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Picture-based insurance cushion Kenyan smallholder farmers from climate change
As some farmers hit climate limits, bolder steps needed to survive
Brown locusts have survived a long drought in South Africa - here's how
GFSI ranks SA first in food security in sub-Saharan Africa
Kenya dairy farmers double income, milk yields with climate-smart fodder grasses
Who owns the copyright to a computer program?
Why a Zimbabwean farming project failed: Lessons for rural innovation
Google and FAO launch new big data tool, Earth Map
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Daylight and not rains 'drives vegetation growth onset'
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Would you eat meat grown from cells in a laboratory? Here's how it works
Citizen science helps farmers adapt to climate change
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In 100 years' time, maybe our food won't be grown in soil
Study explores the bitter taste of honeybush tea
Boosting R&D capacity for sustainable agriculture
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Addressing Nigeria's insignificant contribution to global seed trade
Beninese, Nigerian startups selected for Food Connection Challenge
Helping plants remove natural toxins could boost crop yields by 47%
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Africa dedicated to finding solutions to Fall armyworm threat
Applications for Fall Armyworm Tech Prize open
Bjvisser via  - Ethiopian farmer at work on his land.
Agricultural education and training: The landscape, challenges and opportunities
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The digester at Elgin Fruit Processors that converts fruit and other waste to electricity. (Image Supplied)
Research group (Image Supplied)
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Why the US has a lot to gain from investing in Africa's agri-food systems
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New irrigation technology key to water security
Research Symposium to address current agriculture environment
French winemakers hunt for climate change-resistant grape
Seed distribution initiative to combine food security and Ebola containment strategies
Winner of APO invite to AfricaCom 2014 revealed
SA can sell red meat to Europe again
Biotech Fundi Awards set to honour Gauteng biotech community
Ugly mutant virus threatens SA wheat
ARC welcomes Bill Gates agriculture-research comments
Africa science reporting shapes up
EMRC promotes Africa-India agricultural exchange
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