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Sentiment cruises to a record high in the latest agribusiness confidence update
Looming agriculture profit margin pressures ahead as rate hike cycle resumes
Optimism high as farmers trod ahead to plant more in the new agriculture season
Sustained sharp upswing in fuel prices will trim agriculture profit outlook
Stubbornly high meat prices lift food inflation in August 2021
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SA agri posts trade surplus in Q2 despite ongoing Covid challenges
Another fuel hike negative for agriculture as we head into the new crop season
Gibs South Africa's Economic Outlook Conference: Charting the Road to Recovery hosted by Prof Saville
Soaring maize prices squeeze South African consumers, stoke inflation
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A slight reprieve at the pump still positive for farmers
Agriculture input cost pressures mount as fuel price increases further
How the agri sector can reap the rewards of renewable energy solutions
Strong GDP growth for agriculture in the 4th quarter of 2020
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#BestofBiz 2020: Agriculture
Agriculture's 3rd quarter 2020 GDP outcomes still impressive
Strong meat prices signal expensive braais in December
Low rates positive for agriculture heading into the new crop season
Positive growth from SA's agriculture sector despite economic crisis
Fuel price drop, a boost for 2020/21 summer crop planting season
Outlook for the agricultural sector into 2021
Low rates continue to spur confidence in agriculture
SA agriculture posts strong growth in Q2 of 2020
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Positive weather conditions help lift agriculture GDP output
Another relief for the agri sector after a 50 basis points cut in the repo rate
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Massive fuel drop helps offset cost pressures for the agriculture sector
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Petrol and diesel price decrease brings relief to farmers
#Budget2020: R500m set aside for restitution could result in resolution of more land claims
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Food inflation outcomes on the downside for September 2019
Maize estimates breach 11m tonnes, boosting supply outlook
Interest rate cut positive for SA agriculture
SA agriculture learning to dance with the wind
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GDP shocker, and a further drop in agriculture output
Bruising fuel hike averted, at least for now
Inflation outcomes relatively steady for food
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