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Image by Danette Breitenbach: Ogilvy South Africa at the annual Bookmark Awards
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All the Bookmark Awards 2022 winners!

29 Jul 2022

Image supplied: From 'The Bread Exam' by LBCF
Marketing & Media
Warc Awards for Media 2021 winners announced

12 Jan 2022

Jury chairs for the Warc Awards for Media 2021. Rajoielle Register, Ron Amram, Siew Ting Foo and Sarita Rao.
Marketing & Media
Warc Awards for Media 2021 juries announced

27 Jul 2021

Siew Ting Foo, Rajoielle Register, Sarita Rao, and Ron Amram.
Marketing & Media
Jury chairs of Warc Awards for Media named

20 May 2021

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