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Mel Brandle
The most valuable global retail brands for 2019
The rich get richer and the small players in the field… Well. Let's just say they aren't getting anywhere. It's hard to have a break through with such big companies dominating the market. We just have to do whatever we can to try and survive, isn't it?
Posted on 2 Jul 2019 08:19
Mel Brandle
The future of travel: How technology is reducing airport baggage loss
Well, if you can put tracking devices inside mobile phones, I don't see why you can't slap a cheap version of it on some luggage to make sure that they've been placed where they are supposed to be placed and that they are going where they are supposed to be going. At the end of the day, it's about accountability isn't it?
Posted on 19 Jun 2019 06:58
Mel Brandle
Using telematics to save fuel
Considering the whole car is going to be managed by electronics and g overned by all sorts of systems in the coming few years, are you really surprised that we are going to be able to have a better handle on how these machines operate? I say it's a long time coming and it's about time that we've got the capability.
Posted on 30 Apr 2019 04:04
Mel Brandle
Cash logistics becomes fully automated
Aren't there so many digital solutions to physical cash? Why do we need to worry so much about physical cash logistics? At the end of the day we are only restricted by the vendors and retailers who do not accept the digital methods. Otherwise I think most people can happily survive without notes and coins in their wallet.
Posted on 30 Apr 2019 04:00
Mel Brandle
3 Things that make workspaces intelligent
It would be interesting to see how this concept of intelligent workspaces evolve. More and more businesses are starting to operate out of their own space rather than in a traditional office so this could change a lot of things!
Posted on 26 Apr 2019 07:33
Mel Brandle
The future of freight is moving into the digital fast lane
Considering that online retailing is the way to go, the logistics in the backend really needs to buck up. AT the end of the day, people are still buying the physical product, albeit in the convenience of their own home. Therefore companies need to work harder to make sure that they deliver!
Posted on 19 Apr 2019 06:41
Mel Brandle
Need a break from the office?
I think that this is why offices and companies have those mandatory business retreats every once in a while right? Sounds like twice a year might be a good way to create some bonding between your team members. At the very least a lunch or so outside of a working context to get to know each other would do everybody some good!
Posted on 19 Apr 2019 06:04
Mel Brandle
Position, position, position
Position is key regardless of the industry that we are pursuing in. Without the right position, we could be targeting the wrong market segment that would mean overall slow business progress. This is why early preparation would greatly help to promote changes that would contribute towards our positive market reach.
Posted on 7 Mar 2019 07:38
Mel Brandle
Recycling is not enough. Zero-packaging stores show we can kick our plastic addiction
I personally do not use plastic bags anymore and we always have some spare recyclable bags in the car even when we do not intend to go grocery shopping that day. However, other people might not be as well-prepared as we are especially those who travel by public. What if on that very day that they happen to pass by these zero-packaging stores, they do not have any bags on hand? They would simply head to other stores where plastic bags are provided and this scenario overall defeats the ultimate purpose of zero-packaging eventually.
Posted on 7 Mar 2019 07:15
Mel Brandle
DHL Global Forwarding launches Global Competence Center for Humanitarian Logistics
It's interesting to read about a logistic company's take on disaster control. I'm sure that they have a very big portion of their business reliant on just how well they're able to carry out moving items from storage to the end recipient despite whatever else is going on in the world. I'm sure DHL has a great system in place...
Posted on 28 Feb 2019 12:01
Mel Brandle
Clear View 3.0 discusses the air cargo industry
From the line-up of company representatives that are attending the summit, it seems like there are a lot of very balances perspectives that will be contributing during this time of discussion. I can't wait to see how the logistics and storage of the airline cargo industry may change as a result of the things that they're going to be talking about!
Posted on 28 Feb 2019 11:40
Mel Brandle
Imperial partners with LMI Holdings to position Ghana as trading hub for West Africa
It's quite clear to see how quickly Africa is rising up as a hub for facilities and technological improvement. I don't think it will be surprising to see how they are continuing to add value into the industries at the rate that they are growing. It makes me really want to look forward to what's coming up from them in the months to come!
Posted on 16 Jan 2019 10:41
Mel Brandle
Coega Dairy expansion driven by growth
With the expansion of their warehouse and office facilities, more orders can be fulfilled that come from the community. They need to ensure that demand keeps coming in and the main concern is to ensure they always have enough supplies to provide. Once that has been put in place, they can expect a continuous cycle to ensue.
Posted on 9 Jan 2019 14:12
Mel Brandle
The boys are back in town at Decorex
I reckon it must feel really grand to have an entire room properly customised exactly to your style. I have plenty of different units of furniture in my house, but it has always been according to what I can afford rather than to match my style. Sure it has some essence of my personality, but not to this kind of curated extent!
Posted on 9 Jan 2019 12:49
Mel Brandle
We Buy Cars opens new head office in Midstream
They have been on a roll of late with several new facilities sprouting like mushrooms after the rain. It is good to know that prospects are building up greatly for their business. With attractive deals, they are just what the locals need to have comfortable commute daily.
Posted on 8 Jan 2019 08:41
Mel Brandle
Pick n Pay, FoodForward SA partner for national Mandela Day food drive
Donation drives usually involve a huge logistical arrangement that needs ample space within a storage facility. Organisers need to prioritize this need to ensure that donations get secure storage until proper distribution has been done at a later schedule to prevent unnecessary wastages.
Posted on 8 Jan 2019 08:29
Mel Brandle
Storage wars - why it's becoming increasingly difficult to find units to rent
As both a consumer and a business owner, I think it is not entirely possible every single time for supply to meet demand. Sometimes, limited resources could cause some orders to be left unfulfilled. In the case of storage facilities, it could be a lack of land that has been zoned for commercial usage and other possible problems.
Posted on 4 Jan 2019 10:21
Mel Brandle
New parcel service takes on Post Office
Consumers always appreciate a one-stop service centre that provides related services all under one roof. From providing storage boxes to delivery services, consumers can attend to their needs without having to visit several branches at different times. It saves them the hassle and quicken their delivery process.
Posted on 4 Jan 2019 09:29
Mel Brandle
AGT Foods expands in WC, aims to become top supplier of dry food goods
it's really great to see your facility reach a new standard. It's a milestone of achievement and a sign that the business is moving places! I reckon that you'll start seeing a lot more interest in all the units of production at this facility now that everything in storage and production is going to be accredited!
Posted on 27 Dec 2018 05:46
Mel Brandle
IATA releases global air transport statistics for 2017
I’m quite surprised at the numbers actually. I would think that there would be more Asians travelling in and out of airport facilities and on the airlines these days. It's good to know that the Americans are still king of consumerism though I wonder for how much longer this will be so...
Posted on 27 Dec 2018 05:34
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