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The benefits and importance of managing risks in SMEs
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What online privacy and security will look like in 2022
#BestofBiz 2021: Legal
Protect apps and data while improving productivity
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Another data breach rocks South Africa as details of 1.4 million South Africans gets leaked
Introducing zero trust security
Powerful e-marketing and PoPIA
Businesses should see PoPIA as an opportunity to build customer trust
Boris Dzhingarov
Smart buildings: Data generated must be PoPIA compliant
Beyond opt-in emails: Why a unified platform is key to PoPIA compliance
The impact of PoPIA on advertising and communications
PoPIA: Community housing schemes must appoint information officers
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PoPIA Act highlights the importance of cybersecurity for businesses
The sooner the better: implementing cybersecurity and data protection law across Africa
Keeping chatbots PoPIA compliant...
PoPIA: 5 concrete steps to start your journey today
PoPI Act readiness: 6 things to do
How online marketing is shifting through data privacy
B2B bullish about e-commerce opportunities
Determining the net asset value of your data en route to deploying marketing automation
Legal challenges, opportunities for SA's TMT sector in 2021
3 data safe work-from-home habits CIOs should consider
The problem with switching from WhatsApp to Telegram and Signal
Human fallibility remains the weakest link in cybersecurity
Think cybersecurity is expensive? Just wait until there's a breach...
3 things school IT teams should prioritise to prepare for our new digital future
PoPIA, GDPR - or both?
3 tips for balancing personal information while maintaining that personalised marketing edge
F-Secure ID Protection prevents falling victim to identity theft
Can employers be held liable for employee data breach conduct?
Data breaches becoming more common
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What do you do if your business has been hacked?
Data protection isn't just an IT issue, says BIL Logistics
Pandemic highlights need for cyber risk management
Data breaches the challenges of the new industrial revolution
Experian downplays data breach
Kumar Uptal
Are your remote employees enforcing cyber security?
What migration to the cloud means for small businesses
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