As the Head of Tech & Services I manage the Cape Town Ad Operations team in order to create and facilitate a flourishing and streamlined operations workflow for both Buy Side and Sell Side customers, ensuring that we service all products to global markets and to drive profitability and innovation.
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Ad Exchange's transition towards first-price auction is a positive one

"It will increase transparency across the industry and simplify yield management for publishers."...

By Lianne Godfrey, Issued by incuBeta 24 Jun 2019

Viewable impressions are valuable impressions

The DQ&A Ad Operations team has recently launched a new 'Viewability Project' to help our publishers improve the value of their ad inventory...

By Lianne Godfrey, Issued by incuBeta 13 Oct 2016

First Look, first prize

It was during the 2015 IAB Ad Operations Summit that Jonathan Bellack, Director of Product Management DoubleClick, first introduced the new feature called DoubleClick for Publishers First Look...

By Lianne Godfrey, Issued by incuBeta 29 Sep 2016

New Ad Exchange features to help improve your revenue

DoubleClick Ad Exchange serves as a great platform when it comes to selling your remnant inventory. Google recently launched a few exciting features that can really help you, as a publisher, boost your yield...

By Lianne Godfrey, Issued by incuBeta 16 May 2016

How small changes can make a big difference

Ad exchanges are the go-to platform for selling remnant inventory in an effortless, effective and highly profitable manner...

By Lianne Godfrey, Issued by incuBeta 5 Feb 2016

Why e-commerce has become the main focus in the digital world

Today, e-commerce has evolved into a trillion dollar industry, although the exact number of online stores is hard to calculate. Either way, it is obvious that e-commerce has become a vital component of the digital advertising industry as a result of its endless opportunities...

By Lianne Godfrey, Issued by incuBeta 17 Dec 2015

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