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Human Resources & Recruitment

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Women's Month
#WomensMonth: How Shirley Zinn swims upstream

Nicci Botha

Shirley Zinn's is a Cinderella story. A tale of a tenacious woman, who rose above the poverty of the Cape Flats to ivy-league lecture halls and the boardrooms of some of South Africa's biggest enterprises... read
Gender empowerment will thrive in inclusive workplaces that allow people to be their authentic selves

Issued By UCT Graduate School of Business

Speaking at a Women's Day lunch, Dr Judy Dlamini said that there are many stakeholders who can play a role in creating meaningful solutions for gender transformation - and that it starts in the home... read
#WomensMonth: The inclusive, unstoppable power of SheSays

Leigh Andrews

SheSays is all about having each other's backs and listening to each other. Here's how the local Cape Town chapter is set to snowball its efforts... read
HR & Recruitment
See your brand blossom on Bizcommunity

Issued By

This September, give your brand the space to bear fruit and blossom on Bizcommunity - the biggest multi-industry content distribution specialists in Africa... read
Employee Wellness
6 ways to boost employee engagement

Tricia Jones

Employees are the driving force behind any company - the engine so to speak. And if you were to see that engine light flashing profusely, would you ignore it? read
Employment Equity
Don't blame women for leaving fields like engineering. Blame bad attitudes

Amanda Gouws

There are reasons why feminists use the slogan "the personal is political", especially when men make arguments using the age old idea that "biology is destiny"... read
Women-owned businesses in the spotlight
Barriers such as limited access to credit facilities, financial skills training, stereotypes and traditions continue to affect women-owned businesses' full participation in the economy... read
African entrepreneurship central to the continent's future prosperity
According to Old Mutual Limited CEO Peter Moyo, driving financial inclusion amongst entrepreneurs and small business owners in Africa will ensure... read
"Just start now and be creative" - Pepe Marais on Growing Greatness

Leigh Andrews

Pepe Marais is already a creative inspiration to many, so his recently published book, Growing Greatness, is sure to be well-received... read
HR Tools & Software
How to reduce the risk of payroll fraud in Africa

Bruce van Wyk

Payroll fraud is among the costliest of economic crimes... read
Labour Law & Unions
Can you dismiss an employee for making racist comments in the workplace?

Jacques van Wyk

Is the dismissal of an employee, who compares a fellow employee to a monkey, fair... read
The deeming provision ruling: what businesses need to know

Tebogo Moalusi

On 26 July 2018, after three years of debate, the Constitutional Court made a judgement regarding the roles and responsibilities of temporary employment service (TES) providers and their clients with regards to employees... read
Companies keep slashing jobs, but new technologies won't replace good management

Mary Barrett

As technology improves, it's tempting for company executives to slash jobs that are "standard" and "routine", making them easy to automate... read
The case for flexi hours - know your rights
Innovation in technology has revolutionised the workplace, enabling employees to work from home, on the go or from a different country.... read
Trendzilla alert: Tech builds tailor-made trust

Daniella Shapiro

The hyper-connected multiverse of tomorrow is today. Brands can get washed away, overwhelmed by the virtual trend wave, or they can surf the possibilities in this era of omni-channeling. read
A sea of data - but not a drop to drink

Adriana Marais

Life as we know it requires water to survive... read
Jobs offered
70% of people say they face barriers to asking more questions at work.
From Wakanda to the White House, architects champion African design influence @theblackpanther @HDHoodDesign...
Here's Fortune's list of the 100 fastest-growing companies of 2018
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