Out of Home consolidation

Digitisation, new collaborative research and consolidation in the industry, puts OOH media in a very exciting place in South Africa and in Africa.
I predict the following major trends for 2016:

[BizTrends 2016] Out of Home consolidation
1. Consolidation of the OOH industry - there will be fewer, but larger and more professional, OOH media companies. This is, and will continue to be, driven by market demand, landlords consolidating the number of media owners marketing their portfolios and the entering of global OOH media companies into Africa.

2. OOH media research will be available soon and this will be provided by a collaborative effort between parastatals, local government, private landlords and OOH media owners. Big data will play a big part in the methodology and measurement matrix.

3. More DOOH formats will be deployed - we will see the digitisation of more and more traditional OOH media formats. I predict that we will see digital washroom ads, sampling pods, pillars and large-format digital mall ads, to name but a few, and these formats will be integrated with i-beacons and smartphones that will offer some really awesome engagement ability.

4. We will see more and more unique OOH communities and audiences with very clear demographics becoming available. This will enable advertisers to really focus their budgets and messaging and will eliminate a large amount of the wastage that is currently taking place when using TV and radio.

5. OOH will become more valuable and more expensive as OOH companies deliver better research, captive audiences (which are becoming a very rare commodity) and better quality OOH media types.

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Jacques du Preez is CEO of Provantage Media Group. He is the founder and a shareholder of the group, which is one of southern Africa's leading out-of-home and transit media and marketing companies.
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