Videos from day two, WAN Congress Cape Town 2007

Five videos, courtesy of the team, from day two of 60th World Newspaper Congress in Cape Town.

Web2.0 & user generated content

A fascinating panel including Dave Panos (CEO of Pluck), Adam Pasick (a Reuters virtual journalist) and Rebecca MacKinnon (ex-CNN, now Global Voices).

Readership growth online and off

Snippets from the two main sessions this morning: Shaping the Future of the Newspaper and a Web 2.0 master class, featuring Pluck, Second Life & more.

Day 2 at WAN Congress - Daily Sun

Another bumper day of media evangelism and adventure! This morning's session 'Shaping the future of the newspaper' featured Daily Sun editor and stats.

Jacob Zuma addresses delegates

Jacob Zuma shared lunch, thoughts and a few laughs with a group of WAN and WEF delegates this afternoon. It was easily one of Tuesday's highlights.

Newsbooks and new design

THIS is the future of news. Imagine a permanent DIGITAL NEWSBOOK from The Argus or The Star, updated 24 hours a day, with content you can customise?

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