Publishing on portable devices - International Newsroom Summit

A session will be held at the 2010 International Newsroom Summit dedicated to publishing on smartphones. The conference, organised by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) over 21-22 April 2010 at the London Canary Wharf Hilton, aims to provide news executives with new strategies in disseminating content to portable devices.
Publishing on portable devices - International Newsroom Summit

The session will feature:

  • "Nutritious Fast Food News," a presentation by George Brock, professor and head of journalism at City University London and the former managing editor of The Times;

  • "E-Newspapers ­ The electronic publishing revolution ­ will e-readers change the publishing business?" by Alan Rosenfeld, business development manager, design and publishing, for Apple in the United Kingdom;

  • "From journalistic principles to touch screen smartphones: How to play the new newsgame," a presentation by Grig Davidovitz, consultant and project leader for Israel-based GD Consulting and the former editor of the Haaretz websites;

  • "The role of geocodes and other metadata for news on mobile devices," by Gerd Kamp, head of the Deutsche Presse Agentur Newslab and dpa-infocom in Germany.

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