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Brad Hodson
Analysing the CRM needs of a midsize business
I would argue that the main CRM need for anyone is Customer Relationship Management, as the acronym suggests. While managing and interacting with contacts is absolutely part of it, the gist of it all is to create and maintain quality relationships with customers.That's why we have CRM software like Salesforce or JobNimbus (http// We need to manage our quality relationships to improve sales, loyalty, and grow the company.
Posted on 10 Apr 2013 06:45
Brad Hodson
Magnetic: The latest innovation in cloud-based CRM and project management software
This is a classic case of where the marketing department tells me it's easy-to-use, but the software department can't make that dream come true. While I agree that integrating cloud-based CRM and project management software makes for an easier combination (the guys over at JobNimbus ] have this down completely), just having those together doesn't automatically give software the distinction of "simple".The term simple has to be earned through sacrifice, testing, hard decisions, and crowd-sourced opinion. This software looks like it was just thrown together based on what these guys thought it should be. I might be wrong, but it certainly doesn't look very easy to use compared to other software out there that does the same things.
Posted on 29 Mar 2013 04:45
Brad Hodson
CRM is not about data
You had me worried there for a second when I read that title. I was gearing up to write a nice rebuttal, but after reading your opening lines, I realized that you're right on the money and a title like this is indeed necessary in this CRM landscape.CRM is almost lost right now. We've forgotten why we needed it other than "this guy says I should get a CRM... so I did." I chalk this up completely to the CRM developers and vendors. If they understood the real purpose better and were able to better convey that to their customers, we would have a much more efficient work place and much higher CRM adoption rate.But we don't. All we have is confusion, and only a few vendors (like JobNimbus - ) stick out amongst all the noise as understanding that CRM is about making the relationship with the customer the focal point of any transaction.You're totally right and we need to hear more of it to turn things around for the better.
Posted on 28 Feb 2013 05:49
Brad Hodson
Corelynx to offer market-specific CRM customisation solutions to global entrepreneurs
"The market research firm Gartner has predicted a growth of 50% in cloud CRM adoption by enterprises by 2020."Gartner also said that for the past 10 years CRM has had an adoption rate at lower than 50%, and that companies who had CRM were hardly even using it.The good thing here is that you have a custom solution, which is sometimes one of the only ways to get a good piece of software that you can know will work. Another way is to come up with a really simple function interface and test it out on several verticals to perfect it, much like what JobNimbus () did with their CRM software.Either way, something needs to be actively done to combat the poor adoption rate and make that Gartner dream come true.
Posted on 9 Feb 2013 07:16
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