Leveraging my hospitality background to deliver unmatched value and service to digital marketers through Bizible.Ranked #1 for marketing analytics apps in the Salesforce AppExchange, Bizible is the best-in-class (and only) marketing attribution tool for marketers seeking to connect actual revenue with online marketing at a granular and actionable level.
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Danny Kisch
Solving the hardest problem in marketing - multi-channel attribution
Mike, great post. That's the exact challenge we deal with on a daily basis. Unless you know the ROI impact of your marketing campaigns (channels/content/keywords/etc.), it's difficult to understand what's actually working -- and more importantly -- what's wasting your time/money.The reality of the situation is that marketers assume (and hope) that their marketing automation and social media tracking tools are able to protect them from the throes of inaccurate attribution. While those tools equip marketers with great data and vanity metrics, they can't connect the dots to deliver marketing ROI (not to mention OFFLINE ROI).A lot of the points you mention regarding online to offline attribution are being explicitly addressed by our tool Bizible -- we show marketers where they should be directing their marketing efforts to deliver the most bang for their buck both online AND offline.Curios to get your feedback -- I'm happy you're addressing key concerns in the evolving landscape of marketing tools.
Posted on 16 Jul 2015 16:11
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