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Young South Africans want to farm. But the system isn't ready for them
Young South Africans want to farm. But the system isn't ready for themArticle

Agriculture appears to carry a stronger set of negative stigmas than other careers, but this is only half the story...

Luke Metelerkamp 16 Jul 2019

Security is tight in Rwanda’s authoritarian state. Charles Shoemaker/EPA
Rwanda's economic growth could be derailed by its autocratic regimeArticle

A quarter of a century ago Rwanda was a graveyard. Hundreds of thousands of lives had been lost and government institutions were in a shambles...

Noel Twagiramungu & Joseph Sebarenzi 9 Apr 2019

South Africa's failure to create manufacturing jobs
South Africa's failure to create manufacturing jobsArticle

To reduce unemployment South Africa needs to prioritise labour-intensive work instead of higher wages, write professors Jeremy Seekings and Nicoli Nattrass...

Jeremy Seekings and Nicoli Nattrass 25 Feb 2019

Eddie Oosthuizen via
Why cultivating agritourism in Africa is importantArticle

Food security, its opportunities and challenges were the main premise surrounding the recent Agritourism Africa Congress which recently took place in Bolzano, Italy...

19 Dec 2018

Transforming the African agribusiness sector: Tech, transparency hold key to inclusive growth
Transforming the African agribusiness sector: Tech, transparency hold key to inclusive growthArticle

According to experts, the African population is expected to double by 2050, which means that food demand on the continent is expected to at least double by then...

Frédéric Massé 3 Dec 2018

Education and technology are key to bettering lives of rural women
Education and technology are key to bettering lives of rural womenArticle

Women have a significant role to play in alleviating poverty and providing stability for their children. To turn the tide of poverty, these women need to be empowered. Educating them from a young age will empower and arm them with the ability to transform their lives economically as well as socially...

Vimala Ariyan 30 Aug 2018

CIAT via
Could East Africa be the new frontier for food and grain production?Article

"With an enormous potential of fertile soils and favourable climate, East Africa has a comparative advantage to produce several agricultural products, process and export as a food basket..."

23 Oct 2017

Philafrica aims to become big food exporter
Philafrica aims to become big food exporterArticle

Philafrica Food says it plans to transform food processing in sub-Saharan Africa through investments of between R50m and R100m...

Neels Blom 11 Oct 2017

Rasheed hamis via
How urban food demand can spark urban renewal, transformationArticle

Rural areas have vast potential for economic growth in terms of food production and related sectors. Unlocking this often neglected potential is key to achieving the 2030 development agenda...

10 Oct 2017

Kate HoltAusAID via WC_farming_climate_change_Kenya
How a lack of access to reliable weather data is hurting African farmersArticle

Farmers can't access reliable and usable weather data. Information is often unavailable and even if it does exist, the quality is poor or it's inaccessible to those who need it most...

Stephen Yeboah 5 Jul 2017

Social grants chaos: A major threat to rural economies
Social grants chaos: A major threat to rural economiesArticle

In South Africa, while big businesses are the engines of economic growth making South Africa the largest economy in Africa, the country's rural towns' economy is not as prosperous. This is mainly due to...

Hamlet Hlomendlini 13 Mar 2017

Bernard DUPONT via
The socio-economic case for tourism in Kruger Lowveld/EhlanzeniArticle

CEO of South African Tourism, Sisa Ntshona, stated in an article in the Beeld newspaper, that tourism hasn't realised a fraction of its potential in South Africa because the government still doesn't believe in it...

Lisa Sheard 16 Feb 2017

Better forest management needed for building sustainable agriculture
Better forest management needed for building sustainable agricultureArticle

The key message of the FAO's "The State of the World's Forests" is an urgent need to promote more positive interactions between agriculture and forestry...

25 Jul 2016

Africa can't ignore climate changeArticle

Climate change brings with it disaster, food shortages, droughts, extinctions of plant and animal species, extreme storms, and rising sea levels resulting in flooding.

Philippe Mwema Bahati 12 Aug 2013

Ghana's golden future
Ghana's golden futureArticle

Often referred to as the Gateway to Africa, Ghana has, over the past decade, witnessed a revival of its gold industry. Today, gold represents more than 80% of Ghana's mineral exports (2) and a significant source of currency.(3)

Sébastien Jadot 29 Jul 2013

Zuma drums up support for agriculture campaign
Zuma drums up support for agriculture campaignArticle

President Jacob Zuma has reiterated his support for the campaign that encourages South Africans to productively use the land to improve food security for millions of citizens.

24 Oct 2012

Mbeki: agriculture is central to Africa's developmentArticle

According to online African business insight publication, former SA President Thabo Mbeki said that African agriculture should be positioned as the main driver of change on the continent. Mbeki spoke in Berlin, Germany, at the Africa Summit, hosted by global agriculture company AGCO.

25 Jan 2012

Farmers: both perpetrators and victims of climate changeArticle

Agriculture is extremely vulnerable to climate change, but it also produces about 14% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, says the Mail & Guardian's Yolandi Groenewald. The consensus is that climate change will have a significant impact on agriculture in developing countries.

31 Oct 2011

River rafters give to rural Swazi communityArticle

White-water rafting operators Swazi Trails have donated over R80 000 to a rural riverbank community in central Swaziland with the main intention of improving the community's school facilities.

30 Nov 2009

Mozambique: Markets too far for farmers' profitArticle

LAGO DISTRICT: August is peak tomato season in the Niassa province of northwest Mozambique, and farmers are bringing bucket-loads of tomatoes to sell to Nkwichi Lodge, one of the few buyers of local produce in the region.

Jessie Boylan 1 Sep 2009

“Fight against poverty is our new war” say Mozambique's poorArticle

Retail trade and its associated sectors cannot thrive in a society encumbered by poverty - what the poor of mozambique regard as their "new war".

16 Oct 2008

Ghana shows positive results in job sectorArticle

The Ghanaian government's efforts in addressing the unemployment challenges there have started bearing good results.

17 Aug 2007

Improved radio coverage set for Sierra Leone pollArticle

Radio broadcasts on Sierra Leone's upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections will be considerably enhanced thanks to the recruitment of 40 new reporters covering the polling process.

2 Aug 2007

Nigeria's malnourished throng Niger's feeding centresArticle

Emergency feeding centres for malnourished children in Niger, the poorest country in the world, are drawing a growing numbers of mothers with malnourished children from oil-rich Nigeria who cross the border in search of medical help not available at home.

14 Jun 2007

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