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CEM Africa gathers who's who of e-commerce and CX gurus
A peek into the fifth annual eCommerce Africa conference
Chantel Botha of BrandLove in action at eCommerce Africa 2019.
Chantel Botha, head of customer experience strategy and consulting at BrandLove.
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Image credit: Brandlove.
AI is already here - we just call them Transformers!
You hired them, now trust them to get the job done. JR Bale © –
The CXA Awards - What it means for South African consumers
Finally get ROI from customer engagement by designing unforgettable brand experiences
Customer Experience Africa Awards launched
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ROI on customer experience as simple as replacing these 'apps'
The customer experience ripple effect
If only it were this easy to create loyal customers! © Anyka –
CEM Summit leads the way for the African customer experience industry
The rapid evolution of customer experience management
Africa's largest CEM event hits Cape Town this August
Those 'idiots' are your brand ambassadors!
I hate speaking to your call centre!
Redesigning customer experience with BrandLove CX
Let's punish them for being loyal to us!
The first CX Day Johannesburg
The first CX Day Johannesburg

Issued by Global CX Day 13 Oct 2015

Global CX Day - celebrating remarkable customer experiences
Today's customer is king and holds all the power... © Elnur Amikishiyev –
"Yes, baby, yes!" Faking customer experience almost always ends in separation
The craft of customer experience (CX) design
CEM Africa Summit opens this week in Cape Town
CEM Summit develops 'Four Key Tracks' agenda
Customer experience F-Words
Carolyn Cramer
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