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#BizTrends2022: SA's logistics sector is weathering the storm despite myriad challenges
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Global demand for air cargo improves in October
Digitalisation key to improving SMEs chances of success
Airlink - your link to business travel in Africa
Airlines move to attract more passengers as SAA returns to the skies
Wrenelle Stander to step down as AASA CEO
SA's airline industry springs back into action this season
South African Airways to restart operations
FlySafair expands offering, includes flight booking on other airlines
Blocked airline funds could slow down recovery - IATA
Blocked airline funds could slow down recovery - IATA

The International Air Transport Association has urged governments to abide by international agreements and treaty obligations to enable airlines to repatriate close to nearly $1bn in blocked funds from the sale of tickets, cargo space, and other...

19 Aug 2021

Combined market cap of global airlines plunge by $12bn as Covid cases rise
IoT tracking technology is keeping the cargo airline industry flying. Here's how
FlySafair flies the flag for South Africa in recovery
IATA global airline industry statistics show devasting effects of Covid-19
Airlines launch global action group to improve handling of mobility aids
Wrenelle Stander appointed CEO of AASA
Chris Zweigenthal to retire as AASA CEO
South Africans should make the most of low airfares right now
UNWTO, IATA partner on new destination tracker tool to restore confidence in travel
The airline industry hasn't collapsed, but that's the only good news for overseas travel
Back to business as usual for South Africa's airlines at last
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IATA training initiative to help laid-off airline cabin crew members re-enter the job market
Africa airlines see 69.8% drop in passenger traffic demand
Vaccines may soon make travel possible again. But how quickly will it return - and will it be forever changed?
SAA unions urged to accept final settlement offer
Worried about Covid risk on a flight? Here's what you can do to protect yourself - and how airlines can step up
With December around the corner, are South Africans ready to travel again?
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Looming cash crisis threatens global airline industry
South African air travel innovation in the wake of the pandemic
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#StartupStartAgain: There's no shame in starting again
African airlines report 13.8% decline in air cargo demand
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How normalcy bias led Boeing to crash into disaster
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Airline success is not just about profitability - it's about delivering on shareholder objectives
The shape of recovery - and why it may not be the right question to focus on
Urgent appeal to global community to support African tourism, travel
Comair enters business rescue
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