Amy Johnson is an Academic Officer at online education company, GetSmarter, which presents a portfolio of over 30 online part-time short courses to working professionals throughout South Africa. Amy is the principle content writer for the University of Cape Town Social Media short course. Find out more at or follow @getting_smarter on Twitter.
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Reskilling is key to thriving in a multi-generational workforce

The marketplace is changing, and workers must adapt and innovate to meet the demand for new skills. This doesn't mean that the older generation of employees are on the out and out or, worse yet, being replaced by the younger, tech-savvier Generation Y employees. It simply means that new skills must be acquired.

By Amy Johnson 8 Mar 2013

When poor communication has grave consequences

In our clamorous society, if a message reaches its intended recipient, without being altered or misconstrued during transmission, it's truly a phenomenal occurrence.

By Amy Johnson 25 Feb 2013

Facebook's omniscient Graph Search: Yay or nay for marketers?

Facebook's momentous announcement on Tuesday, 16 January 2012, saw the introduction of Graph Search, a significant upgrade to Facebook's search function that is intended to allow users to mine a wealth of data related to their network.

By Amy Johnson 29 Jan 2013

Digital marketing 2013: Lessons from the past

At midnight on 31 December 2012, champagne was popped and the year 2013 was ushered in. The start of a new year always brings about change, or at least the resolve to change. In the business world, it's no different. Marketing strategists and account managers will be on the lookout for trends that they can implement into their digital marketing strategy for the New Year. So what are these trends? What are the best practice tips to implement them? And how are they arrived at?

By Amy Johnson 22 Jan 2013

Do you have the edge on the new Facebook EdgeRank update?

EdgeRank has become a household term for Facebook marketers, primarily because this algorithm determines which posts appear in the prime marketing real estate of users' news feeds. In much the same vein as Google search, Facebook is always looking to optimise and update its algorithm.

By Amy Johnson 25 Oct 2012

Using SEO to drive traffic

Many websites do not use search engine optimisation (SEO) effectively, rendering them virtually inaccessible, as finding them is like trying to find a destination without directions or a map. Three key tactics can improve results.

By Amy Johnson 24 May 2012

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