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Innovation Edge calls for funding applications for edtech solutions
How to decide between public or private transport?
Louise Kotze, associate, tax & exchange control practice, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr (CDH)
Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a rise in hunger in South Africa
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Money-metric poverty: Most South Africans can't afford basic foods
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused some 85,000 deaths among South Africans over 60. Image: NIAID-RML (CC BY 2.0)
TPN Vacancy Survey: Increased vacancies putting landlords under pressure
Surveys to find out how many people have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 are underway. Free image via Pixabay
The real value of well-trained and educated ECD teachers
Cardiovascular risk factors are high in Sierra Leone. Steven Rubin
Electric vehicles could add to carbon emissions and load shedding: but there's a solution
The Nigerian Naira has been under a lot pressure lately
Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFP via Getty Images
President Ramaphosa’s government is easing the lockdown because of unsustainable economic costs. Getty Images
#YouthMonth: Staring down the barrel of youth unemployment
Unemployment rises to 29.1% in third quarter
Image source: Gallo/Getty.
Image Source: Getty/Gallo
Prospects for property as household numbers rocket
Young girls play netball in an open field near King Williams Town. EPA/Kim Ludbrook
Property co-ownership: Sharing requires a lot of caring
51% of SA youth can't pay tertiary tuition
Global study identifies success factors to improve daily travel
How a focus on home ownership could create jobs, boost economy
Investing in agricultural sector, key to curb poverty
Emma Corder, country manager for Nilfisk
Image © Prazis via .
What can we expect from the new Tobacco Bill and its ripple effect?
There's a new way of measuring poverty in SA: Here's how it works
Dustin Homer
Nivea and Thanda partner to create fairytale ECD classrooms
Typical mass housing units in South Africa. Filckr/IGN11
#WomensMonth: Illiteracy rates among women are falling: why isn't this good news?
Why South Africa's agricultural industry needs digital transformation
Law starving the poor
Affordable housing backlog: What else can be done?
- Simnai and Phillip Tshuma, smallholder farmers from Hwange, Zimbabwe, show off their sorghum crop planted using fertilizers. Photo: Busani Bafana
Electoral Commission and Accenture launch election app
Parents prefer trusted brands for school supplies
Department responds to findings on water services
Innovation needed to coordinate waste
How SA tech startups can improve rural communities
Increase of households in formal dwellings
Urbanisation in developing countries: a completely different kettle of fish
Some provinces struggling to cope with rocketing food costs
Cell C and Facebook partner to launch in SA
Increase in online activity in property market expected
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