Still some slots available for Pamro conference

There are still some seats left for the 18th Pamro All Africa Media Research Conference taking place from 27-30 August 2017 at the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town, under the theme ‘Content is king, and he is one of us'.
Still some slots available for Pamro conference
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  • Brian Fuhrer (US), SVP, national and cross platform product leader for Nielsen, will talk about the integration of RPD (return path panels) into the television audience measurement (Tam). The concept of RPD is critical to the future of most markets given the fragmentation that dynamic ad insertion will introduce in the future. Using it in the near term to stabilise audiences and increase reliability presents an enormous opportunity. Netflix has changed consumption and Fuhrer will address how marketers, broadcasters and research companies need to deal with it.

  • Hank Bento (SA), AGB Nielsen media research associate director: Analysis Software, presents a case study on the fusion of industry media data. The study from New Zealand aims to show how the reliable and accurate fusion of data can provide a complete overview of media penetration and a total audience view of any given market. This allows for planning and strategic decisions to illustrate the true performance of a campaign and not just individual medium performances.

  • Samantha Loggenberg (SA), research director Qualitative Intelligence, talks about paid content based on research into the under 25 market in South Africa. The paper explores changes in media behaviour and the impact of digital content and technology access, as well as a changing relationship with TV content.

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