Jan Kühn is a director of INOVO, a contact centre business solution provider.
Objective-driven business built to survive tech hype

There's big hype around robotics and AI, but too often businesses are diving into those without closely examining two core aspects...

By Jan Kühn 29 Oct 2018

Seven keys to successful self-service

More and more businesses are either putting self-service options for customers in place or considering them in their service departments or contact centres...

By Jan Kühn 28 Feb 2017

Gamification - motivating a contact centre sales force

By applying the gaming principles of reward, competition, social recognition, mastery and immediate feedback (termed 'gamification'), companies can use familiar and effective strategies driven by technology to motivate, engage and retain this ever-expanding group of workers, Generation Y...

By Jan Kühn 11 Jan 2016

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