Top five things to know before moving to Montreal

Are you contemplating moving to Montreal, Canada? You might want to know a few things before you start looking for new real estate listings in Montreal:
1. You don’t have to speak French... but it can’t hurt

One of the long-standing beliefs about living in Montreal is that you have to speak French. It is possible to move to this city if you only speak English. There are specific neighborhoods in Montreal with predominantly English-speaking residents. These include Notre-Dame-De-Grace, which is about a 15-minute bus ride from the downtown area.

Another community that you might want to check out is Westmount. This is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in the city. You’ll have to spend a lot though as the rent and real estate taxes in this neighborhood are quite pricey.

Other communities with predominantly English-speaking residents are Montreal West and Hampstead.

That being said, learning French will make it easier to communicate with most of the population. Also if you’re looking for employment, being bilingual is usually required.

2. Montreal is a bike-friendly city

Getting around town is easy, especially if you are a biker. There are more than 5,000 bikes for hire. The city itself has nearly 400 miles of bike lanes, with nearly half of that separated from motor traffic.

If you choose to bring a car, though, be reminded that cyclists in Montreal tend to be aggressive. You should be aware of your surroundings when driving, as well as when opening your car doors.

3. Cost of living in Montreal is lower than other Canadian cities

One good reason to move to Montreal is the low cost of living. In fact most observers say that the cost of living in Montreal is extremely low for a city as big as Montreal.

According to Numbeo, you would need to spend around $5,252 Canadian dollars in Toronto to maintain the standard of living that you can have with $4,600 Canadian dollars in Montreal. This is assuming that you rent in both cities.

4. Quebec has one of the highest taxes in Canada

Although you will enjoy a lower cost of living in Montreal, you’ll also have to pay more taxes if and when you live here. Montreal is the largest city in Quebec, which has the highest tax rate among all provinces in Canada.

If you’re at the high end of the salary range, you’ll have to deal with higher taxes as well. For people who make up to $130,000 a year, the income tax bill is at $45,579, which is the highest in the country.

Even if you have a lower salary (around $50,000), you’ll still be taxed heftily. You’ll pay around 16 percent income tax in Quebec.

5. What those house signs mean… Here’s where knowing French comes in handy

If you happen to do some apartment-hunting in Montreal, you might spot various house signs. If you saw a sign that says ‘a vendre’, then this means the building or house is for sale. A sign that reads ‘a louer’ means there are apartments for rent.

Now that you know these things, you at least have a clearer idea of what to expect when you move to Montreal.

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