Helene Vermaak

Helene Vermaak

Consulting Psychologist at The Human Edge
Location:South Africa


Helene Vermaak is a consulting psychologist at The Human Edge.
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#BizTrends2020: 5 trends shaping great company culture

I believe that in 2020, we will see companies placing a greater focus on leaders becoming more intentional, purposeful and systematic about how they author, create and drive company culture...

Helene VermaakBy Helene Vermaak 23 Jan 2020

How to disagree with someone more powerful than you
How to disagree with someone more powerful than you

Most people tend to avoid disagreements in the workplace and even more so with a senior colleague. We often assume that disagreeing is going to damage our relationship or career, when in fact the consequences are often less dramatic than we...

Helene VermaakBy Helene Vermaak 6 Jul 2016

Helene Vermaak
Financial agility will help combat the doom and gloom

We are living in a perilous time financially. The fuel price is constantly rising, the Rand seems to be weakening daily and an interest rate hike is imminent.

Helene VermaakBy Helene Vermaak 9 Jul 2013

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