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Breaking through refund fraud
A buyer's guide to purchasing heritage properties
Buying property off-plan has its advantages, but do your homework
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What entrepreneurs must know about franchising in SA
Vehicle scams are on the rise. Here's how to avoid falling victim
#Fasa21: What is the future of fuel retailing in South Africa?
Gig economy risks for small business owners
Rental agreements: 5 factors that tend to cause the most trouble
Winning the war for inbox attention: Simple strategies to land your Black Friday emails
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How to find out who is sending you spam SMS in South Africa
Is your school PoPIA compliant?
PoPIA: Time is running out to become compliant
Community housing scheme rules also bound by Constitution
Up Money fined R1 million for conducting pyramid scheme
Consumer protection bodies reminded of mandate
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What the rise of short-term rentals means for landlords and tenants
Why 'Do Not Contact' databases are not created equal
Know your product liability claim facts
South Africans aren't being protected from fake sanitisers: what needs to be done
Is the PIE Act applicable in the case of homestay rentals?
8 hazards of trying to sell privately
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Stay on the right side of Covid-19 regulations
The risks and rewards when opting to buy off-plan
Consumer protection: Why online contracts need to be regulated
Level 3 lockdown: Eviction process protects tenants, but landlords still have rights
What do you do with your homestay property?
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Putting a stop to price gouging during lockdown
30 companies investigated for excessive price hikes
New regulations to curb stockpiling, price hikes released
Why upfront rental payments should be approached with caution
Ford fined R35 million for Kuga debacle
Safeguards for consumers: food labelling
When should revenue for gift cards be taxable?
Understanding the nitty gritty of owning heritage properties
Passing cost increases onto tenants - can/should it be done?
Peter Mennen, head of legal at TPN, and Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property
South Africa wastes 10m tonnes of food annually
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