crimes like cable theft, railway infrastructure vandalism hamper the economic activity and discourage investment in the country. Transformers were stolen, the power utility said the stealing of transformers was not a new phenomenon, but was growing by the day, especially in big metropolitans.

The issue of cable theft and illegal connections, especially in areas close to informal settlements, is sadly very common. Not only is it highly illegal, but it is also a very dangerous practice that leads to death or serious injury in many cases. It also puts unnecessary strain on the electric grid.

Economist said, electricity cuts harm the economy as they lead to revenue loss. A solution to this problem affecting many municipalities was far from being reached. The incidents of cable theft are not only costly to the municipality but create unnecessary inconveniences for both the city and its consumers. Cable theft needs a comprehensive and coordinated effort in order to provide sustainable and reliable electricity and water supply to our people. Cable theft is crippling metros, and Major Cities lost Millions of Rands.

The theft has severe implications for both service delivery and businesses, which are losing revenue. The money been spent on replacing stolen cables could have been channeled into building millions of houses, providing new electricity and water connections, building and maintaining roads, installing new street lights, fixing potholes and infrastructure. Private security service providers need to understand the impact of cable theft and vandalism on the electrical infrastructure.

It is against this background that this event is being organise, and it would focus on the impact of cable theft and electricity theft and illegal connect in our society, technologies and safety measure to combat crimes such as cable theft on railway infrastructure vandalism.

* To discuss the challenges and find solution to the damaged caused by cable copper and electricity theft on municipalities
* To discuss reason for copper theft and how to stop it
* To discuss impact of electricity theft on municipalities
* To improve security on Municipalities infrastructure using latest technology
* Security measure for Power Utility to combat electricity theft and stolen of transformer
* To find measure and new technologies to combat illegal miners
* Explore new technologies for mining industries using drone to combat Metal theft
* To review the criminological analysis of copper theft in the metros.

Who should attend?
* Government
* Municipalities Officials
* Risk Control Managers
* CEO's & Directors
* Investigators
* Head of security department
* Protection Service Manager
* Executives Managers
* Security Agent Officers
* Anti-Theft Technology Officer
* Municipalities Revenue Protection Officers
* Mining Security Officers
* Scrap recycling company
* Copper Cable Manufacturers and suppliers
* Procurement Officers
* Electrical Engineer
* Network Engineers
* Production Managers
* Security Managers
* Law Enforcement Officers
* Electricity supplier
* Supervisors and Managers involved in Operation of utilities
* Utilities Work Management Centre representatives
* Utilities Revenue Management Representatives
* Revenue Protection Managers
* Chief Operating Officers
* Cable Network Specialist
* Senior Telecommunication Analyst
* SOE's
* Metro Rail Security Officer
* Security Personnel
* Technologies Manufacturers
* Performance and Compliance Manager
* Rail Engineers and Security
* Judicials
* Business Organization Representatives
* Criminology Experts
* University Lecturers

Date: 26 May 2022 to 27 May 2022
Time: 09:00 - 15:00
Venue: Emperors Palace, Johannesburg

Contact: Chris
Company name: Maphosa Management Consultant
Telephone number: +27102140666
Email address az.oc.masohpam@sirhc

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