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Finance & Insurance

BizTop stories
Brics Summit hailed as a huge success
The 10th Brics Summit, which took place in Johannesburg from the 25th to the 27th of July, has been hailed as a huge success by President Cyril

Warning: SA insurance needs a reality check
According to Asisa 14-million families face a combined insurance shortfall of almost R29tn should the main breadwinner become unable to generate an income... read
Are cryptocurrencies the next step in colonialism or the road to upliftment?
The business world has moved beyond the idea that if it isn't made of bricks and mortar, then a company has no value... read
Join the community of top performers in South Africa

Issued By Topco Media

The annual National Business Awards have opened their doors for nominations and are looking for organiations to join the community of top performers in the South African economy... read
Accounting & Auditing
Technology and values are essential to future business model innovation, says ACCA

Issued By ACCA

In today's ever-changing world, organisations are using business model design to build unique approaches to creating value that have the potential to radically disrupt industries... read
Treasury receives draft Tegeta forensic report
National Treasury has received the draft forensic report on alleged irregularities in the awarding by Eskom of a coal contract to Tegeta... read
Education & Training
Upskilling accountants for a digitally disruptive world

Rashied Small

The greatest challenge that the accounting and auditing profession faces today is investing in the education and training that is needed to keep up with the change of pace in the environment... read
Markets & Investment
The struggle of saving

Ilanie Brits

Issued By Meredith Harington

It is becoming more and more difficult to save, and for some people it often feels like an accomplishment just surviving from payday to payday. This struggle from month to month makes it easy to forget the importance of saving for our future... read
It's not about the 2019 election, it's about growth

Ronald Ennik

Sentiment has always been the key factor that drives the residential property market. But it swings like a pendulum... read
Taxation & Regulation
SARS prescription only starts once tax return has been submitted

Eric Madumo and Joon Chong

Issued By Webber Wentzel

In the recent case of CSARS v Char Trade, the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) that prescription begins to run against CSARS when a return for secondary tax on companies (STC) is submitted to SARS by a taxpayer... read
Jobs offered
ANALYSIS: Four dynamics that will define South Africa's future By Stephen Grootes...
"I voted for jobs‚ for a good economy‚ for good living."
A correction worse than February is building, Morgan Stanley says
Bitcoin has been all the rage recently, but should you invest?
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