Bassem Sherief

Export Sales Manager at GB Auto (Ghabbour Group)
Location:Cairo, Egypt


MBA candidate with about 12 years of experience in export sales & marketing covering global sales,
marketing plans & communication, corporate branding & advertising, web strategies and sales support for
B2B organizations.
Successful development and oversight of:
? International Sales
? Sales Support Materials
? Brand Building Initiatives
? Agency Review & Management
? Strategic Marketing
? Relationship Management
? Multi-Channel Marketing
? Program/Project Management
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Current employment

Export Sales Manager
GB Auto (Ghabbour Group) -
Present - Cairo
? Developing strategic sales & marketing plans maintaining reliable export markets & clients’ portfolios. ? Monitoring, supervising export activities and providing guidance and direction on an on-going Basis. ? Directing efforts in implementing sales and marketing plans to maximize profitability. ? Participating in developing yearly operating budgets and developing export sales plans. ? Managing staff as well as participating in setting measurable objectives and KPIs for the dept. ? Consistent evaluation of market conditions and trends. ? Ensuring that customer satisfaction is met and that all customer complaints are handled promptly and appropriately. ? Continuous assessment and evaluation of staff and operation performance of the dept. ? Providing in-depth view to markets, preparing and analyzing primary researches in order to get to the most suitable marketing practices to each market. ? Providing advices and recommendations to the R&D and Product Innovation Department with key modifications and latest production trends that have to be applied to cope with market needs. ? Integrating effectively with the export pricing committee through providing reliable feedbacks about market reaction to prices and preparing the necessary market profiling for price sensitive and quality sensitive markets. ? Maintaining up-to-date market audits and competition analysis with reliable Competitive Profile Matrices (CPMs). ? Developing the yearly plan of the international fairs. ? Reviewing and approving the export documents to assure its compliance with the agreed terms. ? Supervising the logistics executives to insure perfect compliance and timely deliveries while maintaining reliable relationships with the transportation and shipping sloutions suppliers. ? Supervising and directing procedures of the drawback & temporary admission settlements. ? Supervising and maintaining continuous communications with other third parties that enhance the export activities; i.e. IMC, Export Development Fund and other subsidizing entities. Key Achievements: Expanding export business to untapped markets including Angola, Mali, Benin and Zambia as well as adding new products to the lineup that consider achieving effective tolerance to various export markets. Developed export business plan and strategy for GB Auto and GB Polo export activities. Applying relevant market entry strategies in order to establish new setups in Libya, Morocco, Ghana, Angola & South Africa.


Regional Export Manager
Modern Waterproofing Co
1 Nov 2008 - 1 Oct 2009 - Cairo
? Opening new export markets in the assigned area. ? Achieving the targeted export goals for the areas. ? Directing the current export accounts. ? Arranging orders, priorities and coordinating with the factory to setup the relative production plan. ? Coordinating with the logistics department to assure the on time delivery of the consignments. ? Reviewing and approving the export documents to assure its compliance with the terms agreed upon. ? Filtering and selecting among the international trade fairs and arranging preparation for the targeted fairs. ? Maintaining the after-sale relationship with the customers. Key Achievements: Pushed export sales in the targeted territories to increase by 350% within a year while maintaining a stable increasing portfolio of clients, markets and products exported (developed a plan for each product item). Developed and proposed an ERP system (Netsis) to enhance the link between sales and the factory providing more accurate lead times and accurate delivery dates accordingly. Developed necessary schemes dealing with customer complaints and compensation policies and loyalty programs. Restored old accounts in the assigned territories and approached new markets especially in Africa.
Export Manager
1 Feb 2007 - 1 Nov 2008 - Cairo
? Developing the export marketing plans for the targeted territories. ? Directing foreign sales and service outlets of the company. ? Negotiating contracts with foreign sales and distribution centers to establish outlets. ? Directing clerical staff in expediting export correspondence, bid requests, and credit collections. ? Directing conversion of products to foreign standards and specifications to ensure efficient operation under foreign conditions. ? Arranging shipping details, such as export licenses, customs declarations, and packing, shipping, and routing of product. ? Directing clerical and technical staff in preparation of foreign language sales manuals. ? Expediting import-export arrangements and maintaining current information on import-export tariffs, licenses, and restrictions. ? Searching for partners in territories where to date the company does not do business and which can be considered as target territories ? Preparing relevant marketing materials, calculate price offers and to generally offer the needed support to (potential) customers. ? Supervising establishing and running an e-commerce export unit (Sister Company) in 2007. Key achievements: Setup of two foreign branches in Osaka and Gifu (Japan) resulted in securing $2,500,000 of annual revenues while growing the existing markets to include UAE, KSA, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Italy, Netherlands and Romania. Setup of the e-commerce unit with three different sectors resulted in reaching new markets like USA, Bangladesh and Indonesia securing supply contracts with each country.
Export & International e-marketing Specialist
Comex Industrial Co.
1 Feb 2005 - 1 Feb 2007 - Cairo
? Identifying, assigning & managing importers in all existing markets. ? Identifying, researching & penetrating new alternative markets for the company’s full line of products. Developed a customer base of 12 customers in Middle East & Africa. ? Development & implementation of a data collection and analysis system for the company’s export department daily operations. Achieved complete management information with issues relating to it as well as data analysis and comparison on demand. ? Design, sourcing & purchasing of export’s requirements of integrated marketing communication tools. ? Coordination, development & production of export sales support material including brochures, advertisements in local and international building materials related magazines as well as design of the company stand in International specialized exhibitions. ? Selection, participation and representation of the company in International fairs and exhibitions.
Import & Export Specialist
Al-Ashraf Trading Co.
1 Jul 2002 - 1 Jan 2005 - Cairo
? Searching for online sellers to select reliable suppliers of hardware, fittings, and accessories. ? Negotiating with suppliers in the matters of prices, terms of payment, payment facilities…etc. ? Arranging and following up with the custom clearance and transport companies the processes of clearing goods and transporting them to our warehouse. ? Participating occasionally in local marketing campaigns.