Savanna's agony aunt dishes out advice to SA's umjolo woes

With social distancing, lockdown, and mask-wearing approaching the two-year mark, singletons have been growing their sweatpants and slipper collection, they have also let their umjolo 'dating' game down. Umjolo is facing a serious pandemic with no way to 'jola' (get to know each other) properly. We have to wear our masks and respect the curfew which could limit those kissy moments and staring lovingly face-to-face.
Savanna's agony aunt dishes out advice to SA's umjolo woes

"Dating in a pandemic is a pandemic. I think we are all emerging from this more socially awkward than ever. Which is terrible for love lives everywhere, but great for rich and relevant content.” Comments Grey / WPP Liquid creative director Steph van Niekerk.

Dr. Loveback will be guiding the class of 2021, on social platforms. The modules include ‘umjolo’ tips for virtual dating, and for those worried about being a tad bit rusty. Now that singletons are allowed to get to socialize morethey're going to need a little help to responsibly get their groove back, and South Africa’s most loved Cider understands this.

“We drew our inspiration from contemporary sketch comedy. We wanted to capture the awkwardness of getting back into the dating game after months and months of living in isolation and sweatpants.” – Lazola Gola, Director at 7Films.

Savanna's agony aunt dishes out advice to SA's umjolo woes

It’s been so long since people were able to work on their dating game. Savanna has decided to step in and help South Africans out with the introduction of Umjolo One Oh One – a refresher course because it has been far too long,” says Eugene Lenford, marketing manager of Savanna at Distell.

The sun is out, the birds are singing and all around us new life is overflowing – it would be great to see some virtual local love connections during this time. Dr. Loveback is an expert when it comes to all things love and lockdown, join the class of 2021.

Let Savanna Cider help you get back in the game – buy any Savanna Dry, Light, or Angry Lemon, dial *120*15561# and you could win R1m worth of nice (and naughty) items to make dating easier like Uber Black rides, data and airtime for those lengthy phone calls and Zoom dates.


Savanna's agony aunt dishes out advice to SA's umjolo woes

Savanna's agony aunt dishes out advice to SA's umjolo woes

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