Dax Martin presents sleek sleepwear at Fashion Week

Southern Sun played host to excited industry attendees during Audi Joburg Fashion Week (Autumn/Winter) at Sandton Convention Centre, 21 January 2010, by showcasing lingerie by Dax Martin.

There was a large number of whacky and stylishly dressed attendants at the Dax Martin show. New Audis were on display along with fashionably-dressed mannequins. Black with small bits of white dominated the colour-scene - sleek and shiny garments celebrating beautiful car designs.

The choice of colour, despite South Africa being in her summer months, echoed the dreary and drab weather we have been experiencing. Rain, hail, mist - with warnings of snow.

Dax Martin is at the forefront of local design, primarily recognised for his swimwear. The evening's show revealed an exquisite line of black lingerie, both sexy and tasteful. Male and female designs were displayed on the runway, presenting something saucy to sleep in for both sexes.

Dax Martin presents sleek sleepwear at Fashion Week
Dax Martin presents sleek sleepwear at Fashion Week
Dax Martin presents sleek sleepwear at Fashion Week

The show was brilliantly put together - attendants stared on in amazement at the silk, gauze, lace, velvet, feathers, pearls and beads that decorated the well-built models. There was never a dull moment on the runway - designs were unique, patterns were varied and ensembles were interesting without being over-the-top. Many of the designs had an almost old-fashioned feel, which serious contrasted the technology element of the automobiles. Predominantly black, much of the sleepwear included splashes of white which assisted in highlighting the unique features of the designs.

Dax Martin himself walked out in a black suit - with a black shirt, black tie and black shoes. The runway and backdrop were designed in a white and black checkered pattern - adding contrast to the predominantly black lingerie on display.

Southern Sun's participation in Fashion Week supported local fashion in particular, as well as awareness around job creation and ultimately economic growth for the fashion industry.

A brilliant show all-in-all, with designs I would seriously consider purchasing myself, which is a rarity for most fashion shows I have attended.

Photos by Grant Difford

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